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37. By Jan Wagner on 2014-02-17

* [38d8f67] Fixing latest changelog timestamp
* [7091aae] check_ssh: Drop 12_check_ssh_read_socket.dpatch
  (Closes: #734811), this seems to make more touble in the wild as fixing
  #739254, Thanks Jim Barber

36. By Jan Wagner on 2013-10-02

* Update Licensing text from upstream README
* Switch over to packaging ti git-buildpackage
* [1a95a53] Update Vcs-headers
* [e0ee45e] Use check_ldap instead of check_ldaps for the check_ldaps*
  command definitions
* [9bc7a29] Add 11_check_http_arguments.dpatch to fix argument processing
  of check_http
* [219a55a] Add 12_check_ssh_read_socket.dpatch to fix socket read failure
  (Closes: #734811)
* [0cc66f5] Fix typo in package description (Closes: #734513), thanks
  Pascal De Vuyst
* [ec51a84] Just missed a typo to fix in debian/control
* [de62798] Changing upstream URLs to monitoring-plugins.org
* [1a03f82] Fix URL in the watch file
* [201bd0e] Adding 13_check_proc_parent_process.dpatch (Closes: 626913),
  Thanks Anton Lofgren
* [e5fc80f] Build again against libradiusclient-ng-dev, this Reopens: #721621
  - libfreeradius-client-dev is actually not supported by upstream
  - check_radius

35. By Jan Wagner on 2013-10-02

New upstream release

34. By Jan Wagner on 2013-09-27

* New upstream git snapshot (d4c5730464)
  - check_http: Die on SSL initialization errors
  - several updates to the upstream README

33. By Jan Wagner on 2013-09-20

* New upstream git snapshot (6f0366c8b8)
  - check_pgsql: Don't exit UNKNOWN instead of OK (Closes: #723738)
  - check_dhcp: fix mac address and interface number detection on solaris
  - check_disk: get_fs_usage hasn't been run if using groups
  - check_disk_smb: verify path to smbclient
  - check_tcp: use receive timeout for checks that expect response
  - check_load: add alternative uptime syntaxcheck_udp: try nc.traditional too
  - check_udp: unified nc syntax
  - check_fping: some fping versions set loss to 0% by mistake

32. By Jan Wagner on 2013-09-13

* New upstream git snapshot (4933146e00) (Closes: #722576)
  - check_snmp: add timeout handler befor running snmpget
  - check_tcp: only test ipv6 if ping6 works
  - tests: sort cached settings before save
  - tests: make sure tests don't hang
  - check_tcp: Fix checks without --expect string
  - check_tcp: Properly deal will partial recv(3)s
  - Improve interface of np_expect_match() function

31. By Jan Wagner on 2013-09-11

* New upstream git snapshot (ca9ce71576)
  - Don't mark SSL_METHOD variable as "const"
  - Move global variables from .h to .c files
  - Fix GCC's -Wimplicit-function-declaration warnings
  - Fix GCC's -Wuninitialized warnings

30. By Jan Wagner on 2013-09-10

* New upstream git snapshot (cfb50add53)
  - check_tcp: Don't close connection too early
  - check_http: s/--proxy_authorization/--proxy-authorization/
  - check_snmp: Initialize size_t value to 0, not NULL
  - Update bundled libtool files
  - check_icmp: Minor whitespace/indentation fixes
  - check_icmp: Support "--help" and "--version"

29. By Jan Wagner on 2013-09-03

* New upstream git snapshot (5789548373)
  - Adjust debian/copyright
* Droped the following upstream integrated patches
  - 05_fix_gets_undefined_in_iso_c11.dpatch
  - 10_check_apt_perfdata.dpatch
  - 11_check_nt_npe.dpatch
  - 12_check_smtp_double_threshold.dpatch
* Fix removing empty /usr/include
* Add new check_dbi into nagios-plugins-standard
* Remove whois from Recommands, as check_bgpstate is removed
* Cleanup debian/rules from unused stuff
* Provide information about repackaging
  - Extend debian/README.source
  - Add debian/bin/repack.sh
* Updating standards version to 3.9.4 (no changes needed)
* Add libfreeradius-client-dev to build-deps and remove libradiusclient-ng-dev
  (Closes: #721621)
* Remove traces of contrib/ from debian/copyright
* Remove command.cfg from examples in nagios-plugins-common, it was removed

28. By Jan Wagner on 2013-08-23

* Fixed check_squid* command definitions
* Add double threshold to check_smtp (LP: #318703)
  - 12_check_smtp_double_threshold.dpatch
* Remove the additional argument from check_ssh and check_proc
  (Closes: #717229, 720580)

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