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100. By Matthias Klumpp on 2015-10-14

* New upstream release: 1.0.10
* Drop patches: Applied upstream

99. By Matthias Klumpp on 2015-08-28

* New upstream release: 1.0.8
  - Closes: #797138
* Refresh patches, drop libsystemd-only patch (applied upstream)
* Add Vala VAPI file and missing metadata
* critical-warnings.patch: Fix critical compile warnings
* dont-assume-time_t-is-long.patch: Fix build on x32 (Closes: #777509)
  - Thanks to Adam Borowski for the patch!
* Do not recommend gnome-packagekit-session anymore
  - The interface is now part of GNOME-Software, so we need to
    recommend that instead.

98. By Matthias Klumpp on 2015-06-07

* New upstream release: 1.0.6
* Update symbols file
* Build-depend on libsystemd only, instead of the deprecated
  libsystemd-* libs (Closes: #779757)
* Use HTTPS for Debian Wiki links (Closes: #784794)
  - Thanks to Raphael Geissert for the patch!
* Use the fd.o URL of PackageKit, instead of packagekit.org
  as homepage, since the latter is now only a redirect to the former

97. By Matthias Klumpp on 2014-12-08

* Ship with pkla file for older PolicyKit versions (Closes: #766792)
* Place temporary data in subdirectory in /tmp (Closes: #764928)
* Don't try to ask any questions if we are running in
  non-interactive mode (Closes: #764926)
* Drop obsolete configuration (Closes: #768420)
* Recommend PackageKit session-interface providers for packages
  which need a session-interface (Closes: #770814)

96. By Matthias Klumpp on 2014-10-21

* New upstream release: 1.0.1
* Drop patches: Applied upstream
* Build package using dh-systemd to cleanup stuff on package removal
* Drop Python3 backend bindings
* Remove dist-upgrade notification support from aptcc
  - This only really worked on Ubuntu, and the functionality relies
    on outdated Python code and needs to be reimplemented in a
    sane way. There is no need to ship cruft with Jessie.

95. By Matthias Klumpp on 2014-10-08

* Don't explicitly pass systemd unit path to configure
  - Should resolve FTBFS on non-Linux ports

94. By Matthias Klumpp on 2014-09-27

* Add patch to fix systemd-dependent conditional compilation
  - Will hopefully resolve the FTBFS on !linux

93. By Matthias Klumpp on 2014-09-22

* New upstream release: 1.0.0
  - This release drops support for plugins
  - Aptcc is now the only viable backend for Debian, other
    backends have been removed upstream.
* Drop patches: Applied upstream
* Update symbols file
* Update copyright
* Bring back the PackageKit command-not-found support in a
  separate package.

92. By Matthias Klumpp on 2014-09-08

Include missing header for plugin builds

91. By Matthias Klumpp on 2014-09-08

* Upload to unstable
* New upstream release: 0.9.5
* Drop all previous patches: Applied upstream
* Drop defaults.diff: Debian's defaults are now upstream
* Take patch from upstream to increase hardcoded transation limits
* Update symbols file

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