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75. By James McCoy

[ Joachim Breitner ]
* mk-origtargz:
  + Work around tar --delete not working unless piping. This should
    make the support for Excluded-Files more reliable.
    Thanks to Felix Natter for identifying the problem and solution.
* debcommit:
  + Detect git repositories even if .git is a file instead of a directory,
    as it can be the case with "git worktree" worktrees.
* origtargz: Call rm -rf with "--", so that files starting with - are not
  considered arguments by rm.

[ James McCoy ]
* bts:
  + Add reference to pts-subscribe(1) in bts(1). (Closes: #794689)
* tagpending:
  + Fix warning when there are no fixed bugs in the changelog. (Closes:
  + Avoid querying the BTS when there are no bugs closed in the changelog.
* mergechanges:
  + Add -S/--source argument to skip all binary packages. Thanks to Ansgar
    Burchardt for the patch. (Closes: #795573)
* debchange:
  + Only emit "no orig tarball" for non-native packages. (Closes: #797018)
* debcheckout:
  + Clarify documentation of -f option. Thanks to Daniel Shahaf for the
    patch! (Closes: #797265)
* annotate-output:
  + Optimize the case of FORMAT not containing any date format codes.
    Thanks to Stefan Fritsch for the patch. (Closes: #799553)
* build-rdeps:
  + Avoid recursing into apt's lists directory. Only the top-level files
    are interesting and this avoids a “Permission denied” warning with apt
    versions that restrict access to the lists/partial directory. Thanks to
    James Cowgill for the patch. (Closes: #798252)
* wrap-and-sort:
  + Avoid modifying an empty file. Thanks to Chris Lamb for the patch.
    (Closes: #789579)
* dd-list:
  + Omit information from stanzas with “Extra-Source-Only: yes”.
  + Use only the information from the most recent version of a package
    within each sources file. (Closes: #788820)
  + Enable reading sources data from gz or bzip2 compressed files. If the
    --dctrl switch is being used, the -z switch is needed to enabled
     decompression. Compressed files specified with the -s switch will
     automatically be handled if using a .gz/.bz2 extension.

[ Dominique Dumont ]
* licensecheck:
  * added --text option to avoid scanning binary files (Closes: #797562)
  * use 'file' command to decide whether to scan a file or
    not (instead of testing file suffix)
  * remove trailing '#' from © information
  * store only first © block to avoid duplicated information
  * remove '\' from © information (useful for nroff files)

[ Adam D. Barratt ]
* getbuildlog:
  + Stop downloading logs from debian-ports explicitly, now that it has
    been merged into buildd.debian.org and downloading from both locations
    causes duplicate downloads. (Closes: #796506)

[ Dmitry Shachnev ]
* uscan: Use https protocol for pypi.debian.net redirector, now that it
  is available. (Closes: #796880)

[ Osamu Aoki ]
* uscan:
  + Ensure the version field in the watch line is defined, rather than
    "true" before using it in a comparison. The enables the use of 0 as a
    value for the version. (Closes: #796984)

[ Gunnar Wolf ]
* debchange:
  + Allow the current preferred security upload targets
    (wheezy|jessie|stretch)-security instead of their changing
    counterparts (oldstable|stable|testing)-security (Closes: #797084)

[ Antonio Terceiro ]
* chdist:
  + Add support for running apt-file
* debian/lintian-overrides: remove overrides for false positives that had
  been fixed in lintian

[ Christoph Berg ]
* debcheckout: Add auth mapping for git://github.com.

74. By James McCoy

* licensecheck:
  + Avoid argument injection which may cause file to overwrite a file
    through symlink indirection. (Closes: #794365, CVE-2015-5705)

73. By James McCoy

* licensecheck:
  + Use Dpkg::IPC to run file to avoid shell injection. (Closes: #794260)
  + Change whitelist of mime types to greylist of encodings. Restores
    ability to check files with mime types like text/x-c++ and
    application/postscript. Thanks to Jonas Smedegaard for the patch.
    (Closes: #794282)
  + Fix an endless loop in parsing certain files. Thanks to Jonas
    Smedegaard for the patch. (Closes: #794263)

72. By James McCoy

[ Paul Wise ]
* Adjust wording of common suffixes passed to repacksuffix

[ James McCoy ]
* debcheckout:
  + Handle Launchpad Git URLs. Thanks to Colin Watson for the patch.
    (Closes: #788777)
  + Handle authenticated checkout when Vcs-Darcs is missing the root /darcs
* checkbashisms:
  + Fix unescaped, literal curly brace in regex, causing FTBFS with Perl
    5.22. Thanks to Roderich Schupp for the patch. (Closes: #788707)
  + Improve detection of %q/%b to include when it is at the start of the
    string. Thanks to Eero Vuojolahti. (Closes: #793396)
* wnpp-check:
  + Use getopt to handle argument parsing.
  + Add --exact switch to match the exact package name instead of a
    substring. Thanks to Balasankar C. (Closes: #791918)
* Replace manual parsing of dpkg-buildpackage's output with the use of its
  -S switch or the Dpkg::Changelog::Parse Perl module.
  + Bump minimum required version of dpkg-dev to 1.17.0
* dget: Support arch-qualified package names. “dget foo:i386” will download
  the foo binary package for Arch: i386. “dget --all srcfoo:i386” will
  download all binary packages from the srcfoo source package that are
  either Arch: all or Arch: any/i386. (Closes: #792917)
* uscan: Only check for presence of signing key when downloading a new
  upstream archive. (Closes: #790047)

[ Dominique Dumont ]
* licensecheck:
  * extract © owner when © and owners are specified on 2 or more lines.
  * fix digia © and license extraction (Closes: #789074)
  * fix BSD-2-clause detection
  * parse assembly files with suffix .S
  * warn if scanned file is not a text file (Closes: #791756)

[ Mattia Rizzolo ]
* uscan: Suggest the correct syntax in the manpage for the dversionmangle
  option, escaping a '+'. Thanks to Martin Erik Werner for reporting.
  (Closes: #789389)

71. By James McCoy

[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* Update chdist bash-completion file with the architectures currently (as
  of 2015-04-28) listed on buildd.debian.org and buildd.debian-ports.org.
  (Closes: #783634)
* Add support for RMADISON_SSL_CA_FILE and RMADISON_SSL_CA_PATH, so that
  one can point to system-specific locations for CA-related files, and pass
  them to curl/wget via the appropriate options. (Closes: #784812)

[ James McCoy ]
* wrap-and-sort:
  + Always remove empty elements from lists so “-t” doesn't add a new, empty
    element. (Closes: #783630)
  + Remove empty lines in debhelper-related files. (Closes: #780667)
* Install Perl modules into $Config{vendorlib} and remove the hacks in
  various scripts to make them see devscript's modules.
* Add bash completion scripts for uscan (thanks to Ben Finney) and
  mk-origtargz. (Closes: #784394)
* Stop building and shipping libvfork.so since strace has handled vforks for
  at least a decade.
* Move bash-completion scripts from /etc/bash_completion.d (compat
  directory) to /usr/share/bash-completion/completions.
* debdiff: Inspect wdiff's return code rather than Dpkg::IPC::spawn's
  exception to determine if wdiff found differences. (Closes: #786518)
* Store cached files in $XDG_CACHE_HOME instead of ~/.devscripts_cache.
  (Closes: #659330)
* bts:
  + Use https to talk to bugs.debian.org
  + Use URI & URI::QueryParam to parse URIs rather than regexps. This fixes
    issues with not detecting BTS URLs as valid due to ordering of query
    parameters. (Closes: #786706)
* debuild: Recognize -jauto as a valid option. Based on a patch by Reiner
  Herrmann. (Closes: #787276)
* uscan:
  + Fix Github example in man page. (Closes: #757194)
  + Clear cached redirection URLs every time a watch line is processed.
    This ensures any relative URLs are built into absolute URLs using
    relevant sites. (Closes: #736063)
* Devscripts::Debbugs: Retrieve bug status in chunks to avoid building large
  responses on bugs.d.o.
* mk-build-deps:
  + Verify build-dep package was installed since the install tool may exit
    successfully even if the package couldn't be installed. Based on a
    patch by Dima Kogan. (Closes: #755371)
* mergechanges:
  + Add -d option to delete input files on success. Thanks to Mark Hymers
    for the patch. (Closes: #640068)
* dd-list:
  + Strip arch-qualifiers from given package names. (Closes: #788367)

[ Dominique Dumont ]
* licensecheck:
  * check file encoding and decode properly when reading file
   (Closes: #784821)
  * improve GPL LGPL extraction
  * optimize regex used to extract © info
  * check Groovy, Scala and Clojure files (Closes: #771119)
  * fixed regexp used to detect discussion about © (Closes: #723723)
  * fix BSL parser (Closes: #690375)
  * support academic free license (Closes: #534987)
  * allow © owner to mention "and others"
  * support eclipse public license (Closes: #587892)
  * handle LGPL as written by IBM (Closes: #587970)
  * handle REM style comments (Closes: #748611)
* uscan: use defined-or (//) instead of "||" to avoid loosing
  '0' version field (Closes: #787767)

[ Piotr Ożarowski ]
* uscan: Use pypi.debian.net redirector instead of
  pypi.debian.org/packages/source URLs. (Closes: #785746)

[ Hideki Yamane ]
* Add bash completion for dcut. (Closes: #787321)

[ Craig Small ]
* debdiff: Honor DEBRELEASE_DEBS_DIR or --debs-dir. (Closes: #785421)

70. By James McCoy

[ Dominique Dumont ]
* licensecheck:
  + Handle license like GPL version 2 or 3 (which is not GPL-2+)
  + Ignore .pc directories
  + print copyrights in a non random-order

[ Daniel Kahn Gillmor ]
* uscan: explicitly dearmor, rather than --import upstream signing key
  (Closes: #768345)

[ James McCoy ]
* debsnap: When specified version or architectures aren't available, warn
  and exit with error code 2. (Closes: #774276)
* rmadison:
  + Display the usage to the specified fd instead of ignoring it.
  + Display the known URL aliases in the usage.
  + Display all the URLs in --help when $default_url is a comma-separated
  + Remove 404ing myon and debug URLs
  + Use https://api.ftp-master.debian.org/madison for debian and new URLs.
    This also fixes support for the -b option. (Closes: #775084)
  + Strip arch-qualifiers from package names. (Closes: #780167)
* mk-origtargz: Avoid adding the same file to the "to be deleted" list
  multiple times. This may also cause patterns to be declared as unused if
  a file is matched by multiple patterns. (Closes: #776318)
* who-uploads:
  + Fix extraction of uploader's key id.
  * Create a temporary GNUPGHOME to avoid “gpg --list-key” erroring when no
    ~/.gnupg exists. (Closes: #776209)
* bts: Cancel the mail if the spawned editor exits with a non-zero exit
  code. This is an alternative way to cancel a command, rather than saving
  an empty message. (Closes: #778648)
* who-permits-upload: Update URL to use https.
* Replace use of Parse::DebControl with Dpkg::Control to work around
  #780138 and remove a dependency.
* uscan:
  + Always remove the Referer header for Sourceforge, not just when going
    via the redirector. (Closes: #778860)
  + Let the OS assign a port to the test's HTTP server so tests don't fail
    when something is already using port 8000.
* Ensure all LWP-using scripts honor a proxy set in the environment.
  (Closes: #781611)

[ Johannes Schauer ]
* chdist: Also set Apt::Architectures to prevent foreign architectures from
  the host leaking into the apt tree (Closes: #774685)

[ Iain Lane ]
* rmadison: The short option for --regex is -r, not -s.

[ Fabian Greffrath ]
* wrap-and-sort: Add dirs, docs, examples, info, links, maintscript and
  manpages (all can also be prefixed by the binary package name) to the
  files in the debian/ directory that get sorted alphabetically.
  (Closes: #765338)

[ Ian Jackson ]
* grep-excuses:
  + Minor manpage corrections. (Closes: #777344)
  + Add --debug option. (Closes: #777345)
  + Search for autoremovals too, by default. (Closes: #777346)

[ Hideki Yamane ]
* Add bash completion for dch, debsign, and uupdate. (Closes: #774544,
  #778963, #779279)

[ Peter Eisenstraut ]
* Consistently use Makefile variables to control the installation layout.
  (Closes: #728607)

[ Antonio Terceiro ]
* chdist: also create /etc/apt/sources.list.d

[ Simon McVittie ]
* mergechanges: Add --indep option to skip architecture-specific packages.
  (Closes: #782354)

69. By James McCoy

debchange: Use bpo8 instead of bpo80 for jessie-backports, per

68. By James McCoy

debchange: Make jessie default backports release.

67. By James McCoy

[ Julien Cristau ]
* grep-excuses: update URLs to use https://release.debian.org/

[ David Prévot ]
* French translation update

66. By James McCoy

[ Paul Wise ]
* Suggest debbindiff for deep .deb comparisons
* Use mirror.ftp-master instead of specific hostnames

[ James McCoy ]
* debcommit: Correctly show --strip-message is the default in --help.
  (Closes: #766885)
* mk-origtargz: Warn about unmatched Files-Excluded patterns. (Closes:
* annotate-output: Fix handling of a date format that contains whitespace.
  (Closes: #766180)
* Fix regression in dpkg-architecture using scripts when only -a or -t is
  specified, rather than both or neither. (Closes: #768587)

[ Jakub Wilk ]
* sadt:
  + Fix handling of rw-build-tree restriction
  + Improve handling of non-executable test files. When rw-build-tree is in
    effect, simply chmod the file. Otherwise, attempt to chmod the file
    (skipping the test on failure) and restore the original permissions on
    completion. (Closes: #749729)

[ Adam D. Barratt ]
* debchange:
  + Fix handling of changelogs where the most recent trailer line does not
    include a maintainer name. (Closes: #766516)
  + Add jessie-backports to the version mapping for --bpo.
* bts: Support the "stretch", "buster", "stretch-ignore" and "buster-ignore"

[ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
* bts:
  + Support for the "newcomer" tag
  + Backward compatibility for the old "gift" usertag: drop
    documentation for it, but do both gift and newcomer (user)tagging for
    the time being

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