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22. By Mike Gabriel on 2014-10-05

* debian/bin/ica (wrapper):
  + When the -autostart cmdline arg is given, launch iTALC client with the
    most privileged role that is available to the current user.
* DebConf:
  + Update Japanese translation. Thanks to "victory".
  + Update Russian translation file. Thanks to Yuri Kozlov. (Closes:
  + Update Danish translation file. Thanks to Joe Dalton. (Closes: #758840).
  + Update Spanish translation file. Thanks to Camaleón. (Closes: #759797).
  + Update French translation file. Thanks to Steve Petruzzello. (Closes:
  + Update Portuguese translation file. Thanks to Miguel Figueiredo. (Closes:
  + Update Italian translation file. Thanks to Beatrice Torracca. (Closes:
  + Update German translation file. Thanks to myself ;-). (Closes: #764101).
* debian/copyright:
  + Rewrite from scratch. Fixes several false or missing license and copyright

21. By Mike Gabriel on 2014-08-14

* New upstream release.
* debian/watch:
  + Mangle Debian version (due to new +dfsg1 upstream version suffix).
* debian/rules:
  + Provide get-orig-source rule, repack upstream sources: Remove non-DFSG
    licensed files sha1.c and sha1.h (which upstream directly took from
    RFC 3174.
  + Drop win32 related files when repacking upstream sources via
* debian/control:
  + Add dbg:packages for iTALC.
  + Bump Standards: to 3.9.5. No changes needed.
  + Add R (italc-client): zenity or kde-baseapps-bin (for ica wrapper
* Desktop integration:
  + Update .desktop files. Add .desktop file for imc (iTALC Management
  + Use pkexec to launch iTALC Management Console.
* DebConf:
  + When setting up iTALC roles, ensure that the default group ('root')
    gets used if an empty string is provided as group name.
  + Capture non-existing group names and default to group 'root' instead.
    Also, detect existence of groups correctly, now.
  + Default to "root" group only if previously set iTALC role groups were
    not set or do not exist (anymore).
  + Loop on group input screens if a group does not exist (for
    use_existing_groups == true).
  + Always default to "No" for the delete-group-confirmation-question
  + Provide option to system-wide setup XDG autostart for iTALC client
    applet. (Closes: #731476).
  + Reset LogonGroups= in iTALC.conf on every package configuration, so
    DebConf configured groups get placed into iTALC.conf correctly.
  + Update PO files.
* debian/copyright:
  + Update file to match changes in upstream release.
  + Drop copyright information for removed files ica/x11/common/sha1.{c,h}.
  + Drop copyright information for removed files in ica/win32/.
* debian/patches:
  + Drop 002_use-v4l-videodev2.patch, 004_x2go-nx-noxdamage.patch,
    021_man-page-patch-in.patch. Applied upstream.
  + Refresh 031_fix-spelling-errors.patch.
  + Update 001_set-static-libdir-and-rpath-for-cmake.patch. Adapt
    block that hard-sets LIB_DIR to /usr/lib/italc.
  + Add 007_use-openssl-sha.patch. Build against openssl/sha.h, don't use
    dropped, non-DFSG licensed files sha1.c and sha1.h.
  + Add 030_fix-man-pages.patch. Fix a hyphen-used-as-minus-sign issue and a
    spelling error.
* debian/italc-client.prerm:
  + On package purgal, only remove groups if we previously explicitly created
    them as iTALC roles.
* debian/italc-client.postinst:
  + Ensure that $DISPLAY is unset before evoking the imc -createkeypair
* lintian:
  + Drop unused override (spelling-error-in-binary).

20. By Mike Gabriel on 2013-11-17

* Debconf translation files updated/added:
  + Spanish translation added (thanks to Camaleón). (Closes: #728116).
* debian/control:
  + Add libpng-dev as build dependency. (Closes: #729675).

19. By Mike Gabriel on 2013-10-09

* /debian/control:
  + Alioth-canonicalize Vcs-Git: field.
  + Vcs location has moved into debian-edu/pkg-team/ subfolder.
* /debian/desktop/*.desktop:
  + Add Keywords: field.
* Debconf translations:
  + Update typo in Japanese translation (thanks to
    »victory«). (Closes: #725724).

18. By Mike Gabriel on 2013-09-24

* Review of translatable text elements by the Enlish i18n team. (Closes:
* /debian/copyright:
  + Add block for Files: /debian/*.
* Debconf translation files updated/added:
  + Russian translation (thanks to Yuri Kozlov). (Closes: #721993).
  + Danish translation (thanks to Joe Dalton). (Closes: #722131).
  + Czech translation (thanks to Michal Šimůnek). (Closes: #722141).
  + Japanese translation (thanks to »victory«). (Closes: #723754).
  + Italian translation (thanks to Beatrice Torracca). (Closes: #723863).
  + Portuguese translation (thanks to Miguel Figueiredo). (Closes: #724018).
  + French translation (thanks to Steve Petruzzello). (Closes: #724485).
  + German translation (thanks to Helge Kreutzmann for reviewing my own
    translation effort). (Closes: #724025).

17. By Mike Gabriel on 2013-08-12

* New upstream version.
* /debian/italc-client.lintian-overrides:
  + Silence lintian about a false-positive spelling error report.
* /debian/copyright:
  + Update and review and explicitly add OpenSSL exception.
* Update patches, drop patch 011_qt-signals.patch (applied by upstream).

16. By Mike Gabriel on 2013-08-11

* /debian/control:
  + Fix lintian: <bin:package>: data.tar.xz-member-without-dpkg-pre-depends.
* /debian/italc-client.{config,templates}:
  + Make italc preseedable/configurable via debconf.
* /debian/rules:
  + Now really fix the .ts file update and trigger the .qm build after
    configure of libitalccore.
  + Make sure .qm files shipped by upstream get moved out of the way before
    build and get restored properly during clean up.
  + Auto-configure iTALC.conf through debconf.
* Update documentation file: README.setup.

15. By Mike Gabriel on 2013-08-11

* /debian/control:
  + italc-client: Add adduser to Depends: field. (Closes: #707836).
* /debian/rules:
  + Re-build .ts and .qm files during build time to incorporate
    latest translation fixes.
* Lintian issues:
  + Fix duplicate-in-relation-field in source build-depends: libxrandr-dev,
  + Fix unneeded-build-dep-on-quilt.
  + Fix spelling-error-in-binary usr/bin/italc neccessary necessary.
  + Fix spelling-error-in-binary usr/lib/italc/libItalcCore.so neccessary
  + Fix spelling-error-in-manpage usr/share/man/man1/ica.1.gz neccessary
  + Fix hyphen-used-as-minus-sign usr/share/man/man1/ica.1.gz.
  + Fix hyphen-used-as-minus-sign usr/share/man/man1/imc.1.gz.
* Update patches.
* Provide file italc-client.desktop. (Closes: #666428).
* Provide file italc-master.desktop. (Closes: #666429).
* Add patch: 006_inject-buildtype-from-outside.patch. Inject the build
  type (actually the BUILD_CPU) from /debian/rules. Avoid the detection
  code from upstream as it only covers x86 and x86_64. (Closes: #718745).
* Provide documentation: README.setup. (Closes: #511387).

14. By Mike Gabriel on 2013-05-11

* /debian/control:
  + Drop B-D: linux-libc-dev
  + Limit B-D: libv4l-dev to [linux-any].
  + Update long-descs: replace phrase »pupil« by »student«.

13. By Mike Gabriel on 2013-05-03

* New upstream release (Closes: #640200, #672636).
* Package becomes team-maintained (debian-edu-pkg-team@l.alioth.d.o).
* Raise compat level to 7.
* Use multi-line fields in /debian/control.
* Add build-dependencies: libpam0g-dev, linux-libc-dev, and cmake.
  Also add-in build-dependencies found in x11vnc Debian package. Add
  build-dependency: libv4l-dev.
* Add Vcs-* lines to /debian/control.
* Make /debian/copyright DEP-5 compliant.
* Drop outdated README.Debian, include upstream documentation files in
* Drop lintian overrides from former package versions.
* New binary package: italc-management-console.
* Add quilt (>= 0.46-7~) as build dependency. Include CDBS rule
* Add patch: 001_set-static-libdir-and-rpath-for-cmake.patch, adapt to
  new iTALC library name: libItalcCore.so, rename binary package libitalc to
  libitalccore. As libItalcCore.so is private/unversioned, we use RPATH to
  build/find <LIB_DIR>/italc/libItalcCore.so.
* Add patch: 002_use-v4l-videodev2.patch, support building with v4l2 support
  if present.
* Add patch: 003_rename-plugin-dir.patch, change name of iTalc plugin
* Add patch: 004_x2go-nx-noxdamage.patch, handle iTALC in X2Go sessions in
  the same way as in NX sessions.
* Grab man page from upstream Git: imc.8.
* Contribute man page: italc_auth_helper.1, no man page available for
  italc_auth_helper by upstream.
* Add build-dependency: gcj-jdk. This triggers the java-build of the iTALC
  JavaViewer which then gets integrated into the iTALC client.
* Add patch: 011_qt-signals.patch.
* Add patch: 021_man-page-patch-in.patch, update upstream man pages, apply
  similar changes to italc_auth_helper.1 provided by us.
* Drop man page options that are not available in iTALC 2.x anymore, add
  those that have been added. Fixing non-up-to-date upstream version of man
  pages for ica.1 and italc.1.
* Install italc_auth_helper setuid root (via dpkg-statoverride).
* Provide default iTALC.conf configuration file.
* Install italc-* system groups by default (italc-admins, italc-supporters,
  italc-teachers, italc-students).
* Create iTALC key pairs for roles: admin, supporter, teacher during package
* Add patch: 005_gcc47-ftbfs.patch. Fixes FTBFS with gcc-4.7.
* Harden package build.
* Bump Standards version to 3.9.4.

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