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61. By Didier Raboud

* New upstream release
  - Cope with the {pdfto,sys5}ippprinter filter rename

60. By Didier Raboud

[ Fabian Greffrath ]
* Remove obsolete font symlinks in /usr/share/cups/fonts (Closes: #788046)
* Add patch to request the generic 'monospace' font alias from fontconfig
  instead of the hard-coded FreeMono (Closes: #788048)

59. By Didier Raboud

* New upstream release
  - cups-browsed: Numeric IDs for GSources of the glib event
    loop must be positive integers greater than zero according
    to the documentation of the g_source_get_id() function.
    Taken care of this at all places.
  - Ricoh-PDF_Printer-PDF.ppd: Added PPD file for Ricoh's PDF printers
    (experimental). Thanks to Ulrich Wehner from Ricoh for the file.

58. By Didier Raboud

* Backport upstream's patch to fix a bug in the remove_bad_chars() failing
  to reliably filter out illegal characters, allowing execution of arbitrary
  commands with the rights of the "lp" user, using forged print service
  announcements on DNS-SD servers (Closes: #780267, CVE-2015-2265)
* Urgency high for the security fix

57. By Didier Raboud

Brown-paper bag upload: revert unwanted change from previous upload in
installed files.

56. By Didier Raboud

Backport upstream's patch to add support for 'BrowseAllow all' in
cups-browsed.conf (Closes: #766334)

55. By Didier Raboud

[ Jamie Strandboge ]
* Under apparmor, allow cups-browsed to read /etc/cups/lpoptions
  (Closes: #765583, LP: #1379368)

[ Didier Raboud ]
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.6 without changes needed
* Remove Martin Pitt from the Uploaders' field with many thanks for his past
  work on cups-filters

54. By Didier Raboud

* New upstream bug fix release
   - cups-browsed: Fixed memory leak when a cups-browsed-generated print
     queue is the default printer.
   - cupsfilters.drv, *-PDF.ppd, textonly.ppd: Added "*cupsFilter2: ..."
     lines to the PPD files to support data-format-specific behavior of
     backends, especially of the IPP backend.
   - cups-browsed, pdftoippprinter: Do not confuse the PDL "PCLm" with
     "PCL". The former is a proprietary, PDF-based raster format and has
     nothing to do with PCL.
   - cupsfilters.drv: Corrected the CMD: field of the device ID, it must
     read "PWGRaster" there to conform to the PWG standard.

53. By Didier Raboud

* New upstream release

  - cupsfilters.drv: Added PPD file for a Generic IPP Everywhere
    Printer, generating PWG Raster output.
  - gstoraster, pdftoraster, imagetoraster: Allow PWG Raster
    output with print queues using a PPD file, using the new
    "PWGRaster" PPD attribute.
  - pdftoraster: Removed "cm_disabled" flag in selectConvFunc()
  - libcupsfilters: Allowed color management to continue while
    invalid input
  - rastertopdf: Streamlined PDF conversion code
  - rastertopdf: Invert all CUPS_CSPACE_K documents by default
  - foomatic-rip: Clean trailing white space from PPD file lines to
    avoid a segfault caused by it (Bug #1227).

52. By Didier Raboud

* New upstream release
   - Completion of color management support. Thanks to Joseph Simon adding
     color management as his Google Summer of Code 2014 project.
* Update libcupsfilters1 symbols file with 15 new symbols

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