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15. By Guilhem Moulin <email address hidden>

* debian.compat:
  + Upgrade packaging to debhelper level 9.
* debian.control:
  + Upgrade Standards-Version to 3.9.6.
* caff:
  + Add a "Date" email header. Patch from Clint Adams. (Closes: #760316)
  + Fix edge-case RFC 2822 violation in "From" and "Sender" email headers.
  + Use gpg's --textmode to normalize the line separators to the standard
  + Unescape escaped characters in gpg --with-colons's output (eg, ':').
  + Fix encoding on non-UTF8 charsets.
  + Improve key ID validation.

14. By Guilhem Moulin <email address hidden>

[ Guilhem Moulin ]
* debian.copyright:
  + Upgragrade to the new, machine-readable, format.
* caff:
  + Fix regression introduced in r518 when removing the 'defined' in
    'defined @array'. (Closes: #756459)
* gpg-key2ps:
  + Replace ',' with '.' in paperconf's output, which is localized while
    Postscript understands only '.' as decimal mark. (Closes: #758991)
* gpgsigs:
  + Use Perl's "Encode" core module for charset conversion. Also, change the
    default 'from' charset to be the locale in use, as it was the case for
    'to'. (Use -f/-t to select alternative from/to charsets.)

13. By Guilhem Moulin <email address hidden>

[ Guilhem Moulin ]
* caff:
  + Improve the documentation of gpgparticipants annotations.
  + When clean-exporting a key (aka pruning), don't ignore signatures just
    because their certification level in under 'min-cert-level' (which
    defaults to 2). (Closes: #751252)
* gpgwrap:
  + Import the default Debian CFLAGS defined by dpkg-buildflags, which makes
    the Buildd Log Scanner stop emitting 'W-dpkg-buildflags-missing CFLAGS'.
* keyanalyze:
  + Import the default Debian CFLAGS defined by dpkg-buildflags, which makes
    the Buildd Log Scanner stop emitting 'W-dpkg-buildflags-missing CFLAGS'.
* sig2dot:
  + Apply -d on OpenPGP signatures and revocation certificates only.
    (LP: #393242)
* springgraph:
  + Avoid 'illegal division by zero' errors when dealing with isolated nodes
    and/or degenerated cylinders. (LP: #1267981)
  + Add an option -f to set the (TrueType) font, style and size to use on
    labels. This allows proper displaying of non-ASCII labels (provided the
    chosen font covers all the glyphs).
* debian.control, debian.rules:
  + Update the config files before building the package. Patch from Breno
    Leitao. (Closes: #748977)

[ Aaron Toponce ]
* keyart: new script to dislay an ASCII art representation of OpenPGP key

12. By Guilhem Moulin <email address hidden>

[ Guilhem Moulin ]
* caff:
  + Give an example of 'mailer-send' with a custom envelope sender address.
  + Document a possible workflow in README.many-keys, when working with an
    annotated gpgparticipants(1) list.
  + Document a possible workflow for offline signing.
* gpgparticipants:
  + Escape hyphen-minuses (-) in the documentation, as groff may interpret
    them as hyphens (U+2010).
  + Use gpg's --display-charset to force the output to be UTF-8 encoded, as
    the C.UTF-8 locale isn't installed on all platforms. Patch from Stefan
    Huber. (Closes: #747296).
  + Prefix gpg with LANGUAGE=en to force the output to be in English.
    (Other tools in signing-party parse this output.)
  + Prefix date(1) with LC_ALL=C to prevent its output to be localized.
* gpgwrap:
  + Import the default Debian CPPFLAGS defined by dpkg-buildflags, which
    makes lintian stop emitting the 'hardening-no-fortify-functions' tag.
* debian.control:
  + Update the Vcs-Svn and Vcs-Browser to canonical URIs.

[ Peter Palfrader ]
* gpgparticipants-prefill:
  + add --max-length and --prefix options.

11. By Guilhem Moulin <email address hidden>

[ Guilhem Moulin ]
* Avoid unnecessary forks and calls to the command shell.
* caff:
  + Properly MIME-Q encode e-mail headers. (Closes: #659971)
  + Convert internationalized addresses to ASCII in e-mail envelopes and
    headers. (Closes: #637222)
  + Adapt patch from Julius Seemayer to reopen STDIN as a TTY.
    (Closes: #723024)
  + Allow local and owner keyids to be specified as fingerprints.
    (Closes: #635359)
  + Don't redirect gpg's STDERR when importing the keys. (Closes: #612178)
  + Create the mail files in ~/.caff/keys when mail=no. (Closes: #652686)
  + Add an option 'mail-cant-encrypt' for special treatment of keys
    without encryption capability. (Closes: #622790)
  + Adapt patch from oli and add an option 'gpg-sign-type' for custom
    signature types. (Closes: #679951)
  + Add an option 'also-lsign-in-gnupghome' to add non-exportable signatures
    on the user's GnuPGHOME. (Closes: #680136)
  + Accept gpgparticipants formatted content on STDIN. (Closes: #622560)
  + Prefer the keyserver defined in ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf if found.
    (Closes: #720413)
  + Abort upon gpg failure.
  + Create temporary directories in $TMPDIR. (Closes: #735384)
  + Significant performance boost when importing and pruning.
  + Adapt patch from Gaudenz Steinlin and add an option 'show-photos' to
    view photos before signing. (Closes: #594252)
  + Ignore expired / invalid / revoked UIDs when pruning and exporting.
* gpgsigs:
  + Allow long keyids and key fingerprints (preferred). (Closes: #736963)
  + Wrap long UIDs (when used with --latex) and digest lines.
    (Closes: #738718)
  + Make --latex produce a {pdf,lua,Xe}LaTeX-compatible output.
    (Closes: #618781)
  + Allow any checksum algorithm supported by gpg.
  + Don't identify two UATs that have the same size (use the packet hash to
    distinguish them).
  + Mark expired or revoked signatures as such.
  + Display the correct size of UATs.
  + Don't use a helper --photo-viewer to store the UATs; instead use
    --attribute-file and split the output. (Closes: #693906)
  + Add a dependency to GnuPG::Interface to separate the status output from
* gpg-mailkeys:
  + Apply patch from Stefan Huber to check for empty FROM. (Closes: #727000)
  + Adapt patch from Stefan Huber to make sendmail's path configurable.
    (Closes: #727001)
* gpgparticipants:
  + Adapt patch from Tanguy Ortolo to output to STDOUT. (Closes: #694465)
  + Adapt patch from Tanguy Ortolo to output to accept any digest algorithm
    supported by gpg (default: SHA256,RIPEMD160). (Closes: #659990)
* gpglist:
  + Handle time-limited signatures (don't list them).
  + Don't mark a signature as revoked if another signature was created after
    the revocation certificate (cf. RFC 4880 section 5.2.1, signature type
    0x30), or if the signature was non-revokable.
  + Don't identify two UATs that have the same size (use the packet hash to
    distinguish them).
* pgpring:
  + Apply patch from Fabrizio Tarizzo to display the correct key length for
    DSA and Elgamal keys. (Closes: #602284)
  + Apply patch from Fabrizio Tarizzo to show creation date on signatures
    and, when present, expiration date on keys and signatures. Also, add
    options -E and -e to respectively exclude expired keys and signatures
    from the listing. (Closes: #603257)
  + Upgrade aclocal.m4 to autoconf 2.69.
  + Don't checkout unsafe symlink depcomp (automatically created by
    'automake --add-missing') and other files automatically generated by
    automake or autoconf.
* gpgwrap:
  + Link with "read-only relocation" flag set.
* debian.control:
  + Add libnet-idn-encode-perl as Depends for gpgsigs.
  + Add texlive-xetex and fonts-droid as Suggests for gpgsigs.
  + Bump Standards-Version up to 3.9.5 (no changes).
  + Add autotools-dev as Build-Depends for keyanalyze.
  + Add ${python:Depends} as Depends and python as Build-Depends for
  + Add autoconf and automake1.11 as Build-Depends for keyanalyze.
* Don't checkout empty directories, as git-svn(1) doesn't like them.

[ Thijs Kinkhorst ]
* Remove Peter Palfrader and Christoph Berg from uploaders, as per their

10. By Thijs Kinkhorst

[ Thijs Kinkhorst ]
* caff: correct man page for keys-from-gnupg (closes: #652683)
* caff: fix infinite loop after signing a key with newer gpg.
  Thanks Bernd Zeimetz for the patch. (closes: #722206, #735536)
* Drop keyanalyze transitional package, present since 2009.

[ Stefan Huber ]
* gpgparticipants: Use more modern hashes than md5.

[ Peter Palfrader ]
* Add gpgparticipants-prefill by Stefan Huber.
* Fix comment about keyids in caffrc.sample.

9. By Thijs Kinkhorst

[ Thijs Kinkhorst ]
* caff:
  + Correct path of ~/.caffrc in informational messages (Closes: #582603).
  + Be more verbose on unexpected key ID (Closes: #645792).
* gpg-key2ps:
  + Apply patch from Uwe Kleine-K├Ânig to deal with latin1 characters
    (Closes: #596377).
* Debian package:
  + Import dpkg build flags, plus small cleanups.

[ Franck Joncourt ]
* Debian package:
  + Switch to dpkg-source 3.0 (quilt) format.
    - Removed README.source which was needed only for documentation purpose.
    - Removed quilt framework in d.rules.
    - Removed BD on quilt.
    - Added source/format file.
  + Depend on "default-mta | mail-transport-agent" rather than the old
    "exim4 | mail-transport-agent".
  + Bumped Standards-Version up to 3.9.0 (no changes).
* gpg-mailkeys:
  + Correct path of ~/.gpg-mailkeysrc and ~/.signature in manpage.
  + Add new environment variable SENDMAIL_ARGS to allow user to pass
    arguments to sendmail (closes: #599409).
* caff:
  + Refactor import of own key and import for keys to sign from keyrings.
  + Also automatically import keys to sign from the user's normal gpg
  + Use --no-auto-check-trustdb when importing keys from files or
    the user's normal gpg keyrings (closes: #539643).

[ Peter Palfrader ]
* caff:
  + manpage: Refer to all of /usr/share/doc/signing-party/caff/ and not
    just to /usr/share/doc/signing-party/caff/caffrc.sample
    (closes: #568052).
  + Fix horrible &function calls used because of broken prototypes.
  + Even if all keys to sign were found in the user's normal gpg
    keyrings we still need to import them (again) from any keyrings
    passed with --key-files - the keys there might be newer, containing
    new subkeys (for encryption), uids (for signing) or revocations.
  + Make importing of keys to be signed from the normal gpg optional
  + refactor copying of command line options into global config variable.
  + Create the mail files in ~/.caff/keys even if mail is not sent
    (closes: #590666).

8. By Thijs Kinkhorst

[ Franck Joncourt ]
* Debian package:
  + Updated my email address in d.control.
  + Added myself as contributor in d.copyright
* keylookup:
  + Fixed typo noticed by lintian in manpage keylookup.1.
* caff:
  + Set the Sender header with the email address which is used for the From
    header. This overrides the default value which was set by the
    MIME::Entity Perl module based on the local hostname. (Closes: #556782)

[ Thijs Kinkhorst ]
* Bumped Standards-Version up to 3.8.4 (no changes).

7. By thialme

* gpgsigs:
  + Added patch from Roland Rosenfeld to support RIPEMD160 checksum.
    (Closes: #533747).
  + Updated man page to mention support for SHA256 and RIPEMD160 checksum.
  + Made removal of nonexistent photos quiet by the use of the force option.
  + Updated generated tex file in latex mode so that it uses the grffile
    package. This allows pdflatex to process our tex file assuming the photos
    are previously converted to PDF. (Closes: #542478)
  + Added texlive-latex-recommended as a suggested package in debian/control.
    It contains the grffile latex package.
* caff: Updated check for the local-user keyids.
  + Moved the current check to a new function get_local_user_keys().
  + Warned the user if a local-user keyid is not listed as a keyid in
    ./caffrc. (Closes: #540165).
* gpgdir: New upstream release.
* gpg-mailkeys:
  + The charset for the text of the message is deduced from the charset used
    by ~/.gpg-mailkeysrc and ~/.signature.
    The text message is encoded in quoted printable and thus it requires a
    new dependency on qprint in debian/control. (Closes: #545186)
  + Mentionned both the .gpg-mailkeysrc and .signature files in the manpage.
* debian.control: added ${misc:Depends} as Depends for the keyanalyze
* Bumped Standards-Version up to 3.8.3 (no changes).

6. By Thijs Kinkhorst

[ Christoph Berg ]
* gpg-key2ps: assume gpg output to be in utf-8, instead of depending on the
  current locale.

[ Franck Joncourt ]
* caff:
  + Take the CONFIG{'mail'} variable from .caffrc into count.
    (Closes: #520387)
  + Update caff's manpage to mention a keyid specified with -u requires to
    be listed in the configuration file through the keyid variable.
    Add a note in caffrc.sample about using the -u option to select which
    keyid from the CONFIG{'keyid'} as to be used for signing.
    (Closes: #482693)
* keyanalyze/top50.pl: Fix the error message when a line from stdin does not
* keyanalyze/analyze.sh:
  + Make the entries in the msd-sorted.txt file sorted.
  + Used msd.txt file as input for top50.pl. The current pattern in top50.pl
    does not match data from the msd-sorted.txt file.
  + Allowed the top1000 report to report the first 1000 ranks by passing
    *-n 1000* to top50.pl. Set to 50 by default.

[ Thijs Kinkhorst ]
* Make pool.sks-keyservers.net the default keyserver (closes: #527941).
* Checked for policy 3.8.1, no changes necessary.

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