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76. By Matthias Klose

Don't run the testsuite on kfreebsd-gnu. Hangs the buildds.

75. By Matthias Klose

* Stop building the spu cross compiler. Closes: #734001.
* Suggest libppl13 instead of libppl12.

74. By Matthias Klose

[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* Don't pass --with-mips-plt on mips/mipsel.

[ Matthias Klose ]
* Stop building libmudflap (removed in GCC 4.9).
* Remove build conflict with binutils-gold. Closes: #724865.

73. By Matthias Klose

Refresh kbsd-gnu.diff.

72. By Matthias Klose

* Enable multilib build for gdc.
* Refresh the m68k-ada.diff patch (Torsten Glaser).
* Build zh_TW.UTF-8 locale to fix libstdc++ test failures.
* Keep prev-* symlinks to fix plugin.exp test failures.
* Don't configure anymore with --enable-libstdcxx-time=yes.
  Addresses: #710220.
* Drop build dependency on automake, not used anymore.
* Let gcc depend on the binutils upstream version it was built with.
  Addresses #710142.
* Pass --hash-style=gnu instead of --hash-style=both to the linker.

71. By Matthias Klose

* Refresh ada-sjlj.diff.
* In gnatlink, pass the options and libraries after objects to the
  linker to avoid link failures with --as-needed. Closes: #680292.
* Fix gdc build on architectures not providing libphobos.
* Allow java class file format version 1.7 (backport from 4.7).
* Tighten build dependency on libmpc-dev to ensure using libmpc3.

70. By Matthias Klose

* Update to SVN 20130114 (r195168) from the gcc-4_6-branch.
  - Fix PR bootstrap/55571, PR target/53789, PR c++/55804,
    PR tree-optimization/55355, PR target/54121 (sparc), PR c++/55032,
    PR middle-end/50283, PR target/55195, PR libgcc/48076, PR c++/55877,
    PR c++/55032, PR c++/55245, PR c++/54883, PR c++/55249, PR c++/53862,
    PR c++/51662, PR target/53912 (mingw), PR ada/54614, PR fortran/42769,
    PR fortran/45836, PR fortran/45900, PR fortran/55827, PR fortran/55618.
  - Backport multiarch patches, including powerpcspu fix. Closes: #695654.

[ Matthias Klose ]
* For cross builds, fix libc6 dependencies for non-default multilib packages.
* Don't ship libiberty.a in gcc-4.6-hppa64. Closes: #659556.

[ Thorsten Glaser ]
* libffi: Update the libffi-m68k patch from upstream and apply
  further fixes from upstream as well as upstreamed from #660525.
* Ada: debian/patches/ada-libgnatprj.diff: Add missing wildcard
  to the m68k-*-linux* target (fixes building shared libraries).
* Ada: Enable on m68k Linux.
* Backport: trunk r187181, r187234, r187714 to speed up genattrtab,
  apply for m68k only.
* Backport: atomic builtin backend code for Linux/m68k from trunk.
* PR52714: Add proposed fix (use gcc-4.5 version of PR45695 fix),
  apply for m68k only.
* m68k: PR40134: Add t-slibgcc-libgcc for m68k-linux.
* Cross: When building a cross-compiler, re-enable building the
  runtime packages that were disabled because gcc-4.7 provides
  them for the main archive to keep them self-contained.
* mint-m68k: Add the FreeMiNT patches from Vincent Rivière to
  enable building DEB_STAGE=stage1 cross-compilers, which are
  needed for developing bootloaders on m68k.
* Closes: #694112.

69. By Matthias Klose

* Update to SVN 20121121 (r193837) from the gcc-4_6-branch.
  - Fix PR fortran/55314.
* Make explicit --{en,dis}able-multiarch options effecitive (Thorsten Glaser).
* Fix multiarch name for powerpc non-biarch builds.
* Fix 64bit C++ header installation on s390. Closes: #694482.

68. By Matthias Klose

* Update to SVN 20121121 (r193700) from the gcc-4_6-branch.
  - Fix PR middle-end/55219 (ice on valid), PR rtl-optimization/48374 (ice
    on valid), PR rtl-optimization/53701 (ice on valid), PR middle-end/54945,
    PR target/54950 (m32c), PR libfortran/54736 (wrong code).
* Split multiarch patches into local and upstreamed parts.
* Update symbols files for powerpcspe (Roland Stigge). Closes: #693326.
* Clean up libstdc++ man pages. Closes: #692446.

67. By Matthias Klose

* Update to SVN 20121011 (r192379) from the gcc-4_6-branch.
  - PARISC fix, test case fix.

[ Matthias Klose ]
* Merge from gnat-4.6 4.6.3-6:
* debian/patches/ada-symbolic-tracebacks.diff (src/gcc/ada/tracebak.c):
  Use the GCC stack unwinder on GNU/kFreeBSD too. Closes: #685559.
* debian/patches/gcc_ada_gcc-interface_Makefile.in.diff: link
  libgnarl.so.4.6 with librt on GNU/Hurd. Closes: #685561.
* debian/patches/ada-kfreebsd-gnu.diff: likewise on GNU/kFreeBSD.
  Closes: #685562.
* debian/patches/ada-symbolic-tracebacks.diff (src/gcc/ada/tracebak.c):
  new hunk. Use the GCC stack unwinder on GNU/Hurd. Closes: #681998.
* debian/patches/ada-link-lib.diff: do not use parallel makes to build
  the GNAT tools. Closes: #667184.

[ Thorsten Glaser ]
* Actually apply the libffi-m68k patch; update it from upstream
* Apply further m68k platform bugfixes (pr47955, m68k-fp-cmp-zero)
* Revert pr45144 fix on m68k only, it results in miscompilation
* Apply initial m68k-ada support patch; enable Ada for m68k
* debian/patches/ada-libgnatprj.diff: add support for m68k-*-linux.

[ Steven Chamberlain ]
* Fix kfreebsd build issues.

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