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48. By Matthias Klose on 2013-04-11

* Idle updates:
  - Issue #17657: Show full Tk version in IDLE's about dialog.
  - Issue #17613: Prevent traceback when removing syntax colorizer.
  - Issue #1207589: Backwards-compatibility patch for right-click menu.
  - Issue #16887: Now accepts Cancel in tabify/untabify dialog box.
  - Issue #14254: Now handles readline correctly across shell restarts.
  - Issue #17614: No longer raises exception when quickly closing a file.
  - Issue #6698: Now opens just an editor window when configured to do so.
  - Issue #8900: Using keyboard shortcuts in IDLE to open a file no longer
    raises an exception.
  - Issue #6649: Fixed missing exit status.
* Build a libpython2.7-testsuite package. LP: #301629.
* Add autopkg tests to run the installed testsuite in normal and debug
* Re-enable running the tests during the build.
* Add the io and _io modules to libpython2.7-minimal.
* Backport ssl.CertificateError as well. Closes: #626539. LP: #1166344.
* Don't ship an uncompress python man page. Closes: #705079.

47. By Matthias Klose on 2013-04-06

* Python 2.7.4 release.
  - Issue #17550: Fix the --enable-profiling configure switch.
  - Issue #15801 (again): With string % formatting, relax the type check
    for a mapping such that any type with a __getitem__ can be used on the
    right hand side.
  - Issue #17625: In IDLE, close the replace dialog after it is used.
  - Issue #17531: Fix tests that thought group and user ids were always
    the int type. Also, always allow -1 as a valid group and user id.
  - Issue 17538: Document XML vulnerabilties
* Byte-compile files in libpython2.7-dbg.
* libpython2.7-minimal: Break earlier python2.7-minimal versions.
  Closes: #704084. LP: #1157687.
* Call python with -E -S for the byte compilation.

46. By Matthias Klose on 2013-03-30

Fix byte-compiliation/-removal for the split-out library packages.
LP: #1160944.

45. By Matthias Klose on 2013-03-25

Fix webbrowser update. Closes: #703872. LP: #1159636.

44. By Matthias Klose on 2013-03-24

* Backport webbrowser updates from 3.3. Closes: #700429.
* Build again using db-5.1 instead of db-5.3.

43. By Matthias Klose on 2013-03-24

* Python 2.7.4 release candidate 1.
  - Issue #10211: Buffer objects expose the new buffer interface internally.
  - Issue #10212: cStringIO and struct.unpack support new buffer objects.
  - Issue #12098: multiprocessing on Windows now starts child processes
    using the same sys.flags as the current process.
  - Issue #8862: Fixed curses cleanup when getkey is interrputed by a signal.
  - Issue #9090: When a socket with a timeout fails with EWOULDBLOCK or
    EAGAIN, retry the select() loop instead of bailing out.
  - Issue #1285086: Get rid of the refcounting hack and speed up
  - Issue #17368: Fix an off-by-one error in the Python JSON decoder
    that caused a failure while decoding empty object literals when
    object_pairs_hook was specified.
  - Issue #17477: Update the bsddb module to pybsddb 5.3.0, supporting
    db-5.x, and dropping support for db-4.1 and db-4.2.
  - Issue #17192: Update the ctypes module's libffi to v3.0.13. This
    specifically addresses a stack misalignment issue on x86 and issues on
    some more recent platforms.
  - Issue #11420: make test suite pass with -B/DONTWRITEBYTECODE set.
  - Issue #17299: Add test coverage for cPickle with file objects
    and general IO objects.
  - Issue #11963: remove human verification from test_parser and
  - Issue #16004: Add `make touch`.
  - Issue #17047: remove doubled words in docs and docstrings
* Rework the sysconfigdata patch into something upstreamable.

42. By Matthias Klose on 2013-03-08

* Update to 20130308, taken from the 2.7 branch.
  - Issue #10156: In the interpreter's initialization phase, unicode globals
    are now initialized dynamically as needed.
  - Issue #16975: Fix error handling bug in the escape-decode decoder.
  - Issue #9290: In IDLE the sys.std* streams now implement io.TextIOBase
    interface and support all mandatory methods and properties.
  - Issue #13454: Fix a crash when deleting an iterator created by
    itertools.tee() if all other iterators were very advanced before.
  - Issue #3754: fix typo in pthread AC_CACHE_VAL.
  - Issue #17029: Let h2py search the multiarch system include directory.
  - Issue #16445: Fixed potential segmentation fault when deleting an
    exception message.
  - Issue #17275: Corrected class name in init error messages of the
    C version of BufferedWriter and BufferedRandom.
  - Issue #7963: Fixed misleading error message that issued when object is
    called without arguments.
  - Issue #5308: Raise ValueError when marshalling too large object (a
    sequence with size >= 2**31), instead of producing illegal marshal data.
  - Issue #17043: The unicode-internal decoder no longer read past the end of
    input buffer.
  - Issue #16979: Fix error handling bugs in the unicode-escape-decode
  - Issue #17278: Fix a crash in heapq.heappush() and heapq.heappop() when
    the list is being resized concurrently.
  - Issue #17018: Make Process.join() retry if os.waitpid() fails with EINTR.
  - Issue #14720: sqlite3: Convert datetime microseconds correctly.
  - Issue #17225: JSON decoder now counts columns in the first line starting
    with 1, as in other lines.
  - Issue #7842: backported fix for py_compile.compile() syntax error
  - Issue #13153: Tkinter functions now raise TclError instead of ValueError
    when a unicode argument contains non-BMP character.
  - Issue #9669: Protect re against infinite loops on zero-width matching in
    non-greedy repeat.
  - Issue #13169: The maximal repetition number in a regular expression
    has been increased from 65534 to 2147483647 (on 32-bit platform) or
    4294967294 (on 64-bit).
  - Issue #11311: StringIO.readline(0) now returns an empty string
    as all other file-like objects.
  - Issue #16800: tempfile.gettempdir() no longer left temporary files when
    the disk is full. Original patch by Amir Szekely.
  - Issue #13555: cPickle now supports files larger than 2 GiB.
  - Issue #17052: unittest discovery should use self.testLoader.
  - Issue #4591: Uid and gid values larger than 2**31 are supported now.
  - Issue #17141: random.vonmisesvariate() no more hangs for large kappas.
  - Issue #17149: Fix random.vonmisesvariate to always return results in
    the range [0, 2*math.pi].
  - Issue #1470548: XMLGenerator now works with UTF-16 and UTF-32 encodings.
  - Issue #6975: os.path.realpath() now correctly resolves multiple nested
    symlinks on POSIX platforms.
  - Issue #17156: pygettext.py now correctly escapes non-ascii characters.
  - Issue #7358: cStringIO.StringIO now supports writing to and reading from
    a stream larger than 2 GiB on 64-bit systems.
  - IDLE was displaying spurious SystemExit tracebacks when running scripts
    that terminated by raising SystemExit (i.e. unittest and turtledemo).
  - Issue #10355: In SpooledTemporaryFile class mode and name properties and
    xreadlines method now work for unrolled files. encoding and newlines
  - Issue #16686: Fixed a lot of bugs in audioop module.
  - Issue #17073: Fix some integer overflows in sqlite3 module.
  - Issue #6083: Fix multiple segmentation faults occured when
    PyArg_ParseTuple parses nested mutating sequence.
  - Issue #5289: Fix ctypes.util.find_library on Solaris.
  - Issue #17106: Fix a segmentation fault in io.TextIOWrapper when an
    underlying stream or a decoder produces data of an unexpected type (i.e.
    when io.TextIOWrapper initialized with text stream or use bytes-to-bytes
  - Issue #13994: Add compatibility alias in distutils.ccompiler for
  - Issue #15633: httplib.HTTPResponse is now mark closed when the server
    sends less than the advertised Content-Length.
  - Issue #15881: Fixed atexit hook in multiprocessing.
  - Issue #14340: Upgrade the embedded expat library to version 2.1.0.
  - Issue #11159: SAX parser now supports unicode file names.
  - Issue #6972: The zipfile module no longer overwrites files outside of
    its destination path when extracting malicious zip files.
  - Issue #17049: Localized calendar methods now return unicode if a locale
    includes an encoding and the result string contains month or weekday (was
    regression from Python 2.6).
  - Issue #4844: ZipFile now raises BadZipfile when opens a ZIP file with an
    incomplete "End of Central Directory" record.
  - Issue #15505: `unittest.installHandler` no longer assumes SIGINT handler
    is set to a callable object.
  - Issue #17051: Fix a memory leak in os.path.isdir() on Windows.
  - Issue #12268: The io module file object write methods no longer abort
    early when a write system calls is interrupted (EINTR).
  - Issue #17249: convert a test in test_capi to use unittest and reap
  - We now run both test_email.py and test_email_renamed.py when running the
    test_email regression test. test_email_renamed contains some tests that
    test_email does not.
  - Issue #17041: Fix testing when Python is configured with the
    --without-doc-strings option.
  - Issue #5033: Fix building of the sqlite3 extension module when the
    SQLite library version has "beta" in it.
  - Issue #17228: Fix building without pymalloc.
  - Issue #17086: Backport the patches from the 3.3 branch to cross-build
    the package.
  - Issue #16406: combine the pages for uploading and registering to PyPI.
  - Issue #16403: Document how distutils uses the maintainer field in
  - Issue #16695: Document how glob handles filenames starting with a dot.
  - Issue #8890: Stop advertising an insecure practice by replacing uses
    of the /tmp directory with better alternatives in the documentation.
  - Issue #17203: add long option names to unittest discovery docs.
* python2.7-dbg, libpython2.7-dbg: Drop dependency on python.
* python2.7-dbg: Make gdb (not gdb-minimal) a recommendation.
* python2.7: Replace python2.7-minimal (<< 2.7.3-7). Closes: #702005.
* Build the _md5, _sha1, _sha256 and _sha512 extension modules.
* Fix multiarch include for AArch64.

41. By Matthias Klose on 2013-01-24

* Update to 20130124, taken from the 2.7 branch.
  - Issue #14850: Now a charmap decoder treats U+FFFE as "undefined mapping"
    in any mapping, not only in a Unicode string.
  - Issue #11461: Fix the incremental UTF-16 decoder.
  - Issue #1159051: GzipFile now raises EOFError when reading a corrupted
    file with truncated header or footer.
  - Issue #16992: On Windows in signal.set_wakeup_fd, validate the file
    descriptor argument.
  - Issue #15861: tkinter now correctly works with lists and tuples
    containing strings with whitespaces, backslashes or unbalanced braces.
  - Issue #10527: Use poll() instead of select() for multiprocessing pipes.
  - Issue #9720: zipfile now writes correct local headers for files larger
    than 4 GiB.
  - Issue #16829: IDLE printing no longer fails if there are spaces or other
    special characters in the file path.
  - Issue #13899: \A, \Z, and \B now correctly match the A, Z, and B literals
    when used inside character classes (e.g. '[\A]').
  - Issue #16398: Optimize deque.rotate() so that it only moves pointers
    and doesn't touch the underlying data with increfs and decrefs.
  - Issue #15109: Fix regression in sqlite3's iterdump method where it would
    die with an encoding error if the database contained string values
    containing non-ASCII.
  - Issue #15545: Fix regression in sqlite3's iterdump method where it was
    failing if the connection used a row factory (such as sqlite3.Row) that
    produced unsortable objects.
  - Issue #16953: Fix socket module compilation on platforms with
  - Issue #16836: Enable IPv6 support even if IPv6 is disabled on the
    build host.
  - Issue #15539: Fix a number of bugs in Tools/scripts/pindent.py.
* Backport cross-build support from python3.3. LP: #873007.
* Add pyconfig.h compatibility headers. Closes: #695667. LP: #1094246.

40. By Matthias Klose on 2013-01-05

* Update to 20130105, taken from the 2.7 branch.
  - Issue #16367: Fix FileIO.readall() on Windows for files larger than 2 GB.
  - Issue #15516: Fix a bug in PyString_FromFormat where it failed
    to properly ignore errors from a __int__() method.
  - Issue #16839: Fix a segfault when calling unicode() on a classic class
    early in interpreter initialization.
  - Issue #16761: Calling ``int()`` and ``long()`` with *base* argument only
    now raises TypeError.
  - Issue #16828: Fix error incorrectly raised by bz2.compress('').
    LP: #1090043.
  - Issue #16819: IDLE method completion now correctly works for unicode
  - Issue 10527: make multiprocessing use poll() instead of select()
    if available.
  - Issue #16485: Now file descriptors are closed if file header patching
    failed on closing an aifc file.
  - Issue #12065: connect_ex() on an SSL socket now returns the original
    errno when the socket's timeout expires (it used to return None).
  - Issue #16504: IDLE now catches SyntaxErrors raised by tokenizer.
  - Issue #16702: test_urllib2_localnet tests now correctly ignores proxies
    for localhost tests.
  - Issue #16713: Fix the parsing of tel url with params using urlparse
  - Issue #16443: Add docstrings to regular expression match objects.
  - Issue #8853: Allow port to be of type long for socket.getaddrinfo().
  - Issue #16597: In buffered and text IO, call close() on the underlying
    stream if invoking flush() fails.
  - Issue #15701: Fix HTTPError info method call to return the headers
  - Issue #14958: Change IDLE systax highlighting to recognize all string
    and byte literals currently supported in Python 2.7.
  - Issue #15324: Fix regrtest parsing of --fromfile and --randomize options.
  - Issue #16618: Add more regression tests for glob.
  - Issue #13094: add "Why do lambdas defined in a loop with different values
    all return the same result?" programming FAQ.
* python-config --help returns with an exit value 0. LP: #1093860.
* Update package description for the -dbg packages. Closes: #696616.

39. By Matthias Klose on 2012-12-20

* Update to 20121220, taken from the 2.7 branch.
  - Issue #16646: ftplib.FTP.makeport() might lose socket error details.
  - Issue #16298: In HTTPResponse.read(), close the socket when there is no
    Content-Length and the incoming stream is finished.
* Filter out -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE for the debug builds. Meaningless.
* Install the _sysconfigdata.py and python-config.sh from both shared
  builds, but don't link extensions against the shared python library.
  Closes: #695979.
* Fix python2.7-dbg-config symlink. LP: #1091615.
* During purge, check for existance of /etc/python2.7 before trying
  to remove it. Closes: #696023.
* python2.7-dev, libpython2.7-dev: Drop the dependency on libssl-dev.
* debian/patches/sys-multiarch.diff: Expose multiarch tuple as
  sys._multiarch (Barry Warsaw). Closes: #695958.
  Note: Usage of sysconfig.get_config_var('MULTIARCH') is preferred.

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