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47. By Felipe Sateler

* Replace raop channels patch with proper fix from upstream.
* Release to unstable.

46. By Felipe Sateler

Fix gnu-kfreebsd.patch typo (missing !)

45. By Felipe Sateler

* Fix #defines for Debian GNU/kFreeBSD. Closes: #756914
* debian/patches/kfreebsd_no_lock_and_threads_synchro.patch: mark as applied

44. By Felipe Sateler

* Revert enabling of testsuite.
  - Fails on multiple architectures, so disable while we work things out

43. By Felipe Sateler

[ Felipe Sateler ]
* Drop workaround for ARM < v6, upstream now conditionally compiles it.
* Drop special patches rule, not used anymore
* debian/patches/0003-exit-with-X-session.patch
  - Kill pulseaudio on session exit with kde too
  - Add DEP-3 header, forwarded
* Enable testsuite
* Bump debhelper compat level to 9
  - debug symbols are now stored by build-id instead of by path
  - Exclude private libpulsecommon-5.0.so from dh_makeshlibs
* Change init script dependency from avahi to avahi-daemon. Closes: #731609
  - Requires adding a Breaks on avahi-daemon << 0.6.31-3
* Bump standards-version (No changes needed)
* Add lintian override for pulseaudio package
  - bash completion is not meant to be executable
  - neither are the pulseaudio configuration files
* Do not start pulseaudio in X session if it was already started.
   Closes: #743813
* Remove pulseaudio init script, place it under examples.
   Closes: #696842
* debian/patches/only-autostart-kde-version.patch:
   - Do not autostart pulseaudio twice under KDE, it sometimes leads
     to slow system startup. Closes: #705426
* debian/patches/rtp-recv-fix-crash-on-empty-UDP-packets-CVE-2014-397.patch
   - New patch from upstream, fixes crash on empty UDP packets.
     Fixes CVE-2014-397
* zsh-completion: Fix completion for default sink/source
* Add bugscript to the pulseaudio package. Closes: #739294
* Make pulseaudio Depend on pulseaudio-utils
  - start-pulseaudio{kde,x11} needs it. Closes: #648973
  - The bugscript needs it too.
* Use dh_lintian instead of manually installing overrides

[ Jelmer Vernooij ]
* Disable building against tdb on the hurd, where it is not available.
   Closes: #749333

42. By Sjoerd Simons

[ Balint Reczey ]
* Fix FTBFS on ARM architectures

[ Felipe Sateler ]
* Add myself to uploaders
* Install pulseaudio shell completions
* Add Breaks: on versions of jack with no latency API.
   Closes: #685258
* Make pulseaudio-dbg Recommend libpulse0-dbg
* Drop xz flag to dh_builddeb, it is now default
* Try to ensure on non-arm platforms that the arm workaround will work
* Use canonical vcs addresses
* Don't pass start and stop arguments to update-rc.d, they are ignored

[ Sjoerd Simons ]
* debian/control: remove Martin-√Čric Racine from Uploaders at his request

41. By Sjoerd Simons

[ Balint Reczey ]
* Add myself to uploaders

[ Wookey ]
* Add stage1 DEB_BUILD_PROFILES initial bootstrap support (Closes: #735485)

[ Jonas Eriksson ]
* Use channel 2 for raop sink (Closes: #658733)

[ Alexander Kurtz ]
* Exit PA with X session closing when PA is started by the session (Closes: 594001)

[ Balint Reczey ]
* Don't pass --disable-hal to ./configure (Closes: #729494)

[ Justin B Rye ]
* Make pulseaudio-utils suggest pulseaudio

[ Luca Capello ]
* Explain how to set up PulseAudio in a chroot (Closes: #649884)

[ Balint Reczey ]
* Imported Upstream version 5.0
* Make PA init script start PA unconditionally upon restart (Closes: #738143)
* Recommend consolekit instead of depending on it (Closes: #611491)
* Fix typo in debian/control

[ Sjoerd Simons ]
* Refresh patches:
  + d/p/0002-Use-the-fixed-point-speex-resampler-on-ARM.patch
  + d/p/kfreebsd_no_lock_and_threads_synchro.patch
* d/p/build-make-ARM-NEON-check-in-configure.ac-more-stric.patch:
  + Dropped, fixed upstream
* Drop versioned dependency on libjack-dev (new enough version was available
  in squeeze) to allow libjack-jackd2-dev to furfill the dependency.
* debian/rules: Use intltoolize when running autoreconf
* debian/pulseaudio-module-bluetooth.install:
  + Update for new bluetooth module naming
  + No longer install the proximity module as it has been removed upstream
* debian/libpulse0.symbols: Updated
* debian/shlibs.local, debian/rules: Update to private library version to 5
* debian/pulseaudio.install: Install new modules:
  + module-role-ducking
  + module-tunnel-{sink,source}-new
  + module-remap-source
* debian/control: Add build-dependency on libsystemd-journal-dev to enable
  systemd journal support
* debian/control: Drop even the recommends on consolekit as every desktop
  session where it's useful will either have a dependency on consolekit or
  systemd already.
* debian/control: Drop recommends on gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio as
  gstreamer0.10 has been obsolete for some time

40. By Sjoerd Simons

* debian/patches/build-make-ARM-NEON-check-in-configure.ac-more-stric.patch
  + Added. Be more strict about the neon compiler flag ordering, fixes FBTS
    on ARM (Closes: #717444) (From upstream git)

39. By Sjoerd Simons

Add lintian overrides for rpaths in the modules to private pulseaudio
library directories

38. By Sjoerd Simons

Fix build on arm

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