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15. By Jordi Mallach on 2010-04-26

* The "No me preocupa nada, como Juan sin miedo, porque nada temo"
* Backport two minor security fixes from upcoming 2.0.10 and 2.2.4:
  - CVE-2010-1160: symlink attack.
  - CVE-2010-1161: change of ownership of arbitrary files.

14. By Jordi Mallach on 2008-08-25

* The "Valencia, tenemos la fórmula" release.
* Add patch successful_write_no_free_space.patch to solve an issue
  with nano reporting successful writes on full devices, potentially
  causing files to be zeroed.

13. By Jordi Mallach on 2006-12-22

* The "Compromís pel País Valencià" release.
* New upstream release.
  - fixes a segfault and several memleaks.

12. By Jordi Mallach on 2006-11-21

* The "Xúquer Viu" release.
* New upstream release.

11. By Jordi Mallach on 2006-11-07

* The "La Regata de Rita" release.
* New upstream stable release!
  See the UPGRADE document for a summary of new features since 1.2.x.
* debian/copyright: update, add David to Copyright holders and add the
  standard GPL header.
* debian/nanorc: sync with nanorc.sample.
* debian/watch: added.

10. By Jordi Mallach on 2006-10-26

* The "Catrals per tot arreu" release.
* New upstream prerelease.
* debian/nanorc: sync with nanorc.sample.

9. By Jordi Mallach on 2006-07-05

* The "Jo no t'espere" release.
* debian/nanorc.sample: sync from one of the build dirs, so we get the
  correct $PKGDATADIR on the syntax section.

8. By Jordi Mallach on 2006-07-04

* The "Quiebra Mítica" release.
* New upstream development release.
* debian/nanorc: sync with nanorc.sample, which now uses includes for
  highlight patterns.
* debian/patches/*.dpatch: removed, included in new version.

7. By Jordi Mallach on 2006-05-18

* The "Marina d'Or" release.
* debian/patches/01_crontab_backup.dpatch: add improvements to this by
  David Lawrence Ramsey in CVS when the file being prepended has an
  unreadable name. Fixes the issue for nano-tiny as well.
* debian/patches/02_regex_fix.dpatch: patch from CVS by David Lawrence
  Ramsey to fix zero-length single-line regexes, which were making
  nano segfault.
* debian/patches/03_regex_parsing.dpatch: patch from CVS by David Lawrence
  Ramsey to allow overriding regexes in the global nanorc with regexes
  in the personal nanorc without error messages, as it was possible up
  to nano 1.3.9.
* debian/patches/04_line_wrap.dpatch: patch from CVS by David Lawrence
  Ramsey, to fix nano wrapping some lines containing tabs too early.
* debian/patches/00list: updated.
* debian/control: bump Standards-Version to, no changes needed.

6. By Jordi Mallach on 2005-12-25

* The "Comprad, comprad, malditos!" release.
* New upstream release.
  - includes Thijs Kinkhorst's rnano(1) manpage (closes: #339530).

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