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36. By Colin Watson on 2010-04-10

* Borrow patch from Fedora to add DNSSEC support: if glibc 2.11 is
  installed, the host key is published in an SSHFP RR secured with DNSSEC,
  and VerifyHostKeyDNS=yes, then ssh will no longer prompt for host key
  verification (closes: #572049).
* Convert to dh(1), and use dh_installdocs --link-doc.
* Drop lpia support, since Ubuntu no longer supports this architecture.
* Use dh_install more effectively.
* Add a NEWS.Debian entry about changes in smartcard support relative to
  previous unofficial builds (closes: #231472).

35. By Colin Watson on 2010-04-06

* New upstream release (LP: #535029).
  - After a transition period of about 10 years, this release disables SSH
    protocol 1 by default. Clients and servers that need to use the
    legacy protocol must explicitly enable it in ssh_config / sshd_config
    or on the command-line.
  - Remove the libsectok/OpenSC-based smartcard code and add support for
    PKCS#11 tokens. This support is enabled by default in the Debian
    packaging, since it now doesn't involve additional library
    dependencies (closes: #231472, LP: #16918).
  - Add support for certificate authentication of users and hosts using a
    new, minimal OpenSSH certificate format (closes: #482806).
  - Added a 'netcat mode' to ssh(1): "ssh -W host:port ...".
  - Add the ability to revoke keys in sshd(8) and ssh(1). (For the Debian
    package, this overlaps with the key blacklisting facility added in
    openssh 1:4.7p1-9, but with different file formats and slightly
    different scopes; for the moment, I've roughly merged the two.)
  - Various multiplexing improvements, including support for requesting
    port-forwardings via the multiplex protocol (closes: #360151).
  - Allow setting an explicit umask on the sftp-server(8) commandline to
    override whatever default the user has (closes: #496843).
  - Many sftp client improvements, including tab-completion, more options,
    and recursive transfer support for get/put (LP: #33378). The old
    mget/mput commands never worked properly and have been removed
    (closes: #270399, #428082).
  - Do not prompt for a passphrase if we fail to open a keyfile, and log
    the reason why the open failed to debug (closes: #431538).
  - Prevent sftp from crashing when given a "-" without a command. Also,
    allow whitespace to follow a "-" (closes: #531561).

* Fix 'debian/rules quilt-setup' to avoid writing .orig files if some
  patches apply with offsets.
* Include debian/ssh-askpass-gnome.png in the Debian tarball now that
  we're using a source format that permits this, rather than messing
  around with uudecode.
* Drop compatibility with the old gssapi mechanism used in ssh-krb5 <<
  3.8.1p1-1. Simon Wilkinson refused this patch since the old gssapi
  mechanism was removed due to a serious security hole, and since these
  versions of ssh-krb5 are no longer security-supported by Debian I don't
  think there's any point keeping client compatibility for them.
* Fix substitution of ETC_PAM_D_SSH, following the rename in 1:4.7p1-4.
* Hardcode the location of xauth to /usr/bin/xauth rather than
  /usr/bin/X11/xauth (thanks, Aron Griffis; closes: #575725, LP: #8440).
  xauth no longer depends on x11-common, so we're no longer guaranteed to
  have the /usr/bin/X11 symlink available. I was taking advantage of the
  /usr/bin/X11 symlink to smooth X's move to /usr/bin, but this is far
  enough in the past now that it's probably safe to just use /usr/bin.
* Remove SSHD_OOM_ADJUST configuration. sshd now unconditionally makes
  itself non-OOM-killable, and doesn't require configuration to avoid log
  spam in virtualisation containers (closes: #555625).
* Drop Debian-specific removal of OpenSSL version check. Upstream ignores
  the two patchlevel nybbles now, which is sufficient to address the
  original reason this change was introduced, and it appears that any
  change in the major/minor/fix nybbles would involve a new libssl package
  name. (We'd still lose if the status nybble were ever changed, but that
  would mean somebody had packaged a development/beta version rather than
  a proper release, which doesn't appear to be normal practice.)
* Drop most of our "LogLevel SILENT" (-qq) patch. This was originally
  introduced to match the behaviour of non-free SSH, in which -q does not
  suppress fatal errors, but matching the behaviour of OpenSSH upstream is
  much more important nowadays. We no longer document that -q does not
  suppress fatal errors (closes: #280609). Migrate "LogLevel SILENT" to
  "LogLevel QUIET" in sshd_config on upgrade.
* Policy version 3.8.4:
  - Add a Homepage field.

34. By Colin Watson on 2010-02-28

* Convert to source format 3.0 (quilt).
* Update README.source to match, and add a 'quilt-setup' target to
  debian/rules for the benefit of those checking out the package from
  revision control.
* All patches are now maintained separately and tagged according to DEP-3.
* Add GSSAPIStoreCredentialsOnRekey to 'sshd -T' configuration dump.
* Remove documentation of building for Debian 3.0 in README.Debian.
  Support for this was removed in 1:4.7p1-2.
* Remove obsolete header from README.Debian dating from when people
  expected non-free SSH.
* Update copyright years for GSSAPI patch.

33. By Colin Watson on 2010-02-22

* Link with -Wl,--as-needed (closes: #560155).
* Install upstream sshd_config as an example (closes: #415008).
* Use dh_lintian.
* Honour DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck.

32. By Colin Watson on 2010-01-26

* New upstream release.
* Update to GSSAPI patch from
* Backport from upstream:
  - Do not fall back to adding keys without contraints (ssh-add -c / -t
    ...) when the agent refuses the constrained add request. This was a
    useful migration measure back in 2002 when constraints were new, but
    just adds risk now (LP: #209447).
* Drop change from 1:3.8p1-3 to avoid setresuid() and setresgid() system
  calls. This only applied to Linux 2.2, which it's no longer feasible to
  run anyway (see 1:5.2p1-2 changelog).

31. By Colin Watson on 2010-01-16

[ Colin Watson ]
* Backport from upstream:
  - After sshd receives a SIGHUP, ignore subsequent HUPs while sshd
    re-execs itself. Prevents two HUPs in quick succession from resulting
    in sshd dying (LP: #497781).
  - Output a debug if we can't open an existing keyfile (LP: #505301).
* Use host compiler for ssh-askpass-gnome when cross-compiling.
* Don't run tests when cross-compiling.
* Drop change from 1:3.6.1p2-5 to disable cmsg_type check for file
  descriptor passing when running on Linux 2.0. The previous stable
  release of Debian dropped support for Linux 2.4, let alone 2.0, so this
  very likely has no remaining users depending on it.

[ Kees Cook ]
* Implement DebianBanner server configuration flag that can be set to "no"
  to allow sshd to run without the Debian-specific extra version in the
  initial protocol handshake (closes: #562048).

30. By Colin Watson on 2010-01-04

* New upstream release (closes: #536182). Yes, I know 5.3p1 has been out
  for a while, but there's no GSSAPI patch available for it yet.
  - Change the default cipher order to prefer the AES CTR modes and the
    revised "arcfour256" mode to CBC mode ciphers that are susceptible to
    CPNI-957037 "Plaintext Recovery Attack Against SSH".
  - Add countermeasures to mitigate CPNI-957037-style attacks against the
    SSH protocol's use of CBC-mode ciphers. Upon detection of an invalid
    packet length or Message Authentication Code, ssh/sshd will continue
    reading up to the maximum supported packet length rather than
    immediately terminating the connection. This eliminates most of the
    known differences in behaviour that leaked information about the
    plaintext of injected data which formed the basis of this attack
    (closes: #506115, LP: #379329).
  - ForceCommand directive now accepts commandline arguments for the
    internal-sftp server (closes: #524423, LP: #362511).
  - Add AllowAgentForwarding to available Match keywords list (closes:
  - Make ssh(1) send the correct channel number for
    avoid triggering 'Non-public channel' error messages on sshd(8) in
  - Avoid printing 'Non-public channel' warnings in sshd(8), since the
    ssh(1) has sent incorrect channel numbers since ~2004 (this reverts a
    behaviour introduced in openssh-5.1; closes: #496017).
  - Disable nonfunctional ssh(1) ~C escape handler in multiplex slave
    connections (closes: #507541).
  - Fix "whitepsace" typo in ssh_config(5) (closes: #514313, LP: #303835).
* Update to GSSAPI patch from
  including cascading credentials support (LP: #416958).
* Use x11.pc when compiling/linking gnome-ssh-askpass2 (closes: #555951).
* Moved to bzr.debian.org; add Vcs-Bzr and Vcs-Browser control fields.
* Add debian/README.source with instructions on bzr handling.
* Make ChrootDirectory work with SELinux (thanks, Russell Coker; closes:
* Initialise sc to NULL in ssh_selinux_getctxbyname (thanks, Václav Ovsík;
  closes: #498684).
* Don't duplicate backslashes when displaying server banner (thanks,
  Michał Górny; closes: #505378, LP: #425346).
* Use hardening-includes for hardening logic (thanks, Kees Cook; closes:
* Update OpenSSH FAQ to revision 1.110.
* Remove ssh/new_config, only needed for direct upgrades from potato which
  are no longer particularly feasible anyway (closes: #420682).
* Cope with insserv reordering of init script links.
* Remove init script stop link in rc1, as killprocs handles it already.
* Adjust short descriptions to avoid relying on previous experience with
  rsh, based on suggestions from Reuben Thomas (closes: #512198).
* Remove manual page references to login.conf, which aren't applicable on
  non-BSD systems (closes: #154434).
* Remove/adjust manual page references to BSD-specific /etc/rc (closes:
* Refer to sshd_config(5) rather than sshd(8) in postinst-written
  /etc/ssh/sshd_config, and add UsePAM commentary from upstream-shipped
  configuration file (closes: #415008, although unfortunately this will
  only be conveniently visible on new installations).
* Include URL to OpenBSD's ssl(8) in ssh(1), since I don't see a better
  source for the same information among Debian's manual pages (closes:
  #530692, LP: #456660).

29. By Colin Watson on 2009-10-05

* Build with just -fPIC on mips/mipsel, not -fPIE as well (thanks, LIU Qi;
  closes: #538313).
* Build-depend on libselinux1-dev on sh4 too (thanks, Nobuhiro Iwamatsu;
  closes: #547103).
* Fix grammar in if-up script (closes: #549128).
* Pass $SSHD_OPTS when checking configuration too (thanks, "sobtwmxt";
  closes: #548662).

28. By Colin Watson on 2009-07-31

* Update config.guess and config.sub from autotools-dev 20090611.1
  (closes: #538301).
* Set umask to 022 in the init script as well as postinsts (closes:
* Add ${misc:Depends} to keep Lintian happy.
* Use 'which' rather than 'type' in maintainer scripts.
* Upgrade to debhelper v7.

27. By Colin Watson on 2009-06-05

* Open /proc/self/oom_adj with O_RDONLY or O_WRONLY as necessary, rather
  than O_RDWR.
* Disable OOM adjustment for vserver/OpenVZ (thanks, Karl Chen; closes:
* Add ufw integration (thanks, Didier Roche; see
  LP: #261884).
* Add a comment above PermitRootLogin in sshd_config pointing to
* Check if delgroup is present in openssh-client.postrm (closes: #530501).
* Build with -fPIC on mips/mipsel (thanks, Luk Claes; closes: #531942).
* Remove /var/run/sshd from openssh-server package; it will be created at
  run-time before starting the server.
* Use invoke-rc.d in openssh-server's if-up script.

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