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34. By Andreas Cadhalpun on 2015-10-15

[ Balint Reczey ]
* Add myself to uploaders.

[ Andreas Cadhalpun ]
* Import new upstream bugfix release 2.8.1.
* Remove hls-only-seek-if-there-is-an-offset.patch included upstream.
* Add avcodec-vp8-Do-not-use-num_coeff_partitions-in-thread.patch to
  fix CVE-2015-6761.
* Enable x264 on mips64el and opencv on alpha.

33. By Andreas Cadhalpun on 2015-09-22

[ Fabian Greffrath ]
* Pass the --dbg-package=ffmpeg-dbg parameter only to dh_strip.
* Add alternative Depends: libavcodec-ffmpeg-extra56 to libavcodec-dev and
  ffmpeg-dbg to allow for building and debugging with this library installed.

[ Andreas Cadhalpun ]
* Import new major upstream release 2.8.
* Remove the transitional lib*-ffmpeg-dev packages.
* Drop old Breaks on kodi-bin.
* Drop workaround for sparc, which is no Debian architecture anymore.
* Re-enable x265 on alpha, as it's available again.
* Disable unavailable frei0r, opencv and x264 on mips64el.
* Disable libopenjpeg (#787275) and libschroedinger (#787957) decoders.
  (Closes: #786670)
* Disable libdc1394 on sparc64, because it links against the broken due to
  #790560 libudev1.
* Enable libsnappy support.
* Add new symbols.
* Update debian/copyright.
* Update debian/tests/encdec_list.txt.
* Add hls-only-seek-if-there-is-an-offset.patch. (Closes: #798189)
* Add 'Breaks: libavutil-ffmpeg54 (>= 8:0)' to the libraries.

32. By Andreas Cadhalpun on 2015-08-17

[ Reinhard Tartler ]
* Tighten breaks/replaces on libav-tools. (Closes: #793085)
* Take over the libav-tools package.

[ Andreas Cadhalpun ]
* Rename d/libav-tools-links.links to d/libav-tools.links.
* Disable libsoxr support to workaround glibc bug #793641.

31. By Andreas Cadhalpun on 2015-07-20

[ Reinhard Tartler ]
* Add myself to uploaders.
* Merge qt-faststart back into 'ffmpeg'.

[ Andreas Cadhalpun ]
* Upload to unstable.
* Import new upstream bugfix release 2.7.2.
   - Make -xerror with multi-threading more robust. (Closes: #780344)
* Enable frei0r, opencv, x264, x265 on x32 and x265 on sparc64.
* Disable x264 on sparc64 due to #792921.

30. By Andreas Cadhalpun on 2015-06-21

* Import new upstream bugfix release 2.7.1.
* Use DEB_LDFLAGS_MAINT_STRIP for removing the Bsymbolic-functions flag.
* Use lissh-gcrypt-dev to avoid linking against libssl.
* Disable DH_VERBOSE in debian/rules.
* Add libavresample-ffmpeg2 and qt-faststart dependencies to ffmpeg-dbg.
* Enable opencv and zvbi on m68k, disable opencv on alpha.
* Remove unused, optional and private avpriv_emms_yasm from symbols file.
* Build an altivec flavor on powerpc.

29. By Andreas Cadhalpun on 2015-06-11

* Import new major upstream release 2.7.
   - Suggest new mpeg4_unpack_bframes bitstream filter instead of
     VirtualDub/Avidemux. (Closes: #781510)
* Add new symbols.
* Change maintainer to the pkg-multimedia team and move myself to uploaders.
* Let ffmpeg suggest ffmpeg-doc.
* Fix encdec autopkgtest to not fail, when skipping tests.
* Restrict shlib-with-non-pic-code lintian override to i386.
  Thanks to Jakub Wilk for the hint.
* Use '-strict -2' in the encdec autopkgtest also for probing/decoding.
* Disable loongson3 optimizations on mips, because they are not always
* Update debian/copyright.
* Update debian/tests/encdec_list.txt.

28. By Andreas Cadhalpun on 2015-05-17

* Import new upstream bugfix release 2.6.3.
* Don't install the pc-uninstalled directory.
  It is only useful in the source.
* Use 'set -e' in the autopkgtests.
* Explicitly build-depend on pkg-config.
* Enable gnutls and librtmp on sparc64, libvpx and libsdl on x32 and
  opencv on powerpcspe, since they are now available.
* Disable i686 optimizations on (hurd-)i386, because i586 is still
* Temporarily use gdb in sparc64 builds to investigate test failures.
* Re-enable assembler optimizations on ppc64el, since they are
  finally really fixed.

27. By Andreas Cadhalpun on 2015-04-12

* Import new upstream bugfix release 2.6.2.
* Drop build-dependency on bc, the tests use awk since 2.6.
* Drop override_dh_strip in debian/rules, because binutils is now built
  with --enable-deterministic-archives.

26. By Andreas Cadhalpun on 2015-03-16

* Import new major upstream release 2.6.1.
* Add Breaks and Replaces on libav-tools (<< 6:9~), which shipped ff*
  symlinks. Thanks to Andreas Beckmann. (Closes: #779664)
* Adapt debian/rules to changes in the configure script:
   - Don't explicitly set shlibdir as it now defaults to libdir.
   - Drop --disable-mips32r2, which has no effect anymore.
   - Don't add --disable-mipsfpu on mips64(el) as it should work there.
* Enable libx265-dev on sparc, m68k and sh4, where it is now available.
* Update debian/missing-sources.
* Drop patches included upstream:
   - configure-use-ar-and-ranlib-in-deterministic-mode-if.patch
   - stop-embedding-the-build-date.patch
* Add new symbols to debian/*.symbols.
* Add autopkgtests:
   - examples: compile the example programs
   - encdec: test creating/reading files for many codec/format combinations
* Update debian/copyright.
* Add Breaks on kodi-bin (<= 14.0+dfsg1-1), because it uses internal FFmpeg
  API, which was changed incompatibly.

25. By Andreas Cadhalpun on 2015-02-14

* Import new upstream bugfix release 2.5.4.
* Drop configure-enable-vsx-together-with-altivec-for-ppc64el.patch
  included upstream.
* Add patches making the build binary reproducible.
* Stop using faketime.
* Correctly handle noopt in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.
* Disable assembler optimizations on ppc64el, as they don't work yet.
* Disable assembler optimizations on mips64(el), as they don't work yet.
  Thanks to James Cowgill. (Closes: #776649)
* Fix dep5-copyright-license-name-not-unique lintian warnings.

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