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14. By Rolf Leggewie

* control
  - add python-gtksourceview2 to Recommends. Closes: #731578
  - update to standard 3.9.5. No further changes.
* patches: patch desktop file for full validation (patch 50)

13. By Rolf Leggewie

* Imported Upstream version 2.4.1. Closes: #703865
  - implement auto-save. LP: #889600
  - fix text highlighting in search function. LP: #558345
* rebase Debian patches to latest upstream code
* 50_fix-desktop-file.patch: point desktop file to correct PNG file

12. By Rolf Leggewie

use dh_manpages instead of patching gjots2lpr.1 directly in. Closes: #718130

11. By Rolf Leggewie

* update build process to dh9
* rules: proper building with python2 needs more explicit instructions

10. By Rolf Leggewie

* debian/patches/:
  - 30_docpath.patch: make sure gjots2 looks in versionless path for manual
  - 45_gjots2lpr_manpage.patch: provide more meaningful patch description
    and make sure the man page is actually shipped
* debian/control:
  - enable transition to dh_python2
  - add explicit build-time and run-time dependency on python
  - update to Standard 3.9.4
  - replace docbook with DocBook in extended binary package description
* debian/copyright: update copyright information

9. By Rolf Leggewie

* new upstream release (closes: #639969) which now properly supports undo
  (closes: #579168 and LP: 632210)
* switch to DebSrc3.0. Closes: #600610
* debian/patches:
  - rebase current and drop obsolete patches
  - add gjots2lpr manpage
* debian/control:
  - slightly change package description to conform to policy
  - update Standards-Version to 3.9.2
* debian/copyright: update copyright years
* debian/rules: ship *.gjots files uncompressed for now as a better way
  to deal with bug 470536 until compressed files are supported by gjots2

8. By Rolf Leggewie

* debian/control:
  - drop build-time dependency on python-all-dev and make lintian happy
  - bump policy to 3.8.4
* add debian/README.source
* debian/patches: disable manual entry under Help menu.
  (Closes: #470536, LP: #257842)
* debian/rules: make sure that quilt actually patches the source

7. By Rolf Leggewie

New upstream release

6. By Rolf Leggewie

radically simplify rules file

5. By Rolf Leggewie

* Take over maintenance of gjots2 from Khalid El Fathi (Closes: #547057)
  and acknowledge previous NMU uploads. Thank you, Khalid and Sandro for
  your work on this package.
* New Upstream Version (LP: #406574)
  - display sidebar icons properly (Closes: #446696, LP: #115132)
* move changes currently made directly to the source into proper patches,
  but don't actually use 20_seascape.patch
* debian/control
  - recommend instead of depending on mpage and gv (Closes: #475404)
  - fix description, gjots is not a mindmap tool (Closes: #424724)
  - update to standard 3.8.3 and debhelper 5
  - set Vcs information

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