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59. By Sebastian Ramacher on 2015-06-03

* debian/*.lintian-overrides: Use architecture specific overrides to fix
  arch-dependent files in M-A: same package. (Closes: #787406)
* debian/changelog: Wrap some lines at 80 characters to make lintian happy.

58. By Reinhard Tartler on 2015-05-31

[ Reinhard Tartler ]
* Bumped urgency because of two security patches, see below
* Imported Upstream version 11.4
  - h264: Make sure reinit failures mark the context as not initialized (CVE-2015-3417)
  - msrle: Use FFABS to determine the frame size in msrle_decode_pal4 (CVE-2015-3395)
  - cavs: Remove an unneeded scratch buffer
  - configure: Disable i686 for i586 and lower CPUs (debian/783082)
  - mjpegenc: Fix JFIF header byte ordering (bug/808)
  - nut: Make sure to clean up on read_header failure
  - png: Set the color range as full range
  - avi: Validate sample_size
  - nut: Check chapter creation in decode_info_header
  - alac: Reject rice_limit 0 if compression is used
  - ape: Support _0000 files with nblock smaller than 64
  - mux: Do not leave stale side data pointers in ff_interleave_add_packet()
  - avresample: Reallocate the internal buffer to the correct size (bug/825)
  - mpegts: Update the PSI/SI table only if the version change
  - rtsp: Make sure we don't write too many transport entries into a fixed-size array
  - rtpenc_jpeg: Handle case of picture dimensions not dividing by 8
  - mov: Fix little endian audio detection
  - x86: Put COPY3_IF_LT under HAVE_6REGS (gentoo/541930)
  - roqvideoenc: set enc->avctx in roq_encode_init
  - mp3: Properly use AVCodecContext API
  - libvpx: Fix mixed use of av_malloc() and av_reallocp()
  - Revert "lavfi: always check av_expr_parse_and_eval() return value"
  - alsdec: only adapt order for positive max_order
  - alsdec: check sample pointer range in revert_channel_correlation
  - aacpsy: correct calculation of minath in psy_3gpp_init
  - alsdec: limit avctx->bits_per_raw_sample to 32
  - aasc: return correct buffer size from aasc_decode_frame
  - matroskadec: fix crash when parsing invalid mkv
  - avconv: do not overwrite the stream codec context for streamcopy
  - webp: ensure that each transform is only used once
  - h264_ps: properly check cropping parameters against overflow
  - hevc: zero the correct variables on invalid crop parameters
  - hevc: make the crop sizes unsigned
* drop 01-configure-disable-i686-for-i586

[ Sebastian Ramacher ]
* debian/control:
  - Remove obsolete Breaks, Replaces and Conflicts.
  - Fix description to make lintian happy.
* debian/rules:
  - Remove dh_builddeb compression override. This is the default since dpkg
  - Use dh_installdocs to install documentation.
  - Use dh_minstallman to install manpages.
* debian/{libav-tools.links,rules}: De-duplicate documentation
* debian/*.lintian-overrides:
  - Install non-fpic code lintian overrides only for i386 packages.
* debian/source/lintian-overrides: Removed obsolete lintian override.
* debian/*.doc-base: Add more doc-base registrations
* debian/copyright:
  - Remove files that do no longer exist.
  - Update some copyright years.

57. By Sebastian Ramacher on 2015-05-05

* Fix use of illegal instruction on i586. (Closes: #783082)
  - debian/confflags: Pass correct value to --cpu. Thanks to Bernhard
    Übelacker for the patch.
  - debian/patches:
    + 01-configure-disable-i686-for-i586.patch: Upstream patch to disable
      i686 on instructions on i586.
    + 02-configure-disable-ebx-gcc-4.9.patch: Workaround build failure with
      gcc 4.9 and newer by disabling the use of ebx in handwritten assembler
      code. Thanks to Bernhard Übelacker for the initial patch.

56. By Sebastian Ramacher on 2015-04-20

* debian/control:
  - Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.6.
  - libav-tools: Add x264 to Suggests. (Closes: #779097)
  - Build-Depend on libx265-dev.
* debian/libav-tools.maintscript: Remove /etc/avserver.conf. (Closes:
* debian/confflags: Enable x265 encoder. (Closes: #780796)
* debian/rules: Use matching version in shlibs. (LP: #1407103)

55. By Sebastian Ramacher on 2015-03-13

* New upstream release fixing multiple security issues.
  - utvideodec: Handle slice_height being zero (CVE-2014-9604)
  - adxdec: set avctx->channels in adx_read_header
  - rmenc: limit packet size
  - webp: validate the distance prefix code
  - rv10: check size of s->mb_width * s->mb_height
  - eamad: check for out of bounds read (CID/1257500)
  - mdec: check for out of bounds read (CID/1257501)
  - configure: Properly fail when libcdio/cdparanoia is not found
  - tiff: Check that there is no aliasing in pixel format selection (CVE-2014-8544)
  - aic: Fix decoding files with odd dimensions
  - vorbis: Check the vlc value in setup_classifs
  - arm: Suppress tags about used cpu arch and extensions
  - prores: Extend the padding check to 16bit
  - icecast: Do not use chunked post, allows feeding to icecast properly
  - img2dec: correctly use the parsed value from -start_number
  - h264_cabac: Break infinite loops
  - hevc_deblock: Fix compilation with nasm (libav #795)
  - h264: initialize H264Context.avctx in init_thread_copy
  - h264: Do not share rbsp_buffer across threads
  - h264: only ref cur_pic in update_thread_context if it is initialized
  - matroskadec: Fix read-after-free in matroska_read_seek() (chromium #427266)
  - log: Unbreak no-tty support on 256color terminals

54. By Sebastian Ramacher on 2015-01-17

* New upstream release fixing multiple security issues. (Closes: #773626)
  - h264: restore a block mistakenly removed in e10fd08a
  - on2avc: check number of channels (CVE-2014-8549)
  - smc: fix the bounds check (CVE-2014-8548)
  - gifdec: refactor interleave end handling (CVE-2014-8547)
  - mmvideo: check frame dimensions (CVE-2014-8543)
  - jvdec: check frame dimensions (CVE-2014-8542)
  - mjpegdec: check for pixel format changes (CVE-2014-8541)
  - mov: avoid a memleak when multiple stss boxes are present
  - vc1: Do not assume seek happens after decoding
  - avconv: Use the mpeg12 private option scan_offset (Closes: #773055)
  - xsub: Support DXSA subtitles
  - mp3dec: fix reading the Xing tag
  - matroskaenc: write correct Display{Width, Height} in stereo encoding
  - configure: Fix enabling memalign_hack automatically
  - mp3enc: fix a triggerable assert
  - latm: Do not give a score for a single instance
  - mp3: Tweak the probe scores
  - matroskaenc: write correct Display{Width, Height} in stereo encoding
  - coverity: Fix most of the reported warnings and issues
* debian/control: Add myself to Uploaders.

53. By Sebastian Ramacher on 2014-12-30

* Team upload.
* Upload to unstable.

52. By Reinhard Tartler on 2014-10-19

* add patches post v11 release, all of which will be included in the
  next point release:
   - 0001-apetag-Fix-APE-tag-size-check.patch
   - 0002-Update-default-FATE-URL-for-release-11.patch
   - 0003-h264-Always-invoke-the-get_format-callback.patch
   - 0004-mpeg12-Always-invoke-the-get_format-callback.patch
   - 0005-hevc-Initialize-mergecand_list-to-0.patch
   - 0006-h264-reset-ret-to-avoid-propagating-minor-failures.patch
   - 0007-hevc_mvs-initialize-the-temporal-MV-in-case-of-missi.patch
   - 0008-hevc_mvs-make-sure-to-always-initialize-the-temporal.patch
   - 0009-imc-fix-order-of-operations-in-coefficients-read.patch
   - 0010-resample-Avoid-off-by-1-errors-in-PTS-calcs.patch

51. By Reinhard Tartler on 2014-09-13

* Upload final 11 release
  - matroskadec: parse stereo mode on decoding (Closes: #757185)

50. By Reinhard Tartler on 2014-09-13

* Add post-release upstream patches
* Remove unapplied patches
* Remove /etc/avserver.conf (Closes: #760763)

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