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75. By Wouter Verhelst on 2015-07-17

Cherry-pick two commits from 3.10 to fix authfile parsing.
Closes: #785727.

74. By Wouter Verhelst on 2015-05-17

Add fix for CVE-2015-0847. Closes: #784657.

73. By Wouter Verhelst on 2015-02-25

Rebuild without loads of junk from other branches. My previous build
happened in an unclean git checkout; there was a lot of stuff in the
source package that was not changing the behaviour of the code, yet
was still producing noise in the package. Removed.

72. By Wouter Verhelst on 2014-10-29

* Brown paper bag release.
* Add missing double-semicolon (whoops). Closes: #766888.

71. By Wouter Verhelst on 2014-05-19

* The "deal with 727708" release
* Add some initial support for systemd: Call nbd-client with the
  -systemd-mark option from initramfs, to make sure root-on-NBD continues
  working properly even if the user is running systemd. Still leaves
  writing a systemd generator mumble mumble thing, but that's for
* debian/pre{inst,rm}: remove, no content
* debian/nbd-client.initr{amfs-hook,d}: don't force-load nbd, instead
  only load the module if we're actually doing root-on-NBD.
* debian/nbd-server.init.d: add reload target, which sends SIGHUP to
  nbd-server. This allows partial reconfiguration from the config
  file; however, since it doesn't change existing configurations nor
  remove configurations that are no longer active, it's not a full
  reload, so leave force-reload as restart. LP:1359799

70. By Wouter Verhelst on 2014-03-21

New upstream release.

69. By Wouter Verhelst on 2014-01-21

* New upstream release
  - Fixes missing include for LFS definitions; Closes: 735258

68. By Wouter Verhelst on 2014-01-03

* New upstream release
  - Fixes parsing of authorization file; Closes: #676678, LP: #1009393.
* Install nbd-trdump into the nbd-server package, so people can
  actually see what the transaction file contains

67. By Wouter Verhelst on 2013-11-26

* New upstream release
  - Closes CVE-2013-6410: incorrect parsing of the authfile access
    list (also DSA-2806-1).
* Really add Japanese translation, by "victory" and the Japanese
  translation team. I had intended to add that for 3.4-1, but
  apparently I did something wrong, and the file ended up being empty.
  Not so anymore. Closes: #718996, really this time.

66. By Wouter Verhelst on 2013-11-05

* Disable integrityhuge again; it still fails.
* Wait for udev from nbd-client initramfs script. Closes: #721936.
* On purge, remove /etc/nbd-client.bak if it exists. Closes: #682188.

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