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53. By Bernd Zeimetz

* [7f362040] Create /tmp/VMwareDnD for vmblock-fuse.
* [c5f35c1b] Revert "Fix Breaks and Replaces Fields in debian/control"
  This reverts commit 34797213251956fbc1451ab1affc7b6c413b7072.

52. By Bernd Zeimetz

[ Norbert Lange ]
* [34797213] Fix Breaks and Replaces Fields in debian/control
* [aff1eb77] Add udev rule for vsock.
  The blockdevice is created at /dev/vsock after loading the module,
  but with 0600 permissions which dont allow access for regular users.
  This rule fixes the issue by changing perms to 0666

[ Bernd Zeimetz ]
* [371e5d30] Move vsock udev rules into open-vm-tools.udev.
  The vsock module is shipped in the vanilla kernel these days.
* [edaeb2fd] Add systemd (auto)mount units for vmblock-fuse.
  This will hopefully make drag & drop operations work properly.
  Also add fuse to Recommends of the -desktop package as it is
  needed to mount fuse filesystems.
  Thanks to Norbert Lange (Closes: #736812)
* [171276e3] Remove update-rcd-params from dh_installinit.
  Thanks to Remi (Closes: #762695)

51. By Bernd Zeimetz

[ Bernd Zeimetz ]
* [b04735fa] Ensure LINUX_BACKPORT is defined in patches/kuid_t-kgid_t-fix-for-3.12.

[ Norbert Lange ]
* [01aaa407] Fix initramfs hook for the vmxnet module
* [5279fa17] Move the dkms module location patch before otehr patches
   changing the dkms.conf file. this eases adding or removing those patches
* [b1db2b5c] Move files belonging to modules in dkms package.
  Call update-initramfs for the dkms package. Otherwise the initrd wont
  contain the vmxnet module if you installed the dkms package after the
  tools package. Move the module scripts to the dmks package.
  The modules in the dkms package should work without the tools now.

[ Bernd Zeimetz ]
* [d0ccee4f] Run #DEBHELPER# first in open-vm-tools-dkms.postinst.
  Otherwise dkms was not called and the module is not built yet.
* [f680b4fa] Run update-initramfs in open-vm-tools-dkms.postrm.
  Otherwise a removed module stays in the initrd.
* [ef4bd019] Remove unused DEPRECATED define.
  The dkms module ftbfs with 3.16 as DEPRECATED is define in the kernel
  source already.
  Thanks to Benjamin Kaduk (Closes: #761924)
* [5389dd1f] Some more fixes to make dkms build on 3.16
* [4c1f5fa7] Drop dkms.conf patches.
  Ship the dkms.conf file in debian/local instead.
* [805ccb06] Tidying patches.
  - Removing those for kernel modules we don't build anymore
  - Taking fixes for current issues from Arch
  - Sorting patches into from_fedora / from_arch / debian directories.
  This will break backports to wheezy.
* [519191ff] Fix dh_dkms call for new dkms.conf

50. By Bernd Zeimetz

[d493d4ce] Remove vmware-user-suid-wrapper.1 from open-vm-tools.
The manpage belongs to the -desktop package and was accidentally
synced from Ubuntu.
Thanks to Ralf Treinen (Closes: #757739)

49. By Bernd Zeimetz

[ Bernd Zeimetz ]
* [d448e841] Merge tag 'upstream/9.4.6-1770165'
  Upstream version 9.4.6-1770165
  Closes: #756620
* [969fc903] Ensure that vmware-user-suid-wrapper ships a suid bit.
* [8067da08] Add -Wno-sizeof-pointer-memaccess gcc option.
  See http://sourceforge.net/p/open-vm-tools/mailman/message/32550433/
  for details. Code quality doesn't seem to be the best :(
* [b5ba8c3b] refreshing patches.
* [36cd39c6] Updating changelog.
* [99f43e95] Revert "Add -Wno-sizeof-pointer-memaccess gcc option."
  This reverts commit 8067da0891e0fc6a2e55853a103ff2c95fa1f59b.
* [bb95d814] Adding a patch from fedora instead of
* [d6b2ad4a] Update manpages.
  Changes taken from Ubuntu, thanks!
* [3768ff7f] Better startup message if not in a vm.
  Patch taken from Ubuntu (LP: #1289564).
* [4d5dec19] Add patch for Debian 7.X os recognition.
  Official code only handles 7.0 and 7.1.
  Also maybe 8.x, needs to be tested if it breaks stuff in vmware.
* [7b3d23c9] Refreshing patches.
* [af20a700] Make patches/kuid_t-kgid_t-fix-for-3.12 compatible with
  older kernels. Thanks to Norbert Lange for the idea.
* [c4df056b] PIC handling in configure is broken.
  Add --with-pic as configure option and -fPIC to CFLAGS.

[ Nicholas Levi Sielicki ]
* [eafd8723] Rise the number of supported NICs.
  There is an arbitrary constant declared limiting the amount of NICs that
  it supports. I have bumped the limit from 16 to 64 to make this
  toolset functional for larger setups. (Closes: #756808)

48. By Bernd Zeimetz

* [0ecb889e] Removing old transitional packages.
* [5e039b52] Add missing Breaks/Replaces for file moves.
* [9d01b21d] Fix vsock removal patch, add some missing ""
* [2ae80665] Add e55039c_HGFS-Fix-Linux-client-symlinks patch again.
  Went missing during a merge conflict. Ouch.
* [d7f7e40e] Fix vsock removal patch (avoid { foo;; })

47. By Bernd Zeimetz

[ C├ędric Barboiron ]
* [4e45e2e8] Hot apply udev rule for disk timeout
* [527525fc] fix syntax-error-in-dep5-copyright
* [5f6b2a47] fix malformed-override open-vm-toolbox
* [5aabaf79] fix manpage-has-errors-from-man
* [f867443c] fix executable-not-elf-or-script
  match unit file rights in systemd package
* [f89024a1] fix file locations in copyright

[ Bernd Zeimetz ]
* [76dadf83] Add patch for CVE-2013-3237.
* [fa7d4a63] Merge pull request #1 from yastupin/master
  procps, init script and doc
* [115b8c49] Better permission handling.
  Especially for pam.d files and vmware-user-suid-wrapper.
* [70fa10d1] Fix vmxnet initramfs-tools hook.
  Thanks to Norbert Lange
* [9d3f3c9b] Move vmware-user-suid-wrapper into desktop package.
* [49dc599d] Use /run/VMwareDnD instead of /tmp/VMwareDnD.
  /tmp/VMwareDnD might be existing already or evil users might try to
  trick us into doing bad things. Using known directories in /tmp is bad
  enough not to spend time to try to figure out if the code tries to work
  around possible attacks. Using a directory in /run is a much safer
  approach. Proper init scripts will be added at a later point.
* [d9467cd9] Dropping lintian override files.
  Also fixing some lintian warnings.
* [a7f7e5bd] Use libprocps-dev instead of libprocps0-dev.
* [21214012] Use manpages-desktop as source folder for -desktop.

46. By Bernd Zeimetz

[31c30832] Revert "Enable building of vmci again."
This reverts commit 0d55577cd3c262dbbc2bf79593d6f500f84c4170.
Too fast upload, sorry. vmhgfs is indeed (still) broken with

45. By Bernd Zeimetz

* [8b23a27d] Revert "Add /mnt/hgfs as hgfs mountpoint."
  Although the idea from the Ubuntu people to ship the mountpoint
  in the package is nice, lintian is rather unhappy about it.
  This reverts commit 1e7d8645e48f601e79eb5771e05272b367fa4eb1.
* [46f99c30] Remove procps support for now.
  Unfortunately the procps package in unstable is rather broken, procps
  support will be enabled again when the new procps version managed to
  migrate to testing.

44. By Bernd Zeimetz

* [b85cd491] Taking over the maintenance of open-vm-tools. (Closes: #717381)
* [ecccbddd] Adding watch file.
* [12cfd169] Merge tag 'upstream/9.4.0-1280544'
  Upstream version 9.4.0-1280544
* [7e93ef77] Refreshing patches.
* [25fe744b] Adding CUSTOM_PROCPS_NAME/CFLAGS to dh_auto_configure call.
* [4d1081bc] Importing patches from Ubuntu.
  As open-vm-tools should just do the right thing, we leave building
  vmsync enabled to make backporting easier.
  Thanks to Nate Muench <email address hidden>
* [a0fae111] Copy upstream's dkms config for dh_dkms.
* The new upstream release, together with the flags and new patches
  mentioned above, makes open-vm-tools build with Kernel 3.11.
  Thanks to: Jim Barber and Mihai Limbasan
  Closes: #729540

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