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26. By Michael Biebl

* debian/patches/65-glib-single-include.patch: Starting with glib 2.32 it is
  now mandatory to include <glib.h> instead of individual headers.
  (Closes: #665556)
* Test for /var/cache/hald and /var/run/hald before trying to remove them on
  purge. This avoids a harmless warning message. (Closes: #638675)
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3.
* Add Breaks against xserver-xorg (<< 1:7.6+8), to ensure we have a version of
  xserver-xorg which no longer uses "invoke-rc.d hal restart" in postinst,
  since the init script is gone. (Closes: #624398)

25. By Cyril Brulebois

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Apply patch from Steven Chamberlain (thanks!) to fix FTBFS on
  kfreebsd-* during the rebuild for the unannounced freebsd-libs
  transition, due to hardening options (-Werror=format-security):
  55-kfreebsd-format-security.patch (Closes: #660400)
* Set urgency to “high” for the RC bug fix.

24. By Michael Biebl

* debian/control
  - Drop Suggests: gnome-device-manager, this package no longer is in the
* debian/patches/60-create-run-hald-directory.patch
  - Create /var/run/hald/ when starting hald. This directory contains
    runtime data like pid files and sockets and needs to be created
    dynamically as (/var)/run resides on a tmpfs. (Closes: #632900)

23. By Michael Biebl

[ Martin Pitt ]
* Add 00upstream_video4linux_check.patch: Do not build
  hald-probe-video4linux if v4l1 is not available. (LP: #721399)
* Refresh 99-autoreconf.patch for above.
* 45-fix-libusb-detection.patch: Unfuzz.

[ Michael Biebl ]
* debian/patches/00_disable_v4l1_probing.patch
  - The hald-probe-video4linux prober supports both v4l1 and v4l2. Support
    for v4l1 has been removed from Linux kernel 2.6.38. Instead of
    disabling the prober altogether, #ifdef the v4l1 parts when building on a
    newer kernel. This partially reverts 00upstream_video4linux_check.patch.
    (Closes: #621973)
* Refresh all patches to apply cleanly.
* Use dh-autoreconf to update the build system
  - Drop debian/patches/99-autoreconf.patch
  - Add Build-Depends on dh-autoreconf.
  - Include /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/autoreconf.mk in debian/rules.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.2. No further changes.

22. By Michael Biebl

* Upload to unstable.
* Bump debhelper compatibility level to 8 and update build dependency
* Remove pre-lenny migration code from maintainer scripts.

21. By Michael Biebl

* Switch to source format 3.0 (quilt)
  - Add debian/source/format.
  - Drop Build-Depends on quilt.
  - Remove /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/patchsys-quilt.mk from debian/rules.
  - Remove debian/README.source.
* debian/patches/20-ignore-temporary-cryptsetup-devices.patch
  - Do not probe temporary cryptsetup devices. (Closes: #586286)
* debian/control
  - Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.0.
  - Use architecture wildcards linux-any and kfreebsd-any.

20. By Michael Biebl

* debian/hal.init
  - Source the lsb init-functions after checking if the daemon exists.
  - Make directory containing the pid file world readable. (Closes: #562915)
* debian/patches/15-probe-input-segfault-fix.patch
  - Initialize error structure before using it to avoid segfault in
    hald-probe-input. (Closes: #562068)
    Thanks to Sebastian Andrzej Siewior for the patch.
* debian/hal.postinst
  - When upgrading from lenny, make sure to kill any running hald daemon
    before trying to start the new one. The pid file can be missing or
    outdated and trying to start hal will fail otherwise. (Closes: #561505)
  - Cleanup /var/run/hal and /var/lib/hal on upgrades.
  - When being triggered to regenerate the hal fdi-cache, only restart hal
    if it is actually running.
* debian/hal.dirs
  - Remove /var/lib/hal directory, it is no longer used.

19. By Michael Biebl

* New upstream release.
* Remove patches that have been merged upstream
  - debian/patches/20_cpufreq_warning_message_fix.patch
  - debian/patches/21_fix_segfault_in_hal_util_get_last_element.patch
  - debian/patches/22_fix_unconditional_usage_of_PATH_MAX.patch
  - debian/patches/23_support_relative_paths_in_umount_hal.patch
  - debian/patches/30_mount_relatime.patch
* debian/libhal1.symbols
  - Update symbols file for new API additions.
* debian/patches/45-fix-libusb-detection.patch
  - Fix broken libusb detection on Linux.
* Drop debian/patches/50_kfreebsd.patch and replace it with smaller,
  self-contained patches that can be updated more easily and are better
  suited for sending upstream.
* debian/patches/50-kfreebsd-setproctitle.patch
  - Disable usage of setproctitle on kfreebsd as glibc does not support it.
* debian/patches/51-kfreebsd-lrt-clock_gettime.patch
  - Link against -lrt for clock_gettime.
* debian/patches/52-kfreebsd-libufs.patch
  - Check for availability of libufs and compile the code conditionally as
    kfreebsd currently does not ship a libufs library.
* debian/patches/53-kfreebsd-blkid.patch
  - Use libblikd instead of libvolume-id on kfreebsd.
* debian/patches/54-kfreebsd-libusb2.patch
  - Fix build failures when using libusb2 on kfreebsd.
* debian/patches/99-autoreconf.patch
  - Run "autoreconf -i" to update the build system.
* debian/control
  - Build against libusb2 (new USB stack) on kfreebsd.
    With the patches above this fixes the build failures on kfreebsd with
    8.x kernel headers. (Closes: #561076)

18. By Michael Biebl

* debian/patches/10_nonpolkit-mount-policy.patch
  - Only allow root to mount fixed (internal) storage devices.

17. By Michael Biebl

* Disable ACL management which is done by udev nowadays. Drop dependency on
  the acl package.
* Disable multimedia key remapping which is managed by udev. Drop build
  dependency on gperf.
* debian/patches/21_fix_segfault_in_hal_util_get_last_element.patch
  - Validate input before passing it to strlen which fixes a segfault in
    hal_util_get_last_element. (Closes: #531383)
* Add support for GNU/Hurd. (Closes: #552386)
  - debian/patches/22_fix_unconditional_usage_of_PATH_MAX.patch: Use
    HAL_PATH_MAX as PATH_MAX is not defined on GNU/Hurd.
  - debian/control: Disable Linux-only dependencies.
  - debian/hal.init: Hurd's proc translator does not provide /proc/$PID/root
    so ensure we do not fail the chroot check on GNU/Hurd.
    Thanks to Pino Toscano for the patch.
* debian/patches/23_support_relative_paths_in_umount_hal.patch
  - Support relative paths in umount.hal. (Closes: #552139)
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.3. No further changes.
* Add debian/README.source which refers to the quilt documentation.

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