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14. By Brian Thomason on 2013-07-16

[ Colin Watson ]

* Port to Apache 2.4 (closes: #666862).

[ Brian Thomason ]

* Added some overrides for apache package
* Removed Uploaders
* Bumped Standards-Version
* Now cleaning up build log files

13. By Matthias Klose on 2012-05-10

* Non maintainer upload.
* Fix build failure with GCC 4.7. Closes: #672006.

12. By Brian Thomason on 2012-04-02

[ Steffen Moeller ]

* Some initial pretty-printing in debian/copyright

[Brian Thomason ]

* Updated 03_enable-security.patch to include Security in both flows
* Removed libxml2-dev as a runtime dep of the dev package as guththila is now used

11. By Steffen Möller on 2012-01-22

Fixed conflicts of -dev package with libaxix2c0

10. By Aron Xu on 2012-01-13

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Fix ftbfs with gcc-4.6 -Werror (Closes: #625309)
  Thanks to Peter Green for most of the work.
* Remove Build-Depends on libxml2, since use of guththila is
  the expected behaviour. (Closes: #655480).
* Install libaxis2*.[so,a]*
* Update debian/axis2c.load to make it load correctly.
  (Closes: #594707, #655214)

9. By Luk Claes on 2011-06-13

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Empty dependency_libs (Closes: #621260).
* Fix FTBFS with --no-ad-needed (Closes: #604791).
* Fix warning with upstream's patch (Closes: #616291).
* Use uri instead of clone (Closes: #626693).

8. By chris grzegorczyk on 2010-10-10

Fix patches/03_enable-security to enable both security
flows (Closes: #594335).

7. By Kyo on 2009-12-16

Build for debian package based largely on Ubuntu package (#497594)

6. By Soren Hansen on 2009-02-26

* Only put the aforementioned symlinks in the libaxis2c0 (instead of
  both libaxis2c0 and libaxis2c-dev).
* Ship axis2c.{conf,load} needed for "a2enmod axis2c" to work.
  (LP: #333239)

5. By Soren Hansen on 2009-02-25

*Correctly* provide extra symlinks so that axis2 can find its base

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