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27. By Jordi Mallach on 2015-07-06

* The "Acord del Botànic" release.
* New upstream release.
  - Includes many improvements to syntax hightlighting definitions
    (closes: #664456, #688892, #744005, #783763, #785508, #788318, #790017).

26. By Jordi Mallach on 2015-05-08

* The "Carrer dels ‘2 milions de peles’".
* New upstream release.
* Release to unstable.
* Rewrite debian/copyright into machine-readable format 1.0.

25. By Jordi Mallach on 2014-07-16

* The "Gürtel" release.
* Acknowledge 2.2.6-1.1 NMU (-2 was tagged, never uploaded... mysteries).
* Get rid of massively obsolete preinst upgrade code from 2004.
* Remove nano.desktop.
* Remove nano.README.Debian, the information included was now obsolete
  or pointless.
* Canonicalise Vcs URLs.
* Use dpkg's buildflags.mk to enable hardening. Bump dpkg-dev Build-Dep
  to >= 1.16.1~ accordingly (closes: #656133).
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5.
* Add debian/upstream/signing-key.asc with Chris Allegreta's OpenPGP key.
* Move watch file to version 3, use http URL, add pgpsigurlmangle to
  enable verification of tarball signatures and stop calling uupdate.
* Add manpage_escaping.patch to fix some escaping issues in nano.1 and
  rnano.1. Thanks to Bjarni Ingi Gislason (closes: #662842, #726956).
* Add apt_transports.patch to add all currently supported apt methods to
  the debian sources.list regexp.
* Shuffle build-* target deps and add an explicit build-indep target to
  appease Lintian.

24. By Wookey on 2013-12-16

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Ensure config.{sub,guess} are uptodate

23. By Jordi Mallach on 2010-08-30

* The "Què vol que li diga? Que vosté és una sinvergüensa?" release.
* New upstream release.
* Apply auto.patch from Tiago Silva (and DEP-3ified by Colin Watson)
  to support C/C++ 'auto' storage class specifier (closes: #605403).

22. By Jordi Mallach on 2010-08-30

* The "Teulada" release.
* New upstream release.
  - better behaviour when creating backup files on certain conditions.
  - allow, via new command line option, to revert to old backup behaviour.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.1 (no changes).
* Break, not Conflict, alpine-pico. Drop obsolete Conflicts from 2003.
* Rename nano-udeb's XC-Package-Type control field to Package-Type.
  Bump dpkg-dev to 1.15.7.

21. By Jordi Mallach on 2010-04-15

* The "905€" release.
* New upstream release.
  - fixes minor security issues: symlink attack (CVE-2010-1160)
    and ownership of arbitrary files (CVE-2010-1161). Closes: #577817.

20. By Jordi Mallach on 2010-01-20

* The "Cabanyal" release.
* New upstream release.
* Switch to dpkg source 3.0 (quilt). Remove quilt patching support and
  README.source from the packaging, and drop quilt from Build-Depends.

19. By Jordi Mallach on 2009-12-22

* The "Don Carlos" release.
* New upstream release.
* Remove obsolete patch 01_manpage_hyphens, fixed upstream.

18. By Jordi Mallach on 2009-12-01

* The "Televisió Sense Fronteres" release.
* New upstream stable release!
* Remove patch 10_tinybuildfix, applied upstream.
* Update 01_manpage_hyphens, as it's been applied only partially upstream.
* Remove French manpages from nano, until they are back in sync with the
  original versions (§12.1, Policy 3.8.3).

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