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18. By carloslp

Update the paths for the IEEE OUI file on airodump-ng
to match the ones used now by the package ieee-data.
(Closes: #771221)

17. By carloslp

Remove useless dh-python from Build-Depends. Check #769285.

16. By carloslp

* Fix the following security vulnerabilities: (Closes: #767979)
  * CVE-2014-8321 - GPS stack overflow.
  * CVE-2014-8322 - tcp_test stack overflow.
  * CVE-2014-8323 - buddy-ng missing checkin data format.
  * CVE-2014-8324 - net_get missing check for invalid values.
* Add missing dh-python package to Build-Depends.

15. By carloslp

* New upstream release.
  * Remove all Debian patches that are now merged upstream.
* Apply: "wrap-and-sort -sa"
* Build with PCRE: Add support for regular expression matching for ESSID
  in airodump-ng.
* Build with libgcrypt20 by default, but allow to use libgcrypt11 otherwise.
* Fix libnl detection (Debian patches 002-fix-libnl-detection.diff and
* Add build dependency on libnl-genl-3-dev.
* Remove airdriver-ng (LP: #499513) (Closes: #449299).
* Not longer recommend wget, because we don't ship airdriver-ng neither
* Recommend the Debian package ieee-data that contains the OUI data.
  Add Debian patch 001-Airodump_whitespace_oui.diff to correctly parse it.
  Not longer ship airodump-ng-oui-update (Use update-oui instead).
  (Closes: #739199)
* Switch to debhelper 9 and enable all hardening flags (PIE works now).
* Update debian/watch and debian/copyright.
* Upgrade to new standards version.

14. By carloslp

* Remove unused Build-Depends on obsolete libnl-dev (Closes: #688158)
* Add 019-fix-spelling-manpages.diff (Closes: #697346)
* Add 020-ignore-negative-one.diff (Adds an option "ignore-negative-one"
  to workaround broken channel handling)
* Add 021-fix-airodump-ng-oui-update.diff (Recently the oui file included
  some leading spaces that makes it not recognizable by airodump-ng. Fix it)
* Update airodump-ng-oui.txt file

13. By carloslp

Add 018-workaround-681113-kfreebsd.diff (Really closes: #642698)

12. By carloslp

* Rewrote 007-Add-support-for-GnuTLS.patch to 011-add-support-for-gcrypt.diff
  * Removed build-dependency on GnuTLS, now we only build-depend on Libgcrypt
  * Added missing build-depend on zlib1g-dev (it was a dependency of GnuTLS)
  * Changed the Make parameter from gnutls=true to gcrypt=true for coherence
  * Fixes FTBFS on non SSE2 archs (Closes: #680414)
* Added 012-add-unittest-gcrypt.diff with unittests for double-ensuring that
  patch 011 works as expected on all architectures.
* Tested sqlite support (Really closes: #610688) (Really closes: #600753)
* Add 013-fix-hurd-ftbfs.diff (closes: #642698)
* Add 014-man_page_formatting.diff (Closes: #570986)
* Add 015-move_to_man8_admin_commands.diff (Closes: #570981)
* Add 016-fix-ldflags.diff (fixes lintian warning)
* Add 017-fix-bigendianissues.diff (fixes aircrack-ng on bigendian archs)
* Update DEP-3 headers on patches {004,005,006,009,010}
* Refresh patches {005,010}
* Updated MAC:Vendor mappings (airodump-ng-oui.txt)
* Updated README.Debian
* Updated debian/copyright to reflect copyright of patches that introduced
  new files.
* Simplify debian/rules by using makeflags

11. By carloslp

Summarize the changes introduced on (1:1.1-2) and document how
to rebuild the package with OpenSSL on file README.Debian

10. By Giovanni Mascellani

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Fixed FTBFS on sparc due to incorrect detection of Solaris OS
 (closes: #590765).

9. By Adam Cecile (Le_Vert)

* New upstream release (Closes: #582658):
  - Fix a buffer overflow (Closes: #577758),
  - Fix compilation errors (Closes: #546312).
* Switch to dpkg-source 3.0 (quilt) format.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.4.
* Add missing ${misc:Depends}.
* Fix airodump-ng manpage (Closes: #570982).

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