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29. By to be removed on 2015-08-19

* Fix "obnam backup fails with NameError: global name 'netloc' is not
  defined" <explain what you changed and why> (Closes: #796139)
* New upstream version.

28. By to be removed on 2015-08-14

New upstream version.

27. By to be removed on 2015-08-01

* New upstream version.
  * Fix "R43272X: Repository doesn't contain chunk" (Closes:

26. By to be removed on 2015-07-08

* New upstream version.
* debian/rules: Added DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS support for nocheck.

25. By to be removed on 2015-07-02

* New upstream version.
  - Fixes the "import fmt_ga" failure. (Closes: #790845)
* Change source package format to 3.0 (quilt).

24. By to be removed on 2015-07-01

* New upstream version.
  * Fix "restore to /tmp messes up directory perms" by preventing
    restores to a non-empty directory. (Closes: #760492)
* Add build-dependency on git.
* Drop build-dependency on texlive and building of PDF form of manual.
  Texlive is an insanely large build dependency.

23. By to be removed on 2014-05-13

* New upstream version.
  - "obnam excludes files with "syslog" in the name without me
    specifying it" (Closes: #682667)
  - "obnam: client not found, but cannot remove lock" (Closes: #675825)
  - "data leak during restore" (Closes: #745112)

22. By to be removed on 2014-04-01

* New upstream release.
  * Fix "several consecutive runs back up unmodified files"
    (Closes: #742384)
  * Fix "obnam mount fails to retrieve files over 64KB (obnam restore
    works fine)" again. (Closes: #741968)
* debian/control: Increase build-dependency on cmdtest to 0.12 so
  that yarn will not fail when a test creates an unreadable file.
* debian/rules: No longer run cmdtests, since they no longer exist.
* debian/control: Add build-dependency on texlive-lang-german, for the
  German translation of the manual.

21. By to be removed on 2014-03-22

* New upstream release.
  * Fix "obnam mount fails to retrieve files over 64KB (obnam restore
    works fine)" (Closes: #741968)
* Fix "typo in debian/control: s/Uploader/Uploaders/" (Closes: #729347)
* Drop dependency on python-yaml, since yaml is no longer used.
* Drop python-coverage-test-runner build-dependency to 0.8, which is
  in Debian. Newer upstream versions have no functional changes, so
  are not uploaded to Debian. This should allow Debian buildds to
  build the package.
* debian/control: Update format and source URLs.

20. By to be removed on 2014-03-15

* Add python-yaml as a build and runtime dependency.
* New upstream version. Fixes bugs in Debian:
  - Explain CACHEDIR.TAG with
    http://www.brynosaurus.com/cachedir/spec.html (Closes: #732317)
  - "ship an example obnam.conf" (Closes: #678885)
* debian/control: Updated build and runtime dependencies to versions
  in wheezy or my current package versions, as appropriate.
* debian/control: Bumped Standards-Version. No changes required.

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