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10. By RJ Clay on 2015-04-29

* New upstream release. (Closes: #771822)
  - Fixes 'Duplicate message' errors in locale/po/hu.po. (Closes: #752063)
* Add new Dutch debconf translation. (Closes: #767242)
* Changes to debian/README.Debian:
  - Add a note regarding the texlive-xetex package.
  - Update note regarding the contrib_dir directive.
  - Add a note about the usage of the template files.
* Correct a copyright email address in the debian/copyright file.
* Set permissions on ledgersmb/bin/gl.pl correctly in debian/rules.
* Change how the LedgerSMB Database administrative user related processing is
  being done, including dropping the use of dbconfig-common for the database
  related processing. (Closes: #698298, #758140, LP#1078817)
* Update how the Apache related processing is done in the maintainer scripts.
* Set default for contrib_dir in 05_confdir.patch to be for PostgreSQL v9.4
  instead of PostgreSQL v9.1.
* Remove the use of drop_statoverride function from the maintainer scripts.
* Changes in debian/control:
  - Add texlive-xetex package as a suggested package.
  - Add libjs-prototype & libjs-scriptaculous to Build-Depends.
  - Add dpkg equal to version or above as a Pre-Depends.
  - Set Standards-Version to 3.9.6 in debian/control, no changes required.
* Use dh-linktree for embedded libjs-prototype and libjs-libjs-scriptaculous
* Only include the overrides for the 'custom' empty directories in the

9. By RJ Clay on 2014-06-21

* New upstream release.
  - 'Duplicate entry' error fixed in the locale/po/es_AR.po file.
* Rewrite the 'purge' stanza in the debian/ledgersmb.postrm script.
* Correct package version for the mv_conffile stanzas in maintainer scripts.
* Add debian/ledgersmb.doc-base.database to register database information.
* Correct errors installing the httpd configuration files for Apache v2.2 and
  v2.4. (Closes: #749347)

8. By RJ Clay on 2014-04-21

* New upstream release. (Closes: #732997)
* Changes to debian/copyright:
  - Update the LedgerSMB Core Team related information.
  - Add a file stanza for the locale/po/es_AR.po file.
  - Add an entry for utils/notify_short/.*pl and it README file.
  - Add an entry for the tools/prepare-company-database.* scripts.
* Changes to debian/control:
  - Update Standards-Version in debian/control.
  - Add the libplack-perl package as a Suggests.
  - Update the Vcs-Svn base URL from 'svn.debian.org' to 'anomscm.debian.org'.
* Changes to debian/rules:
  - Add line to make tools/system/lsmb* scripts executables.
  - Remove the line used to copy the ledgersmb.conf.template file as it is
    no longer needed.
* Changes to debian/patches/:
  - Add usage of 'Last-Update' field in all *.patch files.
  - Update default 'contrib-dir' to be for Postgresql 9.3 in 05_confdir.patch.
  - Add 20_BashPath.patch to resolve bash path issues in tools/ scripts.
  - Add 21_lsmb_13-fcgi-conf.patch for setting its directory paths.
* Update packaging for installation of ledgersmb-httpd configuration for
  Apache v2.2 and v2.4. (Closes: #725758)
* Changes to debian/ledgersmb.docs:
 - Add README.git to the installed documents list.
 - Add README.plack to the installed documents list.
* Register the release notes using debian/ledgersmb.doc-base.notes.
* Add empty directory 'UI/logout/' to ledgersmb.lintian-overrides file.
* Update README.Debian, TODO.Debian, and NEWS.Debian files for new release.

7. By RJ Clay on 2012-12-09

* New upstream release.
* Add new Japanese debconf translation. (Closes: #693146)
* Changes to debian/patches/:
  - Refresh 05_confdir.patch for new upstream release.
  - Remove 20_Makefile-PL.patch as it is not currently needed.

6. By RJ Clay on 2012-10-28

* New upstream release.
* Updated Standards-Version to 3.9.4 in debian/control, no changes needed.

5. By RJ Clay on 2012-08-28

* Make indentation consistent in all maintainer scripts.
* Changes to debian/patches/:
  - Add 20_Makefile-PL.patch for a version reference issue in Makefile.PL.
  - Update 10_httpdconf.patch templates path to /var/lib/ledgersmb/templates.
* Changes for debian/ledgersmb.preinst:
  - Correct version being checked against for css/templates softlinks removal.
  - Update how the old_version variable is being used for the version checks.
* Changes for debian/control:
  - Add accidently removed libtemplate-plugin-latex-perl back into Recommends.
  - Add accidently removed libimage-size-perl back into Suggests.

4. By RJ Clay on 2012-07-07

* Debconf templates and debian/control reviewed by the debian-l10n-
  english team as part of the Smith review project. (Closes: #674023)
* Debconf translation updates:
  - Brazilian Portuguese (Adriano Rafael Gomes). (Closes: #677793)
  - Czech (Michal Simunek). (Closes: #676494)
  - Danish (Joe Dalton). (Closes: #678841)
  - Galician (Jorge Barreiro). (Closes: #678597)
  - French (Julien Patriarca). (Closes: #677953)
  - German (Erik Pfannenstein). (Closes: #678547)
  - Italian (Beatrice Torracca). (Closes: #678442)
  - Polish (Michał Kułach). (Closes: #676511)
  - Portuguese (Miguel Figueiredo). (Closes: #677839)
  - Russian (Yuri Kozlov). (Closes: #676662)
  - Slovak (Ivan Masár). (Closes: #678488)
  - Spanish; (Camaleón). (Closes: #678265)
  - Swedish (Martin Bagge / brother). (Closes: #676556)
* Update debian/watch to exclude development snapshots. (Closes: #677612)

3. By RJ Clay on 2012-06-10

* Changes to debian/patches/:
  - Update 05_confdir.patch for the new cssdir configuration item.
  - Update 10_httpdconf.patch for the new cssdir configuration item.
* Changes to debian/ledgersmb.postinst:
  - Add code that creates the initial default set of css files from the
    example files.
  - Correct a typo in the similar code for /var/lib/ledgersmb/templates.
* Add the application css directory to the debian/ledgersmb.examples file
  and remove it from the debian/ledgersmb.install file.
* Add code in ledgersmb.postrm to remove /var/lib/ledgersmb/css during
  a package purge. (Like for /var/lib/ledgersmb/templates, which was
  actually added with 1.3.17-1.)
* Removed the no longer needed references to libexcel-template-plus-perl from
  debian/control and debian/README.Debian.
* Removed blib/man3/LedgerSMB::Template::XLS.3pm from ledgersmb.manpages.
* Add the removal of empty example language specifc template directories to

2. By RJ Clay on 2012-04-18

* Rewrite LedgerSMB README.Debian, including database related information.
* Correct debconf variable lsmb_debconf to debconf_install in debian/postinst.
* Changes for debian/patches/*:
  - Renumber 15_httpdconf.patch as 10_httpdconf.patch.
  - Add 15_UI-setup-credentials.patch to set 'ledgersmb' as the default
    database superuser for setup.pl.

1. By RJ Clay on 2012-04-18

Import upstream version 1.3.15

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