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64. By Steven Chamberlain <email address hidden> on 2014-10-08

[ Petr Salinger ]
* Build-Depend on freebsd-mk >= 10.0-5 for MK_HYPERV

[ Steven Chamberlain ]
* New upstream snapshot of 10.1-RC3~
* Refresh patches: (with unexpanded revision tags; a/ b/ paths; no
  Index field; no 'C function' context, not applicable here)
  - ppp_macros.diff
  - 035_nfs.diff
  - makefiles.diff
* Delete patch mk_tests.diff: freebsd-mk now provides MK_TESTS
* No longer try to set MK_TESTS in debian/rules; use WITHOUT_TESTS
* Set kern.ipc.shmall=32768 in /etc/sysctl.conf, as the kernel
  default is too low for some Qt applications (Closes: #763706)
* netstat: work around a kfreebsd 9->10 ABI break; allows tcp sockets
  to be shown again when running on kfreebsd-9 (Closes: 761418)

63. By Christoph Egger on 2014-09-16

Add a version number for the experimental package that is actually
larger than unstable's

62. By Christoph Egger on 2014-09-16

supersede 10.1~svn271687-1 upload that was intended for experimental only

61. By Robert Millan on 2014-03-22

[ Mats Erik Andersson ]
* Fetch pf.conf(5) and pf.os(5) from new location.

[ Robert Millan ]
* Remove ifmediareq kludges. B-D on libc0.1-dev >= 2.18-2 instead.

60. By Robert Millan on 2013-12-25

* Drop freebsd-geom transitional package.
* Fetch source code securely (https) in get-orig-source.
* Split udeb build from normal build, using a separate objdir by means
  of MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX. This allows us to:
  - Optimize udeb build for size (-Os).
  - Build udeb with -DWITHOUT_IPX_SUPPORT (for ifconfig).
  - Restrict -DWITHOUT_JAIL only to udeb build. This effectively brings
    back jail support to ifconfig.
  - As a side requirement, source code is moved to src/ directory to
    prevent dh_install from mistakenly installing source directories as
    if they were executable files.
* Leave -lbsdxml untouched (latest freebsd-glue supports it).
* netstat_numeric_default.diff: Honor -n flag when listing the default
  route (for compatibility with Linux route(8)).
* route_list.diff: When route is invoked with no arguments, fallback
  to "netstat -r" to list existing routes (for compatibility with
  Linux route(8)).

59. By Robert Millan on 2013-12-01

[ Robert Millan ]
* Simplify 031_savecore.diff by using zopen() from freebsd-glue.
* Enable ifmac.c, iffib.c and ifpfsync.c in ifconfig.
  (Closes: #728374)
* Remove cons25 transition kludge (was only needed for squeeze->wheezy
* Fix permissions for /dev/dri/card* devices.
* Remove a few gratuitous library dependencies.
* Misc patchset cleanup.
* Remove kludge in jail(8). Use libutil-freebsd-dev to satisfy
  login_cap.h dependency instead.
* Require freebsd-glue >= 0.2.4 to ensure trimdomain from libutil is
  used (rather than the static version in freebsd-glue << 0.2.4).
* Remove kludge in ppp(8) to use liblockdev. Use libutil directly like
  upstream does. (Closes: 728019)

[ Guillem Jover ]
* Remove myself from Uploaders.

58. By Robert Millan on 2013-10-03

* New upstream release.
  - Refresh all patches.
  - Bump B-D on freebsd-glue and libcam-dev.

[ Robert Millan ]
* Misc adjustments for freebsd-glue 0.1.0.
* Reduce the patchset even further by using trimdomain, link_addr and
  link_ntoa from freebsd-glue.
* Improve output formatting in nfsiod init script. Thanks Mats Erik
  Andersson. (Closes: #721446)

57. By Robert Millan on 2013-08-02

Bump urgency due to #718490.

56. By Robert Millan on 2013-08-01

[ Guillem Jover ]
* Switch to canonical Vcs URLs.

[ Petr Salinger ]
* add #include <netinet/ether.h> into lib/linkaddr.h.

[ Robert Millan ]
* Re-enable -Werror=implicit-function-declaration.
  - Require kfreebsd-kernel-headers 9.1-3 (for kldunloadf).
  - Require freebsd-glue >= 0.0.10 (for ether_ntoa).
  - Remove -I. from CFLAGS to mimic upstream behaviour (prevents
    <netgraph.h> from being overriden by local version).
* Remove __va_list kludge (no longer needed).

55. By Robert Millan on 2013-07-22


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