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5. By Balint Reczey on 2015-08-30

* Make configure more verbose when building on architecture not supported
  by upstream
* Fix FTBFS on aarch64 (Closes: #796532)
* Don't use NEON on arm/armhf. (Closes: #797204)
* Fix build on s390x

4. By Balint Reczey on 2015-08-18

* Don't stop configuration for unknown architectures
* Drop unknown ./configure options
* Continue configuration for unknown arches even further (Closes: #790635)
* Link with libatomic to fix FTBFS on powerpc and some other architectures
* Fix broken symlinks to DejaVuSans font files

3. By Balint Reczey on 2015-08-18

* New upstream release 15.0
  See http://www.kodi.tv/kodi-15-0-isengard-one-release-to-rule-them-all/
* Depend on libav.*-dev provided by src:ffmpeg
* Recommend udisks2 instead of udisks.
  Udisks has been removed from unstable but support for udisks2 is not
  implemented yet.
* Ship patch helping Jessie backports
* Refresh patches
* Eliminate __DATE__ macros from source to make build more reproducible
* Build-depend on libsdl2.*-dev instead of libsdl.*-dev
* Build-depend on libgif-dev
* Drop obsoleted fix of installed header's include paths
* Refresh include file list included by kodi-addons-dev
* Build depend on libcec (>= 3)
* Build-depend on groovy2 instead of groovy
* Sort build dependencies
* Fix packaging repository URL
* Remove removed files from debian/copyright
* Fix filenames with spaces in debian/copyright
* Ship TexturePacker in kodi-addons-dev in /usr/lib/kodi
* Build depend on libcec-platform-dev
* Stop using embedded gnulib modules in rsxs screensaver (Closes: #795813)
* Add missing copyright paragraphs to d/copyright
* Stop marking files as excluded which are removed from upstream tarball
* Bump standards version to 3.9.6
* New upstream release 15.1
  See http://kodi.tv/kodi-15-1-isengard-maintenance-release/
* Move TexturePacker to kodi-bin
* Stop building TexturePacker statically

2. By Balint Reczey on 2015-06-04

Recommend udisks (Closes: #787293)

1. By Balint Reczey on 2015-06-04

Import upstream version 14.2+dfsg1

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