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125. By Didier Raboud on 2014-01-04

[ Russell Coker ]
* In the cups init script, run restorecon after creating a /var/run
  directory (Closes: #677580)

[ Bastien ROUCARIÈS ]
* Add patch to drop two dangling references in cups-lpd.man
  (Closes: #570157)

[ Nicolas Boulenguez ]
* Enhance cups' init-script(Closes: #718798)
  - Specify SCRIPTNAME instead of relying on N=${0##*/} bashism
  - Replace restart_xprint() implicit parameter (success) with an
    explicit first parameter for readability
  - Replace log_begin_msg() calls by log_daemon_msg() to use the
    vendor-specific formatting
  - Clarify exit statuses handling by making sure only the result of
    start-stop-daemon is returned
  - Don't call coldplug_usb_printers when the daemon fails to start
  - Use status_of_proc from lsb-base >= 3.2.14 instead of a
    hand-written implementation
  - Unimplemented actions must return 3

[ Didier Raboud ]
* Let uscan verify PGP signatures on signed upstream tarballs
* Update manpage-hyphen-minus.patch to fix three missing fixes in
* Add patch to fix expres{,s}ion typo
* Fix two occurences of pointer-from-integer in the color-management
  extension patch
* Update drop_unnecessary_dependencies patch to make sure
  libcupsimage2 is linked against pthread
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5 without changes needed

124. By Didier Raboud on 2014-01-03

* New 1.7.0 upstream release

[ Till Kamppeter ]
* Refresh most patches with quilt
* Removed usb-backend-do-not-crash-if-usb-disabled-in-bios and
  cupsd-no-crash-on-avahi-threaded-poll-shutdown patches as they got
  applied upstream
* Removed drop-arch-specifics-from-doc patch as it is not needed
* Updated drop_unnecessary_dependencies, manpage-hyphen-minus,
  manpage-translations and ppd-poll-with-client-conf patches manually
  to apply to the new CUPS version
* Added error counting exception from
  usb-backend-do-not-crash-if-usb-disabled-in-bios to
* Install the newly added ippfind utility and its manpage in
* Added pwg.h to libcups2-dev package
* Call dh_auto_clean only if the file Makedefs is present, to avoid a
* Added color management extensions from Joe Simon's GSoC 2013
* Patch cups-files.conf to activate CUPS daemon syncing of files when
  closing, so that config files (like printers.conf) do not
  mysteriously disappear (LP: #1157972)
* In the AppArmor profile, allow execution of programs in
  /etc/cups/interfaces/, needed to make CUPS working with queues based
  on System V interface scripts, especially PPD-less queues
  auto-generated by cups-browsed from cups-filters 1.0.41 on.
* Silenced AppArmor noise from udev.conf in syslog (LP: #1229766)

[ Steve Langasek ]
* Add cups-filters (>= 1.0.42) as alternative to foomatic-filters
  (which is deprecated) in package relationships

[ Didier Raboud ]
* Remove Roger Leigh from uploaders on his request with thanks for his
  past work!
* Switch avahi LSB Should-Start dependency to be avahi-daemon; also
  bump package relationship to >= 0.6.31-3~ (Closes: #731608)
* Refresh the manpage translation files
* Move the USB backend quirk rules file to cups-server-common
* Add 38 new 1.7.0 libcups2 symbols
* Mark one C++ libcupsppdc1 symbol as optional as it isn't exported in
  1.7.0 anymore
* Import Fedora patches:
  - to avoid sign-extending CRCs in gz decompression
  - to build with full read-only relocations
  - to fix job history logging (upstream patch)
  - to set the internal default for SyncOnClose to Yes, instead of
    only configuring it to Yes
  - to fix a stringpool corruption issue
  - to prevent USB timeouts causing incorrect print output
* Import Fedora patch updates:
  - to dont-use-dbus-from-two-threads patch so it removes a call to
  - to avoid_stale_lockfile_in_dbus_notifier patch to call _exit when
    handling SIGTERM
* Move manpage-translations patch at the very end of the patch series
  to have it include all our patches

123. By Didier Raboud on 2013-11-28

* Import several patches from Fedora, thanks to Tim Waugh:
  - Avoid stale lockfile in dbus notifier
  - Stop accessing avahi through D-Bus using two threads
  - Fix jobs with multiple files and multiple formats
  - Revert upstream change to FINAL_CONTENT_TYPE in order to fix
    printing to remote CUPS servers
* On purge, also delete the cupsd.conf.pre16-bak file to leave no

122. By Didier Raboud on 2013-11-27

* New 1.6.4 upstream release:
  - Removed some duplicate size definitions for some ISO sizes that
    were causing problems
  - The IPP backend did not add the "last-document" attribute
  - Added a SyncOnClose directive to cups-files.conf to force cupsd to
    call fsync before closing any configuration/state files it writes
  - Added USB quirk rule for Lexmark E238
  - Closed server connections were still not always detected
  - The libusb-based USB backend now loads its list of quirks from
    files in /usr/share/cups/usb instead of using a hardcoded table
  - The scheduler did not properly register ICC color profiles with

[ Adam Conrad ]
* Update the cupsfilters tests patch to reflect the filter list in
  cups-filters 1.0.36 and fix the testsuite
* Remove versioned Suggests/Recommends on ghostscript-cups (LP: #1212239)

[ Till Kamppeter ]
* debian/local/cups-daemon.cups.upstart: Increased timeout for waiting for
  the CUPS daemon to get ready before automatically configuring printers
  from 3 sec to 30 sec, on slower systems CUPS often needs more than 3
  seconds and so the automatic printer configuration does not get done
  (LP: #933308).
* debian/cups.dirs: Create empty /etc/cups/interfaces directory
  (LP: #499585).
* debian/control: Use "Recommends: cups-filters (>= 1.0.36) |
  ghostscript-cups (>= 9.02~)" as the CUPS filters in ghostscript-cups moved
  to cups-filters.

[ Didier Raboud ]
* Don't run the dh_auto_clean command if the Makedefs doesn't exist
  (Closes: #724134)
* Refresh patches for 1.6.4:
  - Drop colord-add-profile-fix.patch, fixed differently upstream
  - Drop usb-backend-more-quirk-rules.patch, fixed differently upstream
  - Refresh 9 other patches
* Refresh the manpages translation files
* Install the usb-quirks in cups-common
* Update the tests-use-cupsfilters patch to use a patched copy of
  cups-filters 1.0.38's cupsfilters.convs to circumvent #712337 and
  allow cups-filters 1.0.38 to ship with the optimized pstops filters
* Bump cups-filters B-D to 1.0.38 to make sure the tests run as
* Fix typo in README.Debian
* On upgrade to 1.6.4, keep a copy of obsolete stanzas to let
  cups-browsed's postinst read them. This eases the 1.5->1.6 upgrade.

[ Helge Kreutzmann ]
* Update German manpages translation.

121. By Didier Raboud on 2013-07-18

* New 1.6.3 upstream release:
  - The lp, lpq, lpr, and lpstat now display an error message advising the
    use of the /version=1.1 ServerName option (<rdar://problem/14290628>)
  - Added documentation about the /version=1.1 option to ServerName in
    client.conf (<rdar://problem/14216262>)
  - httpStatus(HTTP_ERROR) did not return a useful error message
    (Closes: #645436)
  - The lp, lpq, lpr, and lpstat commands incorrectly ignored the default
    printer set in the lpoptions file (Closes: #711848)
  - The USB backend could crash on libusb-based systems if USB was
    disabled in the BIOS (LP: #1108719).
  - Added more USB quirks for the libusb-based backend
  - The scheduler no longer tries to do Kerberos authentication over the
    loopback interface. (Closes: #640939).

[ Didier Raboud ]
* Refresh patches for 1.6.3:
  - usb-backend-more-quirk-rules: Shrink to only Lexmark E238 that
    missed 1.6.3 merge window
  - usb-backend-do-not-crash-if-usb-disabled-in-bios: Shrink to only
    keep the error counting exception.
  - remove-unreal-printers: Drop, was from upstream.
  - more-verbose-http-error-message: Drop, was from upstream.
  - mention-ipp-version-specifier-in-man-and-ref: Drop, differently
    included upstream. (Closes: #711848)
* Invert symlink handling in cups-client's preinst to cope with the
  symlink-to-directory migration for /usr/share/doc. (Closes: #716867)
* Update usb backend quirks to fix Lexmark E238 printer (Closes: #716843)
* Get dpkg-maintscript-helper to delete /e/c/acroread.conf and
  /e/c/pdftops.conf again in 1.6.2-9~ to cleanup upgrades from cups
  1.5. (Closes: #711136)
* Update debian/watch to cope with the new cups.org layout

[ Brian Potkin ]
* Rewrite README.Debian for Jessie (>= 1.6) (Closes: #714852)

120. By Didier Raboud on 2013-06-26

[ Didier Raboud ]
* Mark the cups-client NEWS as released and make sure it can be
  installed by dropping the /usr/share/doc/cups-client symlink.
  Thanks to Evgeni Golov (Closes: #704238)
* Backport upstream patch to remove unreal printers from the potential
  printers' list to avoid jobs to go to unexpected printers
  (Closes: #711848)
* Backport upstream patch to enhance the HTTP_ERROR handling
  (Closes: #645436)
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.4 without changes needed
* Source package cleanup:
  - Drop outdated and not-applied cups-avahi.patch
  - Drop unused bzr-builddep configuration files
  - Add gitignore file to ignore .pc/ directory

[ Helge Kreutzmann ]
* Update German manpages translation.

119. By Didier Raboud on 2013-06-16

[ Helge Kreutzmann ]
* Update German manpages translation.
* In ipptoolfile manpage, mention that possible attribute-name are
  defined in RFC2911, for clarity. (Closes: #711709)

[ Didier Raboud ]
* Add a cups-client.NEWS notice, a cups-client manpage patch and amend
  the client.conf example file to inform about IPP default version
  change to 2.0 and circumvention measures. (Closes: #704238, #711192)
  - thanks to Brian Potkin
* Reorder patches to have the manpages translation patch higher on the
  patch queue
* Fix hyphen-correction typo
* Update manpage translations with the recent changes
* Drop outdated and not-applied colord-support patch.

[ Alexey Galakhov ]
* Add patch to fix printer icc profiles registration in colord
  (Closes: #711868)

118. By Didier Raboud on 2013-06-04

* Upload to unstable.

[ Helge Kreutzmann ]
* Update German manpages translation.

117. By Didier Raboud on 2013-03-18

* Team upload
  - Rebuild against a fixed libmagic1 (see #703274).
  - Non-NMU version, above all past 1.5.x experimental versions.

* Uploaders:
  - Remove Kenshi Muto <email address hidden> with his agreement and with
    great thanks for his past work!
  - Add myself.

116. By Didier Raboud on 2013-03-11

* Backport upstream documentation fix for STR#4223 "lpadmin to root
  privilege escalation"
* Correct usb-backend quirk for Epson Stylus Photo 750, thanks to
  Denis Prost (Closes: #697970)

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