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33. By Stefan Fritsch

* Use flock for apr_file_lock()/_unlock(). This has the advantage that
  the lock is per FD and not per process. On the other hand, locking over
  NFS may not work any more for non-Linux kernels. Closes: #752872
* Add debug output for strange test failure on reproducible.debian.net.

32. By Stefan Fritsch

* Remove the buildhost's hostname from libtool for reproducible builds.
* Fix ipv6 address comparison in apr_mcast_interface/apr_mcast_join.
  Thanks to Andre Naujoks <nautsch2 gmail com> for the patch.
  Closes: #759534

31. By Stefan Fritsch

* New upstream version
* Don't ship useless *.md5 doxygen files.
* Bump Standards-Version (no changes)

30. By Stefan Fritsch

[Helmut Grohne]
* Check for libtoolize rather than libtool. Closes: #761732

[ Stefan Fritsch ]
* Update Vcs-Git URL in control file.

29. By Stefan Fritsch

* Backport build fix from upstream SVN to avoid building some parts
  twice. This should also fix the build failure on amd64.
* Fix build problem with new make.

28. By Stefan Fritsch

New upstream version

27. By Stefan Fritsch

* New upstream version
* Pull changes from upstream 1.5.x branch up to r1552863 to fix problems
  on the FreeBSD 10 kernel with accept4() and non-blocking sockets.

26. By Stefan Fritsch

Re-add the logic to force use of bash for configure/libtool. Otherwise,
if the package is build with /bin/sh -> /bin/bash, the shipped libtool
won't work on systems with /bin/sh -> /bin/dash. This got lost in
1.4.8-2. Closes: #730196

25. By Stefan Fritsch

* Merge some changes from Ubuntu's 1.4.8-1ubuntu1:
  - Fix the confusion between HOST and BUILD variables in rules.
  - Add a set of autoconf preseeds that are only used when cross-building.
* Change cross-building preseeds to only apply on linux.
* Cherry-pick fix for O_NONBLOCK configure check from upstream 1.4.x
* Switch build system to dh
  - No longer hard-codes -fstack-protector on unsupported platforms.
    Closes: #717231
  - Bump Standards-Version (no additional changes).
* Support multi-arch.
* Enable sctp support on Linux.
* Change apr_rules.mk to not force CFLAGS, etc. to the values used during
  apr's compilation.
* Fix accept4() configure test to work on Hurd. Closes: #715028

24. By Stefan Fritsch

* New upstream release
* Remove the test debug output added in 1.4.6-3. The bug was #673711 in
  eglibc and has been fixed some time ago.

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