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32. By Roger Leigh

[ Thorsten Glaser ]
* Apply patch from Arnaud Patard to fix the uploader (Closes: #636477).
* Make sample configuration entries actually work (Closes: #696840).
* Avoid using undef as HASH reference (Closes: #696841).

[ Philipp Kern ]
* Forward port patches from the buildd-0.61.0 branch:
  - Buildd::Client: Don't change the cwd.
  - Buildd: Fix SSH control master restart.

[ Roger Leigh ]
* New release.
* Upgrade to Standards-Version 3.9.4 (no changes).
* buildd:
  - Remove duplicate stop action from init script (Closes: #695513).
  - Failure count before sleeping is configurable with
    MAX_SBUILD_FAILS (Closes: #693790).
  - buildd.init specifies correct Required-Stop dependencies.
  - Remove empty preinst script.
* sbuild:
  - Cross build-dependency installation failure throws an
    exception (Closes: #693788).
  - In Sbuild::ResolverBase, pass the correct options to deps_parse
    for cross-building and foo:native build dependencies
    (Closes: #697298). Thanks to Colin Watson for this patch.
  - In Sbuild::Build::copy_to_chroot, remove stray exit() which could
    cause sbuild to hang with a "Failed to copy" error
    (Closes: #699903). Thanks to Stephan Sürken for this patch.
  - Compute changes path correctly, to allow “--debbuildopt=-A” to
    work correctly with _all.changes (Closes: #686509). Thanks to
    Daniel Dehennin for the original version of this patch.
  - Run lintian from inside the chroot (Closes: #626361). Thanks to
    Reinhard Tartler for this patch.

[ Colin Watson ]
* sbuild:
  - Resolve cross-build-dependencies from package being built rather than
    from current apt sources (Closes: #695203).
* buildd:
  - Reset sbuild failure count after sleeping.

[ Adam Conrad ]
* sbuild:
  - Improve cross chroot detection to look for $dist-$build-$host as a
    valid chroot for cross-build to avoid namespace clashes with native
    chroots, and document this better in the manpage (Closes: #695273)

[ Geoffrey Thomas ]
* sbuild:
  - When creating a changelog entry for binNMUs or
    --append-to-version, tag it with "binary-only=yes" so that
    dpkg-gencontrol uses the previous changelog entry for the source
    version (Closes: #672711, #681292).

31. By Roland Stigge <email address hidden>

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Fix building packages with revision "0" (Closes: #687396)

30. By Roger Leigh

[ Roger Leigh ]
* New release.
* Sbuild::Conf: Fix typo sucess (Closes: #663089).
* Sbuild::Options:
  - Add --no-run-lintian and --no-run-piuparts options
    (Closes: #665372). If lintian or piuparts are configured to run
    automatically following a successful build, there options disable
    this behaviour for the build.
  - Add --purge-build option (Closes: #629109). This behaves
    identically to the old --purge option. --purge now purges
    everything (build directory, build dependencies and schroot
    session) and is equivalent to using --purge-build, --purge-deps
    and --purge-session together. Thanks to Jan-Marek Glogowski for
    this patch.
* Sbuild::Conf:
  - Don't create the log directory unless logging is enabled or
    using buildd mode (Closes: #673009).
* Sbuild::Build:
  - Don't pass $key_id to the shell unescaped (Closes: #676475).
  - Use _all.changes rather than _arch.changes if -A is passed to
    dpkg-buildpackage (Closes: #674669). Thanks to Daniel Dehennin
    for this patch.
* Sbuild::Utility: Fix logging in download function (Closes: #637931).
* sbuild:
  - If running sbuild from inside a build tree (like
    dpkg-buildpackage), place the build logs outside the tree
    (Closes: #676834). Logs will be created in '..' rather than '.'.
  - When packing source trees with "dpkg-source -b", always pass
    "." as the directory to pack, so the orig.tar can be found
    (Closes: #662785).
* sbuild-createchroot:
  - Use profile=sbuild in place of script-config= in generated
    schroot.conf configuration (Closes: #665215, #675861).
  - Don't pass --keyring to dpkg-buildpackage unless explicitly set
    by the user (Closes: #673676).

29. By Roger Leigh

[ Roger Leigh ]
* New release
* Don't require xapt. Remove duplicate and incorrect check. Thanks
  to Andres Mejia and Jakub Wilk (Closes: #675332, #675354).
* Remove /etc/schroot/setup.d/99builddsourceslist which was
  provided with earlier versions of sbuild, but no longer works with
  current schroot versions (Closes: #675349).

28. By Roger Leigh

[ Wookey ]
* Support for cross-compiling has been added. This includes the
  addition of $host and $build configuration variables, with
  corresponding --host and --build command-line options. This
  includes the addition of a new 'xapt' dependency resolver.
  - Merge cross-build support (thanks to Hector Oron,
    Closes: #610689).
  - Add multiarch cross-build support.

[ Roger Leigh ]
* The deprecated 'internal' dependency resolver has been removed,
  along with the configuration variables $apt_policy,
  $check_depends_algorithm and $resolve_virtual, and the
  command-line option --check-depends-algorithm. The 'apt'
  resolver is the default replacement for 'internal'.
  (Closes: #622788)
* Support for watches has been removed. The configuration
  variables $check_watches, $ignore_watches_no_build_deps and
  $watches (and obsolete variables @ignore_watches_no_build_deps
  and %watches) have also been removed.
* sbuild-stats and support for build time and space statistics
  recording has been removed. These statistics are recorded in
  both the build log and are available as build metadata
  internally. The statistics recorded in the database were not
  particularly informative; storing the statistics in a proper
  relational database is recommended. The configuration variables
  $avg_time_db and $avg_space_db have been removed.
* Drop 25nssdatabases schroot setup script used on compatibility
  mode (on buildds). This has been replaced by the schroot
  20nssdatabases for many years.

27. By Roger Leigh

* New release.
* All changes backported from buildd-0.61.0 branch.
* sbuild.1: Add --chroot to synopsis (Closes: #635203).
* sbuild:
  - --jobs is an alias for -j, to match documented behaviour
    (Closes: #635250).
  - The use of alternatives in Build-Depends and Build-Depends-Indep
    may be turned on or off by the configuration variable
    $resolve_alternatives. It may also be enabled or disabled at
    build time using the --resolve-alternatives and
    --no-resolve-alternatives options, respectively.
  - Correctly support chroot namespaces, to work with schroot 1.5.x
    (Closes: #612630).
  - Support Build-Depends-Arch and Build-Conflicts-Arch fields in
    debian/control. These may be manually set with
    --add-depends-arch and --add-conflicts-arch, respectively.

26. By Roger Leigh

* New release.
* sbuild:
  - Correct use of Dpkg::Version for version parsing, to ensure
    correct behaviour when using native package versions and epochs.
  - Don't require an exact version when building a package directly
    from a source tree.

25. By Roger Leigh

* New release.
* sbuild:
  - Failing lintian checks are highlighted in red, and passes in
    green (Closes: #631060).
  - The distribution in the build summary is coloured yellow if it
    does not match the distribution in the changelog. This is to
    indicate that there may be a potential problem, such as
    potentially uploading a package intended for experimental to
    unstable by building for unstable by accident.
  - lintian test results are also coloured to highlight success and
  - Log colouring may now be disabled using $log_colour.
  - sbuild only permits building one source package at once.
    Previously sbuild would allow building of more than one package
    in a single invocation. Making this change means that the exit
    status will always be the status of the build rather than the
    last build, and it also means the logging is simplified and may
    be started earlier.
  - Now that the main log has been removed, and packing of a source
    tree takes place before starting the build for real, we no longer
    create a log file in the build tree, confusing "dpkg-source -b"
    (Closes: #612324).
  - Added new directory /var/lib/sbuild/build to hold build trees for
    sbuild when building. This will be bind mounted on /build inside
    the chroot following an update to the schroot sbuild and buildd
    fstab configuration for schroot. This saves significant amounts
    of space when using LVM snapshot chroots, and it also makes it
    easier to preserve build trees for failing builds when using
  - Extra environment variables to be set when running
    dpkg-buildpackage may now be set using $build_environment
    (Closes: #631595). These variables will supplement the existing
    environment (e.g. PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH), and will not be subject
    to filtering with $environment_filter.
  - Existing hard-coded .dsc/.changes/dpkg-parsechangelog parsing has
    been replaced with use of Dpkg::Control. Existing reimplmentation
    of the dpkg version comparison and regexes to split versions into
    epoch/version/revision have been replaced with use of
* sbuild-adduser: Use current sbuild-update options in example
  (Closes: #630791).

24. By Roger Leigh

* New release.
* sbuild:
  - The apt and internal resolvers will resolve some alternatives
    even when resolving alternative dependencies is disabled
    (Closes: #622832). For relations involving the same package,
    the alternative will be permitted when the package names are
    the same for each alternative. For example,
      foo (<< x) | foo (>= y) | bar
    will be reduced to
      foo (<< x) | foo (>= y)
      foo | bar
    will be reduced to
  - The sbuild-schroot wrapper program has been removed; sbuild is
    now an arch-all package again.
  - Move lock directory to /var/lib/sbuild/chroot-lock, rather than
    using /var/lock/sbuild which could be a symlink to /run/lock on
    the host (Closes: #626826). This means parallel builds won't
    block due to sharing the same lockfile.
  - Remove schroot buildd profile. This will now be provided by
    the schroot package itself directly. This requires schroot
    1.4.22 or greater.
  - Add lintian and piuparts results to build summary
    (Closes: #617450).
  - Remove directory correctly in postrm (Closes: #627641). Thanks
    to Daniel Baumann.
  - Lock sbuild account on purge, and unlock on install
    (Closes: #619892).
  - Add -j option to run parallel builds (Closes: #626357).
  - Log build environment prior to starting a build. This will be
    useful in diagnosing problems with a misconfigured chroot, such
    as missing HOME which can lead to misbuilds.
* sbuild-createchroot:
  - Don't call ChrootSetup::basesetup after initial bootstrap; wait
    until actually running sbuild. The users and groups used for
    chown don't exist at this point, leading to (harmless) failure.
    Closes: #622735.
  - Don't overwrite existing symlinks under /etc/sbuild/chroot
    (Closes: #608416).
* sbuild-update:
  - Don't try to end the current chroot session if a signal is
    received and no session is in progress (Closes: #629005).
* buildd:
  - init script starts buildd in runlevels 2-5 rather than S, and
    stops in 0, 1 and 6.
  - Lock buildd account on purge, and unlock on install.
* buildd-mail:
  - Remove empty newline from .changes (Closes: #627854).
    ftp-master started refusing .changes files which have a trailing
    empty line (after the GPG end of signature). It happens that
    mutt introduces one when signing GPG in traditional mode. Other
    tools probably do too. buildd-mail-wrapper should probably drop
    it automatically. Thanks to Samuel Thibault.

23. By Roger Leigh

* New release.
* sbuild:
  - New options --no-apt-clean, --no-apt-update, --no-apt-upgrade and
    --no-apt-distupgrade have been added to allow these actions to be
    disabled even when set as the default in the configuration.
  - root is not required to be a member of the sbuild group in order
    to run schroot via the sbuild-schroot wrapper
    (Closes: #619128, #619002).
  - Don't require HOME to be set in the environment (Closes: #619288).
  - Work around broken build-essential on Ubuntu Lucid
    (Closes: #619526). Thanks to Marc Deslauriers.
  - --keep-session is replaced by
    --purge-session=(always|successful|never). This will allow the
    session to be purged for all, successful and no builds,
    respectively (Closes: #619332).
  - sources.list fragments stored in /etc/apt/sources.list.d have
    0644 permissions, so that normal users can run apt-cache in the
    chroot during a build (Closes: #620797). Thanks to Julian Andres
    Klode for identifying this problem.
  - Log filtering may be disabled using $log_filter = 0 in the
    configuration (Closes: #620589). The replacement text is now
    also surrounded with "«" and "»" so that strings such as CHROOT
    and BUILDDIR can't be confused with any actual appearance of the
    same string in the build log.
  - Log colouring may be disabled using $log_colour = 0 in the
  - Improve binNMU handling to permit binNMUs for multiarch packages
    (Closes: #620112). Currently, binary NMUs use the current date
    in the new changelog entry, but co-installable packages require
    an identical changelog. To avoid this, take the date from the
    previous changelog entry to ensure the same date for all binNMUs.
    Thanks to Anders Kaseorg for this patch.
  - Abort early if maintainer is not defined when performing a binNMU
    or appending a version suffix (Closes: #620758).
* sbuild.conf:
  - Don't set a default value for $build_dir (Closes: #619416).
    This value is set each run, and so varies between builds when
    generating the configuration file. Exclude from the generated
    output to prevent unnecessary differences between builds.
  - $purge_session uses the same purge modes as $purge_build_deps and
    $purge_build_directory, rather than a boolean value.
* buildd:
  - Merge latest changes from buildd-0.61.0.

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