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27. By Benjamin Drung on 2015-08-22

* New upstream release. (Closes: #731699, #748794)
* Update debian/watch to point to VideoLAN (and check signature)
* Refresh patches
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.6 (no changes needed)
* Add new DVDOpenStream function to symbols file

26. By Reinhard Tartler on 2014-08-15

[ Matteo F. Vescovi ]
* New upstream release
  - debian/patches: patchset re-worked against v4.9.9
* Imported Upstream version 4.9.9
* debian/patches: patchset re-worked against v4.9.9

[ Benjamin Drung ]
* dvdread-config is gone now.
* Drop dvdread-config_manpage.patch.
* debian/rules: Update list of unused files.
* Add missing pkg-config dependency.

[ Reinhard Tartler ]
* Imported Upstream version 5.0.0
  - Fixes libdvdread runs out of memory (LP: #377414)
  - Fixes: libdvdread4 unable to read Wall.e encrypted DVDs (LP: #590983)
  - Fixes: libdvdread: Can't seek to block (LP: #983535, #446664, #1066317)
  - Fixes: Zero check failed in ifo_read.c:904 for pgc->subp_control[i]
           = 0x00000001 (LP: #1179913, Closes: #504256)
* Refresh patches, drop merged patches

25. By Benjamin Drung on 2014-01-08

Remove dvdread-config. It breaks multi-arch. Use the dvdread pkg-config
file instead! (Closes: #734440)

24. By Benjamin Drung on 2014-01-07

* New upstream release.
* Refresh all patches.
* Add debian/watch file.
* Build with dh-autoreconf instead of autotools-dev for new libtool.
* Mark libdvdread-dbg and libdvdread-dev as multi-arch same.
* Add symbols file for libdvdread4.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5.
* Update homepage field.
* Add Vcs-* links.
* Add a man page for dvdread-config.

23. By Reinhard Tartler on 2013-11-25

Adopting Package, Closes: #712110

22. By Daniel Baumann on 2013-06-13

Orphaning package.

21. By Daniel Baumann on 2013-03-10

Removing all references to my old email address.

20. By Daniel Baumann <email address hidden> on 2012-12-09

* Merging upstream version 4.2.0+20121016.
* Updating to standards version 3.9.4.
* Removing vts-tmapt.patch, included upstream.
* Removing array.patch, included upstream.
* Renumbering patches.

19. By Daniel Baumann <email address hidden> on 2012-09-24

Adding patch from Peter Van Eynde <email address hidden> to fix
miscompilation leading to a segfault (Closes: #688574).

18. By Daniel Baumann <email address hidden> on 2012-06-29

* Correcting some editorial mistakes in copyright file.
* Updating GPL boilerplate in copyright file.
* Switching to xz compression.
* Correcting hurd.patch, thanks to Jan Schmidt
  <email address hidden> (Closes: #651926, #653516, #677493).
* Adding patch from Mario Holbe <email address hidden> to work
  with file system descriptors located at the end of the disk rather
  than at the beginning (Closes: #663512).
* Adding patch from Bryce Harrington <email address hidden> to stifle the
  'Please send bug report - no VTS_TMAPT ??' message (Closes: #281186,
  #281575, #316926, #541723).
* Adding patch from Doug Springer <email address hidden> to fix
  read/write beyond end of an array due to using a length value taken
  from the DVD, which can exceed the allocated size, causing a
  segmentation fault (Closes: #649790).

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