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18. By Unit 193 on 2015-05-01

* Imported Upstream version 2.20+dfsg1
  - Drop patches applied upstream.
  - Refresh remaining patches.
  - d/rules: Update SHA256 for alpine 2.20.
* Update Standards-Version to 3.9.6.
* d/watch: Narrow the regex to only match source tarballs.
* d/alpine-doc.docs: tech-notes.txt moved to under the tech-notes/ dir.
* d/control: Update Vcs-Browser for cgit.
* d/p/10_alpine_1.10_spooldir.patch: Fix a few more references.
* d/p/40_fix_browser_hardcoded_paths.patch:
  - Fix hardcoded paths to specific browsers.
* d/p/40_fix_tech_notes_hardcoded_paths.patch, d/rules:
  - Drop patch in favor of changing paths after the build.

17. By Unit 193 on 2014-09-07

[ Unit 193 ]
* d/patches/10_hurd_build.patch: Fix FTBFS on Hurd, thanks Svante. (Closes: #753698)

[ Asheesh Laroia ]
* d/patches/10_hurd_build.patch: Remove unnecessary space, and mark it as reviewed.
* Add a second HURD build patch.
* Reviewed package.

16. By Unit 193 on 2014-08-01

d/control, d/rules: b-dep and enable dh-autoreconf.

15. By Asheesh Laroia on 2014-06-22

[ Unit 193 ]
* Imported upstream version 2.11+dfsg1
   - Drop patches 10_fix_linking_order.patch, 70_des56_rfc5751.patch,
     60_fix_string_error.patch and 20_barry_defreese_hurd_build_fix.patch
     as they are no longer needed.
* d/watch: Point to patches.freeiz.com
* d/control: Update homepage field to patches.freeiz.com.
* d/control: Drop duplicated Priority field and deprecated DM-Upload-Allowed.
* d/control: Use canonical VCS-* fields and the collab-maint git repo.
* d/control: Update standards-version to 3.9.5, no further changes.
* d/control: Drop b-dep on cdbs.
* d/copyright: Update years and add myself.
* d/copyright: Remove mention of pico/msmem.c, no longer in upstream tarball.
* d/rules: Update to dh sequencer.
* d/rules: Add get-orig-source target.
* d/alpine.docs: Add readme file.
* d/*install: Install from the the 'make install' paths.
* d/gbp.conf: Enable signed tags and pristine-tar.
* d/alpine-pico.manpages: Move the rename to after installing the manpage.
* Update compat level to 9.

[ Asheesh Laroia ]
* Reviewed package and provided feedback.

14. By Asheesh Laroia on 2013-05-19

* New upstream release.
* This release ships a fix for an issue where the PREFDATETIME token
  was always set to "Sun" incorrectly. (Closes: #692870)
* This release ships a fix for IMAP-encoded non-ASCII folder names.
  (Closes: #674067)
* This release simplifies (and corrects) S/MIME handling for messages
  that encrypted *and* signed. (Closes: #653420)

13. By Asheesh Laroia on 2012-08-26

* Adding patch from Geoffrey Thomas to disable broken phone-
  home functionality. (Thank you!) (Closes: #631758)
* Adding dependency on mlock so that alpine no longer warns
  the user about permissions on /var/spool/mail (or /var/mail).
  (In theory, this new dependency is only required if you are using
  an mbox file, but since reading system mail is within the core
  functionality of alpine, it seems sensible that alpine should do that
  without warnings out of the box.) (Closes: #414264)
* ACKing NMU by Johnathan McCrohan. Thank you!

12. By Jonathan McCrohan on 2012-09-08

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Apply upstream patch disabling DES-56 to ensure RFC 5751 compliance.
  (Closes: #657046)
  - Upstream commit e2eef589799d742ea6ccaec9144dc619a516222e added as

11. By Asheesh Laroia on 2012-07-02

* ACK'd non-maintainer upload by tolimar. (Thank you!)
* Removed Windows (and other) binaries from ldap/binaries/* and
  pico/msmem.c and alpine/ldap32.dll. This is now documented in
  debian/copyright. (Closes: #641479)
* Configuring debian/rules for hardening flags, as per release goal.
  (Therefore, this release adds a versioned dpkg dependency.)
* Set urgency to medium due to fix for release-critical bug.
* Bump the Standards-Version to 3.9.3; no changes since 3.9.1 affect
  this package.

10. By Alexander Reichle-Schmehl <email address hidden> on 2011-12-02

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Add patch from Eric Alexander to solve the format not a string or
  literal compiler error (Closes: #643349)
  (Added as debian/patches/60_fix_string_error.patch)
* Set urgency to medium due to rc bug fix

9. By Asheesh Laroia on 2010-11-01

* Explicitly list libraries needed by c-client.a to a patch.
  Thanks to Alex Chiang and Evan Broder. (Closes: #601464 #601801)
* Remove unnecessary dependency on quilt.

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