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36. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2015-10-08

* New upstream version:
  - ldm-script: Fix locale issues by matching against alphanumeric
    characters (LP: #1491066).
  - screen.d/ldm: Fix LDM_DIRECTX with Xorg 1.17+, which no longer opens
    a listening TCP socket by default (LP: #1449282).

35. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2015-02-08

Add patch to remove hook to set LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=true, as it
causes several common desktops to fail (Closes: #767764).

34. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2014-10-22

* New upstream version:
  - Display error message on failed login (LP: #1325388).
    Thanks to Jakob Unterwurzacher!

  - Remove check for halting when SHUTDOWN_TIME is set, implemented in
    LTSP instead (LP: #604908).

  - Compare desktop session against available local sessions when
    running as a fat client (LP: #1272889).

* debian/control: Update Standards-Version to 3.9.6, no changes needed.
* Remove patch to disable listening on tcp, applied upstream.
* Update debian/copyright.

33. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2014-09-15

Add patch from upstream to disable listening on tcp when not using

32. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2014-08-05

* New upstream version:
  - Add feature to hash passwords for use with localapps and fat clients.
    Thanks to ben-Nabiy Derush.

* debian/rules:
  - Use dpkg-vendor --derives-from Ubuntu to set VENDOR,
    to better handle Debian/Ubuntu derivatives.
  - Allow architecture independent builds to succeed even if some files
    built by arch specific targets are missing.

* ldm-server: Recommend mate-desktop-environment in preference to other

31. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2014-02-22

* New upstream version:
  - Support logind for fat clients (LP: #1274267).

* Use debhelper compat level 9.
* Use dpkg-vendor instead of lsb_release to determine vendor.

30. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2013-11-24

* New upstream version (Closes: #725927):
  - Updated translations.
  - Look for distinct server ip (LP: #1098349).
    Thanks to Phil Sharfstein.
  - Avoid Xorg crashes caused by nouveau dri (LP: #1072711).

* Remove patches/automake-force-update.patch, applied upstream.
* Fix spelling of "relevant" in ldm-server package description.
  Thanks to Pascal De Vuyst. (Closes: #700456).
* Recommend ldm-themes only when building on Debian.
* update Standards-version to 3.9.5:
    - Dropped DM-Upload-Alowed field from debian/control.

29. By Colin Watson on 2013-11-14

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Run automake with -f so that it updates config.guess/config.sub (closes:

28. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2012-07-13

Recommend a version of ldm-themes that uses the Joy theme by default.

27. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2012-06-27

* New upstream version:
  - Implement custom LDM menus with LDM_MENU_ITEM_[0-9] and
    LDM_MENU_COMMAND_[0-9] environment variables.

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