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27. By Steve Langasek

[ James Hunt ]
* man/mountall.8:
  - Added SEE ALSO section.
  - Updated date and copyright.
  - Remove comments about mountall being a temporary tool
    since this is not true (it's been "temporary" since 2009) and it
    undermines its current importance.
  - Reworked DESCRIPTION and made mention of /lib/init/fstab.

[ Steve Langasek ]
* conf/mounted-run.conf: the dynamic motd location used by PAM has changed
  to /run/motd.dynamic; update the job to match.

26. By Steve Langasek

* Don't emit extra 'mounting' events for mounts already in progress; this
  will cause double triggering of some jobs for remote filesystems, and
  can also cause us to miss 'mounted' events. LP: #1048017.
* Fix mountall upstart job to not start a subshell for reading
  /proc/cmdline, since this causes upstart to lose track of the daemon
  process and leaves mountall-net unable to signal it to retry network
  mounts. LP: #1235013.

25. By Steve Langasek

Fix tagging of filesystems to not have local/remote inheritance
overridden; otherwise we will mis-tag various mounts and deadlock the
boot. Also fixes an inconsistency with the inheritance of
'bootwait'/'nobootwait' flags depending on the order of mounts in
/etc/fstab: we now always treat the 'nobootwait' flag as applying to
submounts. LP: #1223745, LP: #1153672.

24. By Steve Langasek

* Add support for pstore. Closes: #722212.
* Allow multiple fstab entries with the same mountpoint: we still mask
  any entries that came from a different source (i.e., /etc/fstab will
  mask /lib/init/fstab), but if there are multiple entries in /etc/fstab,
  treat them all as separate mounts instead of letting the last one win.
  LP: #503003.
* Don't set 'console output' anymore; now that we have upstart logging by
  default, logs will be captured and (assuming /var/log becomes writable
  at some point) mountall is debuggable without having to spew text to the
* Support reading --verbose/--debug options from /proc/cmdline, so that
  we can give users a better way to debug mountall without having to
  edit the upstart job.
* Since everything is in a single event loop, a request from plymouth to
  skip a mount may come in after the mount has already happened. So don't
  assert on a bogus request, just treat it as a no-op and continue.
  LP: #731800.

23. By Steve Langasek

[ James Hunt ]
* apport/mountall.py: add a mountall apport hook.

[ Steve Langasek ]
* Ignore parse errors in /etc/default/rcS or /etc/default/locale; these
  problems shouldn't be allowed to prevent the system from booting.
  LP: #1192514.

22. By Steve Langasek

[ Steve Langasek ]
* Make sure we don't show the error message claiming a device is not
  ready when we're actually already handling it but are just waiting for
  related upstart jobs that are blocking the mount to finish.
  LP: #1091792.

[ St├ęphane Graber ]
* Mount a tmpfs on /sys/fs/cgroup if it exists.

21. By Steve Langasek

[ Dave Chiluk ]
* Adjust parsing of options so mountall doesn't strip options that are
  substrings of these strings (showthrough, optional, bootwait, nobootwait
  or timeout). This fixes the issue where timeo was getting stripped from
  nfs mounts. LP: #1041377.

[ Steve Langasek ]
* Ensure callbacks are called directly when running with --no-events,
  otherwise the "event" handling of the non-events never finishes and
  mountall hangs. LP: #1099349.

20. By Steve Langasek

Fix a further remaining issue from 2.41: by fixing the missing 'mounted'
events in 2.43, we have again introduced a case where mountall may block
waiting for 'mounted MOUNTPOINT=/' to return before handling 'mounted
MOUNTPOINT=/run' and emitting virtual-filesystems, thus causing
dependency loops and long boot timeouts. LP: #1078926.

19. By Steve Langasek

[ Serge Hallyn ]
mounted-dev.conf: leave consoles alone in a lxc or libvirt container
(LP: #1075717)

18. By Steve Langasek

conf/{mountnfs-bootclean,mtab,bootmisc}.sh.conf: additional null jobs
for compatibility with pre-existing sysvinit script names, so that the
sysvinit scripts aren't run. This speeds up the boot, improves
compatibility with insserv, and guards against e.g.,
mountall-bootclean.sh running after /run is already in use by ifupdown.

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