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12. By vitorafsr

* Probe 'acpi' and 'acpitool' before use.
* Fix Tk dependency by using proper shebang and
  relaxing package version requirement (LP: #1248254).
* Put 'i8kmon' in auto mode by default.
  - Remove '/etc/default/i8kmon' file
* Update Standards-Version to 3.9.5.
* Remove building 'i8kutils-smm'.

11. By vitorafsr

* Fix i8kmon error in verbose mode.
* Fix dependency on 'acpi' for kFreeBSD.
  - Add 'acpi | acpitool' in 'debian/control'
* Update Standards-Version to 3.9.4.
* Fix lintian warnings.
* Closes: #547210.

10. By vitorafsr

* Fix frezee in some systems. LP: #1179282.
* Fix bug where i8kfan needs a 'fan' argument. LP: #1104842.
  - i8kfan does not need this argument anymore.
* Update 'apm -> acpi' in i8kmon.
* Update i8k.c with the most recent version from the kernel mainline.
* Update README.
* Fix BIOS version at 'i8kctl' text to stdout. Closes: #546325.
* Avoid multiple instances of i8kmon via 'service i8kmon start'. LP: #486483.
* Put i8kmon enabled by default at /etc/default/i8kmon.
* Correct global configuration filename to '/etc/i8kmon.conf'. LP: #799144.
  - Correct i8kmon.1 and i8kmon.conf.
* Correct lintian warnings.
  - Update Standards-Version to 3.9.3
  - Upgrade compat version to 8 and debhelper Build-Depends.
* Switch to dpkg-source 3.0 (native) format.
* New maintainer. Closes: #548588.

9. By Andrej Shadura

* QA upload.
* Drop dependency on Tcl 8.4, add missing dependency on tcl providing
* Add $remote_fs to init script LSB headers.
* Enable hardening.

8. By Bradley Smith <email address hidden>

* Fix download location in README. Closes: #546316.
* Orphan package.

7. By Bradley Smith <email address hidden>

* Update README. Closes: #542637, #523615.
* Fix typo in i8kutils.i8kmon.default. Closes: #542517.
* Update Standards-Version to 3.8.3.
* Add Vcs-* entries.

6. By Bradley Smith <email address hidden>

Fix bashisms. Closes: #530099.

5. By Bradley Smith <email address hidden>

* Fix init script pid file creation.
* Correct i8kmon config file name.

4. By Philipp Kern

* Fix a bashism in the i8kbuttons init script. (Closes: #518205)
* Add a LSB header to the init scripts. (Closes: #518203)

3. By Massimo Dal Zotto

* In debian/control added kfreebsd-i386 to Architecture: field.
  Closes: #314270.

* In i8kmon disabled the auto option by default. Users must
  enable it manually in the config file.

* In i8kmon added MAKE_LINTIAN_HAPPY hack.

* Added the private i8kutils-smm package. This package is used by me
  only for testing purposes and must not be distributed with debian
  or any other distribution.

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