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15. By Fotis Tsamis on 2015-10-06

* New upstream version:
  - TERM was missing in text-based remote assistance (LP: #1117158).
  - Add support for shutdown/reboot/logout on systemd (LP: #1447321).
  - Fix a crash which occured when changing the group selection.
  - Emulate x-canonical-append for notifications when necessary.
  - Support newer socat versions >= 1.7.3.
  - Generate a certificate valid since the Epoch.
  - Use python-netifaces to discover the broadcast addresses (LP: #1341278).
  - Handle the --version argument.
  - Read epoptes socket without checking for group membership (LP: #1338051).
  - Add a network throughput measurement feature.
  - Make the Groups header translatable.

* epoptes:
  - Remove python-vte from dependencies (Closes: #790167).
  - Depend on iperf and python-pycha.
* epoptes-client:
  - Depend on iproute2 instead of only iproute (Closes: #753715).
  - Add iperf on dependencies.
* debian/control:
  - Update Standards-Version to 3.9.6, no changes necessary.

14. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2013-11-24

* New upstream version:
  - Add a config option for grabbing the keyboard and the mouse pointer
    when assisting a user (LP: #977637).
  - Preserve the clients selection when a client connects, disconnects, or
    is removed from the selected group (LP: #1045065).
  - Send WOL to all interfaces (LP: #1157241).
  - Fix epoptes crashing when running as root (LP: #977049).
  - Fix logout in Mate.
  - Improve the thumbnails zooming functionality.
  - Prefer pactl for muting when available (LP: #1026331).
  - Grab local input when assisting a client (LP: #977637).
  - Support xtightvncviewer as an alternative to xvnc4viewer.
  - Prefer ssvncviewer over xvnc4viewer (LP: #1030853).

* epoptes:
  - Add python-openssl as an epoptes dependency (Closes: #703512).
  - Start the epoptes service later for LDAP/Samba (LP: #1054665).
* epoptes-client:
  - Enable Wake On Lan when ethtool is installed. Add Suggests on ethtool.
* debian/control:
  - Update Standards-Version to 3.9.5, no changes necessary.

13. By Alkis Georgopoulos on 2012-06-27

* New upstream version:
  - Support ssvnc as an alternative to xvnc4viewer.
  - Disable alias editing for clients in the 'Detected' group.
  - Correctly parse info for clients with multiple VGAs (LP: #1017140).
  - Prefix "-" to fullscreen parameter (LP: #1015239).

12. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2012-06-15

* New upstream version:
  - Split vncport to vncviewerport and vncserverport (LP: #1013808).
  - New translation: Somali (so).

11. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2012-06-10

* New upstream version:
  - Remove workaround for bug fixed in twisted.
  - Ensure that epoptes-client is actually booted to LTSP before assuming it
    is operating as a Fat client.
  - New translations: Arabic (ar), Catalan (ca), Czech (cs), Galician (gl),
    Lithuanian (lt), Turkish (tr), Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN)
  - Updated translations: Afrikaans (af), Hebrew (he), Malay (ms),
    Norwegian Bokmal (nb), Dutch (nl), Portuguese (pt), Russian (ru)

10. By Alkis Georgopoulos on 2012-04-09

* Use better checks to detect LTSP clients (LP: #975784).
* Correct start-stop-daemon parameters (LP: #975433).
* Add Afrikaans, English (Australia), Malay and Portuguese translations.
  Many thanks to the translators!

9. By Alkis Georgopoulos on 2012-04-01

* Correctly match URLs in execute function.
* Introduce EPOPTES_CLIENT_VERIFY_CERTIFICATE lts.conf option.
* Make get-display work with older gdm versions (LP: #966060).
* findUnusedPort: drop optional 'base' parameter as it may cause delays.
* Add Danish translation. Many thanks to the translators!

8. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2012-03-23

* New upstream version:
  - Updated translations.

7. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2012-03-04

[ Alkis Georgopoulos ]
* screenshot: exit cleanly when X isn't available.
* Handle late connectionLost events better.
* Replace the View menu with the Labels menu.
* Ability to show real names instead of usernames.
* Don't use epoptes-client.init on LTSP 5.3.
* Get the active display when executing root commands.
* Remember more user settings (labels, history).
* Don't hang on close, on Ubuntu 12.04.
* Mark epoptes as the owner of /etc/epoptes (Closes: #661083).
* Extract shell code from python scripts for maintainability.
* Don't crash when clients with a bad certificate connect (LP: #940114).
* Add Spanish and Swedish translations.
  Many thanks to the translators!

[ Vagrant Cascadian ]
* Update Standards-Version to 3.9.3, no changes necessary.

6. By Alkis Georgopoulos on 2012-02-06

* If epoptes is ran from a thin client, don't display that client.
* Background epoptes-client when running from if-up.
* Log less, and let twistd handle the rotation.
* Translation updates.
* Don't fail when the last thumbnail byte is a space.

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