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29. By Didier Raboud on 2015-04-14

* New upstream release
  + New devices
   [0408:1000] Quanta MU-Q101
   [04cc:2251] Alcatel-Lucent ABS-T920
   [1614:0800] Amoi H-01
   [1614:0802] Amoi H-02
   [19d2:0413] Telewell TW-LTE 4G
   [19d2:1038] ZTE / Vodafone K4607-Z
   [19d2:1237] ZTE / Vodafone K4201
   [19d2:1420] ZTE MF730
   [19d2:1588] ZTE MF710M Variants
   [1bbb:022c] Alcatel X602D
   [1c9e:6000] TU930, IVIO IV-2010u
   [1d09:1000] TechFaith BSNL Capitel
   [1d09:1021] Aiko 81D
   [1d09:1025] TechFaith FlyingLARK46
   [1dbc:0669] Wisue W340
   [1ee8:0003] Onda MV815U
   [1ee8:0018] Onda MO835UP
   [1ee8:0045] Onda MDC655
   [1ee8:004f] Onda MDC655 Variant
   [2001:00a6] D-Link DWM-157 B1
   [2001:98ff] D-Link DWM-221
   [2001:a403] D-Link DWM-156 A8
   [2001:a405] D-Link DWM-167 A1
   [20a6:f00e] Intex 3.5G
   [20b9:1682] Tlaytech TEU800
   [21f5:3010] StrongRising STD808
   [2262:0001] Viettel VT100
   [230d:0003] Linktop LW272/LW273 (BSNL Teracom)
   [230d:000b] Zoom 3G
   [230d:000d] Intex Speed 3G v7.2
   [257a:*000] Unknown devices
   [ed09:1021] Aiko 81D, fw with wrong vendor ID
 - many minor corrections and additions to existing configurations

28. By Didier Raboud on 2014-06-09

* New upstream release
  + New devices
   [0408:f001] SpeedUp SU-8500U
   [04cc:226e] Nexperia TM TD-SCDMA
   [04cc:226f] Nexperia TM TD-SCDMA (Variant)
   [04fc:2140] Sunplus Techn. SU-3200U
   [0b3c:f00c] Olivetti Olicard 500
   [0b3c:f017] Olivetti Olicard 160
   [0bdb:190d] Ericsson F5521gw
   [0bdb:1910] Ericsson F5521gw (Variant)
   [0fce:d0df] Sony Ericsson EC400
   [1410:5055] Novatel MiFi 4082
   [19d2:1232] ZTE MFxxx
   [1c9e:9101] Emobile D21LC (Variant)
   [1c9e:9401] Emobile D21LC
   [1c9e:9d00] Prolink PCM100
   [2020:f00f] SpeedUp SU-8000U
   [23a2:1010] Titan 3.5G
  - Substantial change in handling of Huawei devices
  - Generic udev rule and additional generic configuration files
    (as fallback for unknown models or as OS-specific catch-all)

* Bump Recommends/Breaks against usb-modeswitch to 2.2.0
* Update VCS-* fields to canonical forms

27. By Didier Raboud on 2014-04-01

* New upstream release
  + New devices
   [12d1:157c] Huawei E3276-s150
   [12d1:157d] Huawei E3331
   [19d2:0318] ZTE MF821D/MF826
   [19d2:1207] ZTE MF192 (Variant)
   [19d2:1210] ZTE MF195
   [19d2:1219] ZTE MF192 (Variant)
   [19d2:1233] ZTE MFxxx
   [19d2:1238] ZTE MF825A
   [19d2:1511] ZTE MFxxx
   [19d2:1536] ZTE MF190J

* Bump Recommends/Breaks against usb-modeswitch to 2.1.1

26. By Didier Raboud on 2014-02-10

* New upstream release
  + New devices
   [0685:2000] ZE-3G 7.2Mbs HSPA modem
   [12d1:1f1b] Vodafone / Huawei Kxxxx
   [12d1:1f1c] Vodafone / Huawei Kxxxx
   [12d1:1f1d] Vodafone / Huawei Kxxxx
   [12d1:1f1e] Vodafone / Huawei Kxxxx
   [19d2:1030] Vodafone K5008-z (MF823)

* Bump Recommends/Breaks against usb-modeswitch to 2.1.0
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5 without changes needed

25. By Didier Raboud on 2013-11-25

* New upstream release
  + New devices
   [0408:ea17] Quanta 1KR / USB-lte 7410
   [0408:ea43] Quanta MobileGenie 4G lte
   [057c:62ff] AVM Fritz!Wlan USB Stick N v2
   [05c6:9024] Alcatel-sbell ASB TL131 TD-LTE
   [12d1:1f16] Vodafone K5150
   [12d1:1f17] Vodafone K4201
   [12d1:1f18] Vodafone K4202
   [12d1:1f19] Vodafone K4606
   [19d2:0304] ZTE MF821D (Variant)
   [19d2:1225] ZTE MF668 (Variant), MF70
   [19d2:2004] ZTE MF60
   [1bbb:011f] Haier EVDO Rev. A

24. By Didier Raboud on 2013-09-17

* New upstream release
  + New devices
   [0408:ea25] Quanta 1K3 LTE
   [0fca:8020] BlackBerry Q10 and Z10
   [10a9:6080] Pantech LTE Modem
   [12d1:156a] Huawei E3276s-151 and E3251
   [12d1:1f15] Huawei K4305
   [230d:0103] Teracom LW272
   [2357:f000] TP-Link MA260
* Bump Recommends/Breaks against usb-modeswitch to 1.2.7

23. By Didier Raboud on 2013-06-11

* New upstream release
  - Fixed rules file and gen-rules script to make the symlink rule
    append instead of replace (thanks to John Hedges)
    Closes: #698284

22. By Didier Raboud on 2013-06-08

* New upstream release
  - Included simple TCL script to regenerate rules file from configs
  + New devices
   [0421:0618] Nokia CS-12
   [04cc:225c] Alcatel-Lucent T930S
   [05c6:0010] Axesstel Modems (w/ initial idProduct 0x0010)
   [0af0:9200] Option HSO device
   [106c:3b11] Pantech UML290
   [12d1:1805] Huawei U2800 Phone
   [12d1:1c1b] Huawei GP02 (E587 Variant)
   [12d1:1f03] KDDI (Huawei) HWD12 LTE
   [1410:5023] Novatel MC996D
   [1726:f00e] Axesstel MU130
   [19d2:0150] ZTE MF656A, MF668A, MF669
   [19d2:0266] Onda MT8205 LTE
   [19d2:1227] ZTE MF680
   [19d2:1528] ZTE MF196
   [1c9e:9e08] Explay Slim
   [1ee8:0063] Onda TM201 14.4 (TIM Italy)
   [1ee8:0068] Onda WM301
   [2001:a706] D-Link DWM-156 (Variant)
   [2001:a707] D-Link DWM-156 (Variant)
   [2001:a708] D-Link DWM-156 (Variant)
   [2001:a805] D-Link DWR-510
   [2020:0002] Mediatek MT6229
   [2077:1000] Changhong CH690
   [22de:6801] WeTelecom WM-D200
* Build-depend on tcl to allow the rebuild of rules file at
* Refresh patches.
* Bump Recommends/Breaks against usb-modeswitch to 1.2.6.

21. By Didier Raboud on 2013-05-06

* Upload to unstable.
* Revert "Bump Standards-Version without changes needed", due to too
  much muscle-memory.

20. By Didier Raboud on 2012-11-20

* Backport 20121109 upstream device updates:
  + New devices
   [0421:0632] Nokia CS-7M-01
   [05c6:1000:uMa=StrongRising] StrongRising device
   [1004:6156] LG LUU-2110TI
   [1004:61aa] LG VL600
   [1004:6327] LG L-03D LTE/3G
   [106c:3b14] Option Beemo / Pantech P4200 LTE
   [12d1:14ba] Huawei E173u-2, E177
   [12d1:151a] Huawei E392u-12
   [12d1:1526] Vodafone / Huawei K3772
   [12d1:155b] Huawei E171
   [12d1:1f11] Vodafone / Huawei K3773
   [1410:7001] Novatel Generic MiFi 2372 / Vodafone MiFi 2372
   [19d2:0083] ZTE MF110 (Variant)
   [19d2:1523] ZTE MF591 TMobile
   [19d2:1542] ZTE MF190J
   [1bbb:000f] ETCOM E300
   [1ee8:0054] Onda MW875UP
   [1fac:0150] Franklin Wireless U600
   [1fac:0151] Franklin Wireless U600
  × Device updates (see Changelog for details)
   [0421:0627] Nokia CS-18
   [0e8d:0002:uPr=MT] MediaTek MT6276M
   [1199:0fff] Sierra devices (specific driver)
   [12d1:1446] Huawei, newer modems
   [12d1:14d1] Vodafone / Huawei K3770
   [12d1:14fe] T-Mobile NL (Huawei E352)
   [12d1:1505] Huawei EC156, Huawei E372u-8
   [12d1:1c0b] Huawei E173s
   [12d1:1da1] Huawei ET8282, Huawei ET127
   [16d8:6803] C-motech D-50 (aka "CDU-680", "CNU-680")
   [19d2:0154] ZTE MF190 (Variant) and others
   [19d2:1175] Vodafone / ZTE K3770-Z
   [19d2:1216] ZTE MF192+
   [19d2:2000] ZTE devices
   [1ab7:5700] Hummer DTM5731, Aircard 901
   [1bbb:f000] Alcatel X200/X200L/X060S, Archos G9 3G Key
   [1ee8:0013] Onda MW833UP
   [1ee8:0040] Onda MW836UP-K
   [21f5:1000] StrongRising (China Telcom), Air FlexiNet

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