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44. By Chow Loong Jin

* [ede80cf] Resync ubuntu-specific parts of rules.
  Changes have been made in snippets that are only run in Ubuntu, but only on
  the Ubuntu branches. This commit syncs up these snippets.
* [c669405] Drop obsolete gnome-desktop dependency
* [7020ad1] Move default Copyright/License statements into wildcard Files
  lintian's copyright-format checker doesn't seem to apply the default
  copyright/license statements from the header paragraph to unlisted files.
* [59aa975] No-change bump of Standards-Version to 3.9.6

43. By Chow Loong Jin

* [967721a] Reexport patches via gbp-pq
* [03d8a90] Import upstream patch to fix SQLite performance regression
  (Closes: #766560)

42. By Chow Loong Jin

[9d70c78] Patch to fix Banshee's second instance crashing out.
This fixes the ArgumentException that occurs when dbus-sharp tries to synthesize
a proxy class out of the IPlayerEngine interface. (Closes: #731978)

41. By Chow Loong Jin

* [223994c] New bugfix release:
  - bgo#724678: Mtp: tracks in nested folders were not being shown
  - bgo#724656: Dap: fix several issues with the Disconnect operation (context
  - bgo#724645: Dap: avoid NullReferenceException at shutdown if Mtp device
    was mounted
  - bgo#627391: [gapless] fix smooth transition for Repeat-Single mode
  - bgo#671221: fix Repeat-All mode if there are less than 3 tracks and
    Shuffle is ON
  - bgo#724515: fix Repeat-OFF mode when Shuffle is ON
  - bgo#723889: Notifications: avoid warning printed in the log
  - bgo#723040: DapService: avoid freezing Banshee when unmapping device
  - bgo#679938: [gapless] Repeat always on
  - bgo#674293: [gapless] Banshee ignores "stop when finished"
  - bgo#621222: [gapless] Playcount shouldn't be incremented as soon as song
  - bgo#722947: prevent a crash when dealing with Nexus4
  - bgo#722731: avoid highlighting wrong track after invalid track was played
  - bgo#722219: avoid crash when disconnecting Nexus4
  - bgo#722209: avoid crash when connecting Nexus4
  - bgo#721203: CD audio source doesn't show up when inserting it
  - bgo#709376: avoid warnings when shutting down
  - ArtworkManager: prevent wrong retreival of empty artwork from cache
  - bgo#686908: doesn't remember volume setting in Linux (LP: #1071277)
  - bgo#700753: crash if 1st transcoding job yields error
  - bgo#687495: hang when dealing with Windows Phone (LP: #1205214)
  - bgo#699735: hang when mounting a LVM volume
  - bgo#698347: configure fails with --disable-gnome (Mac)
* [fde3242] Refresh patches
* [5208241] Drop Revert-ArtworkManager-Cache-null-artwork-for-fast-lo.patch.
  No longer appears to be needed, and doesn't apply properly anyway.

40. By Chow Loong Jin

[e31f3f6] Fix up dbus-sharp-glib-1.0 reference in the .pc file

39. By Chow Loong Jin

* [c1bf3f2] Backport the dbus#2 patch
* [ba50d2a] Build-dep on dbus#2

38. By Chow Loong Jin

* Rebuild against taglib-sharp 2.1
* [f8bb169] Add breaks banshee-extension-lyrics as it depends on older taglib

37. By Chow Loong Jin

* [a2524b6] Reexport patches
* [a1b2c41] Cherry-pick more Gstreamer 1.0 patches from slomo

36. By Chow Loong Jin

* [6730396] Undo multiarch path changes
  - Revert "Use multiarch libdir" (9e1d4c4)
  - Specify --libdir=/usr/lib when configuring to override the multiarch
    libdir passed by dh_auto_configure in compat 9 (LP: #1008473)

35. By Chow Loong Jin

Rebuild against gdata-sharp

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