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131. By Colin Watson

[ Linn Crosetto ]
* Clean up docs, mpi, and other files (closes: #798607).

[ dann frazier ]
* progress: avoid NULL dereference for net files. (LP: #1459872)

130. By Colin Watson

Reduce the CFLAGS -O3 default on Ubuntu ppc64el to -O2; it introduces
various -Werror failures and isn't worth it here.

129. By Colin Watson

[ Felix Zielcke ]
* Remove Robert Millan from Uploaders with his permission. Thanks for
  all the work he did for GRUB 2!
* Stop forcing gcc-4.9 for building.
* Update to Policy 3.9.6.
* Update the Browser URL for our git repository.
* Use dpkg-buildflags at least for the host binaries.
* Simplify Build-Depends.

[ Colin Watson ]
* Go back to forcing a particular compiler version, but this time gcc-5.
  The reason for this is that new compiler versions often make slight
  changes to the size of compiled code which break delicate parts of GRUB,
  and we want to make sure that we test newer versions before switching to
* Make builds that are not limited to architecture-dependent packages
  (i.e. dpkg-buildpackage -b) work on non-x86 architectures (closes:

[ Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre ]
* debian/build-efi-images: Look for grub.cfg in $cmdpath too in
  gcdx64.efi, to simplify embedded scenarios: putting a grub.cfg snippet
  that loads the right "real" grub.cfg can be useful. (LP: #1468111)
* debian/patches/uefi_firmware_setup.patch: Take into account that the
  UEFI variable OsIndicationsSupported is a bit field, and as such should
  be compared as hex values in 30_uefi-firmware.in. (LP: #1456911)
* Update quick boot logic to handle abstractions for which there is no
  write support. (LP: #1274320)

[ dann frazier ]
* d/p/arm64-set-correct-length-of-device-path-end-entry.patch: Fixes
  booting arm64 kernels on certain UEFI implementations. (LP: #1476882)

[ Debconf translations ]
* [lv] Latvian (Rudolfs Mazurs; closes: #777648).

128. By Colin Watson

[ William Grant ]
* Fix linuxefi module to be included on x86_64-efi rather than amd64-efi.
  amd64-efi isn't a thing. (LP: #1464959)

[ Steven Chamberlain ]
* Recognise Xen xbd and KVM virtio disks on kFreeBSD (closes: #786621).

127. By Colin Watson

Build-depend on dosfstools and mtools on arm64 as well as amd64.

126. By Colin Watson

[ Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre ]
* Fix handling of --disk-module option (cherry-pick from fa335308).
  (Closes: #746596, LP: #1309735)
* Fix double-free of LV names for mdraid (cherry-pick from fc535b32).
  (LP: #1330963)

[ dann frazier ]
* Build image tarball on arm64
* Only include linuxefi module in images for amd64. This module doesn't
  exist on other platforms like arm64, where GRUB chainloads to the kernel
  EFI stub.

[ Paulo Flabiano Smorigo ]
* powerpc: Add a flag to avoid unnecessary optimizations (like vsx)
  (LP: #1459706).

125. By Colin Watson

[ Debconf translations ]
* [da] Danish (Joe Dalton; closes: #781333).

[ Felix Zielcke ]
* Run the tests with LC_MESSAGES=C.UTF-8. Some tests fail with non
  english locale. (Closes: #782580)

[ Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre ]
* Backport from upstream:
  - arp, icmp: Fix handling in case of oversized or invalid packets.
    (LP: #1428005)

[ Robie Basak ]
* Change the default GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT to 30, so interactive users
  still get the opporunity to intervene after a real boot failure, but
  headless users will not end up stuck after boot failures that were
  really power failures (closes: #782552, LP: #1443735).

124. By Colin Watson

* Make grub-common's Suggests on grub-emu architecture-specific, to
  quieten debcheck.
* Remove unnecessary feature test macros from hostfs, to fix building with
  glibc 2.20.
* Backport from upstream:
  - Fix UEFI boot failure with some firmware that returns incorrect paths
    (closes: #735960).

123. By Colin Watson

[ Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre ]
* Fix overlap check in check_blocklists for load_env (backported patch
  from upstream commit 1f6af2a9; LP: #1311247).

[ Steve McIntyre ]
* Add support for running a 64-bit Linux kernel on a 32-bit EFI (closes:

[ Colin Watson ]
* Use mtmsr rather than mtmsrd in ppc64el-disable-vsx.patch, since the
  "VSX Available" bit is in the lower half of the MSR anyway, and mtmsrd
  faults on 32-bit systems (closes: #776400).

122. By Colin Watson

[ Colin Watson ]
* Generate alternative init entries in advanced menu (closes: #757298,
* When configuring grub-pc, copy unicode.pf2 to /boot/grub/ even if
  /boot/grub/grub.cfg does not exist yet; this matches the behaviour of
  grub-efi-* (thanks, Luca Capello; closes: #617196).

[ Debconf translations ]
* [fi] Finnish (Timo Jyrinki; closes: #774060).
* [mr] Marathi (sampada nakhare; closes: #773901).

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