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11. By Russ Allbery

* New upstream development snapshot.
  - Remove inclusion of specific glib headers, which is no longer
    permitted as of glib 2.32. (Closes: #665539)
* Update mkinstalldirs in the source package to work around a strange
  interaction between autoreconf and dh_autoreconf where the former will
  update it, the latter will therefore remove it on clean, and then the
  former will not copy it back into the tree.

10. By Russ Allbery

Depend on libpng-dev instead of libpng12-dev. (Closes: #662355)

9. By Russ Allbery

* Fix the logic to avoid building the bearoff database for arch-only
  builds. We can't use an -indep override of dh_auto_build yet, since
  the buildds still call that. Instead, use an -indep override of
  dh_prep to re-enable building the bearoff database for
  arch-independent builds. Should fix build issues on kFreeBSD, where
  for some reason system limits never allow building the bearoff
* Set LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR to 0 in the gnubg desktop file when starting
  gnubg. This works around a bug in either gnubg or Ubuntu's desktop
  that causes the desktop to become unresponsive until the program is
  killed. Thanks, Michael Petch. (LP: #932455)
* Update standards version to 3.9.3 (no changes required).

8. By Russ Allbery

* New upstream development snapshot.
  - Fixes random.org GET interface. (LP: #507629)
  - Fixes crashes when built with _FORTIFY_SOURCE and hardening flags.
    (LP: #310236, #433487, #666298, #755247, #762221)
* Incorporate NMU (thanks, Steve M. Robbins):
  - Change libgmp3-dev build dependency to libgmp-dev.
* Update to debhelper compatibility level V9.
  - Enable compiler hardening flags.
  - Use dpkg-buildflags environment variables to add --as-needed.
  - Use the new -arch and -indep override support to handle selectively
    suppressing the builds of the bearoff databases.
* Use dh-autoreconf to rebuild the Autotools build system.
* Move the /usr/share/gnubg/gnubg.wd symlink to the gnubg package to
  avoid shipping a dangling symlink to gnubg-data. The old way worked,
  but the symlink and its target may as well be in the same package.
* Update to Debian source package format 3.0 (quilt) with a single
  Debian patch and a local patch header.
* Translation updates:
  - Italian, thanks Francesca Ciceri. (Closes: #657451)
  - Polish, thanks Michał Kułach. (Closes: #657503)
  - Danish, thanks Joe Dalton. (Closes: #605074)
  - Clean up the formatting and metadata of all po files. Thanks,
    Christian PERRIER.
* Update standards version to 3.9.2.
  - Remove Conflicts and Replaces for packages only in oldstable.

7. By Steve M. Robbins <email address hidden>

NMU. Change dependency libgmp3-dev --> libgmp-dev.

6. By Russ Allbery

* Avoid building the one-sided rollout database during an
  architecture-dependent build. Not only does this avoid wasted time on
  the buildds, since it's an architecture-independent file, but it
  should hopefully fix FTBFS problems on the kfreebsd-* buildds.
* Enable SSE on all amd64 systems, not just Linux ones.
* Add a trailing blank line to NEWS.Debian.

5. By Russ Allbery

* Remove the now-unused build dependency on quilt.
* Update Vcs-Git and add Vcs-Browser control field.
* Update standards version to 3.8.0 (no changes required).
* Translation updates:
  - Swedish, thanks Martin Bagge. (Closes: #503602)

4. By Russ Allbery

* Fix the upstream Autoconf probe for Python to not include extra
  shared library dependencies so that we can use it rather than forcing
  a specific version of Python. (Closes: #476992)
* gnubg should depend on the matching version of gnubg-data.

3. By Russ Allbery

* Translation updates:
  - French, thanks Thomas Huriaux. (Closes: #404254)
  - Spanish, thanks Javier Ruano. (Closes: #404613)

2. By Corrin Lakeland <email address hidden>

* Fixed the missing neural network weights file (Closes: 132469)
* Gnubg worked without it but performance was poor.
* Changed the bearoff database so arch is set to all rather than any

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