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8. By Leo Iannacone on 2014-10-14

* New upstream release.
* Bump Standards-Version 3.9.6
* debian/copyright:
  - update Upstream-Name
  - update Format
  - add Upstream-Contact
  - add comment to repacking and Files-Excluded field
  - add short license name for upstream license
* Remove repack.* utilities in favor of Files-Excluted
* debian/rules:remove call to REPACK_SH
* debian/watch: update dsfg dversionmangle
* debian/patches:
  - remove fix-manpages-errors.patch: applied upstream
  - refresh patches and renamed adding a number suffix
  - 0002-fix-dtnperf-undefined-symbols.patch:
    add LIBADD to libal_pb_vION, prevents undefined-symbols
  - 0003-ftbfs-with-clang.patch:
    fix FTBFS if clang is used instead of gcc (closes: #754319)
* Update debian/links to binaries without manpage

7. By Leo Iannacone on 2013-07-09

* New upstream release.
* Updated debian/ion-tools.pod and debian/ion.links
  with new binaries.
* Updated fix-manpages-errors.patch (closes: #724143).
* Refreshed old patches.
* Removed fix-gcc4.8-errors.patch. Applied to upstream.

6. By Leo Iannacone on 2013-07-07

* Upload to unstable.
* New upstream release.
* Refreshed old patches.
* Install release-notes.txt as upstream changelog.
* Fix VCS URL.
* Bump Standards-Version 3.9.4.
* debian/ion.links:
  + added new links to some missing manpage.
* new fix-gcc4.8-errors.patch from upstream: fixes FTBFS with
  gcc4.8 (closes: #701298, #713722)
* new replace-gmake-with-make.patch: replace gmake with make
  in Makefiles.

5. By Leo Iannacone on 2012-06-06

[ Leo Iannacone ]
* New upstream release.
* New patch to fix ftbfs onto kfreebsd systems.
* Refreshed old patches.
* Overrides-lintian false positive about hardening flags.

[ Alessio Treglia ]
* New patch to add pthread libs to libbss's linking
* Required debhelper > 9 to enable hardening flags.

4. By Leo Iannacone on 2012-05-21

* New upstream release (closes: #668483)
* Bump standars version.

3. By Leo Iannacone on 2012-02-11

[ Leo Iannacone ]
* Take out valgrind from build-depends. This fixes dependency
  installability problem on multi architecture. Package not
  mandatory for the build.

[ Alessio Treglia ]
* Enable parallel builds.

2. By Leo Iannacone on 2012-02-01

Initial release (Closes: #658620)

1. By Leo Iannacone on 2012-02-01

Import upstream version 2.5.3~dfsg1

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