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25. By Victor Seva

* [5dad250] Imported Upstream version 4.3.3
* [cd88d69] refresh upstream patches since 4.3.3

24. By Victor Seva

[3c416e8] add kamcmd patch for reproducible builds

23. By Victor Seva

* [74a6255] kamailio.init: use NAME and chown HOMEDIR just after create it
* [9af988a] Imported Upstream version 4.3.1
* [95a4304] remove already applied upstream patches
* [f155ce3] refresh debian patches
* [60a7dd9] upstream patch supporting repoducible builds
* [198047d] remove auto-generated tls certs
* [33b7028] add upstream fixes

22. By Victor Seva

* [45ed887] Imported Upstream version 4.3.0
* [c2d68d8] add upstream patches from 4.3 branch

21. By Victor Seva

* [a1f426d] Imported Upstream version 4.2.5
* [5cfb580] fix FTBFS on powerpcspe because of AltiVec assumption.
  Thanks to Roland Stigge <email address hidden> (Closes: #729635)
* [a10699c] set Architecture: any when possible
* [58c114b] set Architecture: linux-any for sctp related
* [4ac4845] add powerpcspe to the list of architectures supported by mono module
* [bc35a5c] kamailio-berkeley-modules: fix lintian warning for empty dir
* [953678a] debian/control: wrap-and-short and some minor changes to descriptions
* [f57bbbb] debian/patches: add fix_manpage.patch fixing lintian warnings
* [8670eb9] debian/copyright: fix lintian warning

20. By Victor Seva

* [280cb6a] Imported Upstream version 4.2.1
* [9fb944e] Imported Upstream version 4.2.4 (Closes: 783946)
* [0241997] exclude obsoleted and ser examples (Closes: #772314)
* [a295c13] update Standards-Version to 3.9.6

19. By Victor Seva

[d614569] fix fifo and ctl defaults pointing to unsecure /tmp dir
Closes: #775681

18. By Anibal Monsalve Salazar

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Fix FTBFS on mipsel and mips.
  Add mips/mipsel arch in debian/control.
  Disable the Mono module on mips in debian/rules (like it is on ia64).
  Add fix-mips.patch Patch by Dejan Latinovic <email address hidden>
  Closes: #767500.

17. By Victor Seva

* [8774ae4] Imported Upstream version 4.2.0
* [188e33e] add extra modules

16. By Victor Seva

* [ee9aba2] Imported Upstream version 4.1.5
* [fb02772] remove applied upstream patches

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