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40. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2014-12-23

[ Logan Rosen ]
* pbuilder-dist: Fix yes/no for unknown distribution (LP: #1311884).

[ Yuan-Chen Cheng ]
* mk-sbuild: better message for cross build so that new start have
  correct sbuild command from the last message of mk-sbuild.

[ Niklas Fiekas ]
* mk-sbuild: support debootstrap keyring and no-check-gpg
  options. (Closes: 754327)

[ Dimitri John Ledkov ]
* Port ubuntutools module to python3.

39. By Benjamin Drung on 2013-03-19

Move devscripts.logger to ubuntutools.logger.

38. By Benjamin Drung on 2013-02-27

[ Benjamin Drung ]
* sponsor-patch: Use ubuntu profile when running lintian.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.4 (no changes needed).

[ Dmitrijs Ledkovs ]
* dgetlp: drop it, and hence remove python-gnupginterface dependency.
* mk-sbuild: change lvm volume names to include target (LP: #1087194)

[ Benjamin Kerensa ]
* setup-packaging-environment: update developer guide URL (LP: #1068049)

[ Julian Taylor ]
* stop suggesting ipython, lp-shell has been moved to lptools

[ Stefano Rivera ]
* pbuilder-dist: Build with -proposed enabled for Ubuntu dev releases.
  Thanks Scott Kitterman (LP: #1082452)
* backportpackage:
  - Don't ignore -k (LP: #1083688)
  - Check that dput is installed when uploading, thanks H.-Dirk Schmitt
    (LP: #1086342)
* ubuntu-build: Default to DEV-proposed in batch mode. Thanks Scott
  Kitterman (LP: #1088010)
* seeded-in-ubuntu: Clarify that "not seeded" binary packages may not exist
  (LP: #1029620)
* mk-sbuild:
  - Name cross chroots after the build architecture and target
    (LP: #1087194)
  - Use the sbuild schroot profile.

[ Iain Lane ]
* sponsor-patch: Allow all supported bare releases now that LP rewrites
  these to contain '-proposed' for us.

37. By Stefano Rivera on 2012-11-06

[ Stefano Rivera ]
* syncpackage: Don't throw away release pockets, returning correct errors
  when the source and destination match even though the destination release
  pocket doesn't.
* requestsync: We now sync to proposed (LP: #1073060)

[ Steve Langasek ]
* Initial support for setting up cross-build chroots.

36. By Stefano Rivera on 2012-10-29

[ Stefano Rivera ]
* Upload to experimental, due to the freeze
* submittodebian:
  - Use dpkg-buildpackage instead of debuild. It really doesn't need to run
    lintian twice.
  - Use --include instead of --attach when not using reportbug's internal
* submittodebian, sponsor-patch:
  - Pass --builder=dpkg-buildpackage to bzr bd, in case the user has
    configured a custom builder that doesn't do source builds (LP: #1019817)
* seeded-in-ubuntu Inform the user when we couldn't determine binary
  packages built by a source package, as it most recently FTBFS.
* requestbackport:
  - Avoid duplicate Reverse-Build-Deps when sources build binaries of the
    same name.
  - Explain that backports aren't to fix bugs.
* sponsor-patch: Don't fall over bugs targetted at the development release
  (LP: #936014)
* ubuntutools.question: Catch EOF and SIGINT on all input and bail out.
  (LP: #1037488)
* pull-lp-source: Catch errors parsing JSON we got from DDE (LP: #1059848)
* syncpackage, requestsync: Check the Release pocket if we can't find an
  Ubuntu package in the requested pocket. (LP: #1069867)

[ Benjamin Drung ]
* seeded-in-ubuntu: State in error message that it takes a source package.
  (LP: #1029155)
* sponsor-patch: Fix crash if Debian patch contains a slash.

[ Colin Watson ]
* syncpackage: Default to <current_series>-proposed.

35. By Benjamin Drung on 2010-12-19

[ Stefano Rivera ]
* lp-shell, import-bug-from-debian:
  Use the 'production' LP instance instead of 'edge' (which is going away).
* pbuilder-dist:
  - Fix typo in local archive support, introduced in 0.107.
  - Warn user if they run sudo pbuilder-dist (LP: #691999).
* Drop unnecessary debian/pycompat

[ Benjamin Drung ]
* pull-lp-source: Unquote URI to get "+" instead of "%2B" in the file name
  (LP: #681114).
* sponsor-patch: Allow updating the build environment if the build failed.
* ubuntu-iso: Exit nonzero rather than crash if a wrong parameter is passed
  (LP: #637020).

[ Colin Watson ]
* grep-merges: New tool.
* ubuntu-iso(1): Fix typo.

[ Evan Broder ]
* backportpackage: new script for testing backport requests in a PPA.
* sponsor-patch: Add --update option to make sure build environment is
  up to date (LP: #689605)

[ Bilal Akhtar ]
* pbuilder-dist: Override the default build result location if
  --buildresult is specified.
* sponsor-patch: Support building with pbuilder-dist.

34. By Benjamin Drung on 2010-12-03

[ Stefano Rivera ]
* edit-patch: Detect quilt patch-system in 3.0 (quilt) packages without any
  patches yet.
* wrap-and-sort:
  - Correct typo in options --wrap-allways -> --wrap-always
  - Sort debian/install as well as debian/*.install
  - Add one-space-indentation option: --short-indent
  - Remove null-entry from trailing comma in sorted lists
  - Add configurable debian directory location
  - Sort Architecture (LP: #681131)
  - Add --sort-binary-packages and --keep-first (LP: #681119)
* grab-merge, syncpackage: Export DEB_VENDOR=Ubuntu when unpacking source
  packages. 3.0 (quilt) has optional per-vendor patch series.
* pbuilder-dist:
  - Refactor to use subprocess.popen instead of os.system (LP: #398974)
  - Catch OSErrors when creating directories (LP: #671067)
  - Set HOME so pbuilder reads .pbuilderrc
  - Add bidirectional workarounds for LP: #599695 (pbuilder uses the host
    apt keyring). Complain if the target's keyring isn't installed.
* Use dpkg-vendor in ubuntutools.misc.system_distribution(), cache result.

[ Benjamin Drung ]
* wrap-and-sort: Remove duplicate items from sorted lists.
* syncpackage: Fix error message for failed downloads.
* sponsor-patch: Support building with sbuild (LP: #681242).

[ Daniel Holbach ]
* submittodebian: rephrase boilerplate text to be more polite, add reminder
  to explain the patch sufficiently and add necessary information.

[ Colin Watson ]
* submittodebian: Encourage sending multiple independent pieces of the
  Ubuntu patch in separate bug reports.

33. By Benjamin Drung on 2010-11-21

[ Kees Cook ]
* mk-sbuild: drop "priority" option; sbuild no longer uses it.

[ Benjamin Drung ]
* sponsor-patch: Call dpkg-source with --no-preparation to not apply patches
  if the packages uses the 3.0 (quilt) format.
* debian/control: Use shorter addresses for VCS-* fields.

[ Michael Bienia ]
* pull-debian-source: Fix logical error in abort check (lp: #678072).

32. By Benjamin Drung on 2010-10-30

[ Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals ]
* pbuilder-dist, doc/pbuilder-dist.1:
   - Export the distribution and architecture information to the environment
     so that it is available in pbuilderrc, etc. (LP: #628933).

[ Naty Bidart ]
* lp-project-upload: Add support handling multiple project series.

[ Kees Cook ]
* mk-sbuild: use --no-install-recommends on Debian too (Closes: #599699).

[ Marco Rodrigues ]
* pull-debian-source:
   - Show message when a package isn't in Debian testing (LP: #529041).

[ Stefano Rivera ]
* doc/syncpackage.1:
   - Add a warning that the use of syncpackage is discouraged.
   - Correct and neaten options.
* syncpackage:
   - Add --dont-sign parameter, for test builds.

[ Christopher James Halse Rogers ]
* mk-sbuild: Add support for btrfs-snapshot based chroots

[ Iain Lane ]
* pbuilder-dist: Explicitly use debian keyring when working with a
  Debian chroot, working around #599695

[ Benjamin Drung ]
* syncpackage:
  - Don't crash if environment variables aren't set (LP: #665202).
  - Don't add quotation marks to changelog entries (LP: #668805).
  - Show a error message instead of raising an error if Ubuntu contains a
    newer version.
  - Print an error message if the source-only build fails (LP: #668749).

31. By Benjamin Drung on 2010-09-25

[ Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals ]
* pbuilder-dist:
   - Fix regression where pbuilder would get an empty string as first
     positional argument.
   - Update --debug-echo so that it doesn't hide empty parameters (now
     that they are wrapped around quotes they are significant).

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