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15. By Colin Watson

* Rename XC-Package-Type control fields to Package-Type.
* Note the presence of ped_disk_dasd_done and ped_disk_dasd_init symbols
  on s390 and s390x.
* Note the presence of ped_device_new_from_store on hurd-any.
* Add ${misc:Depends} to libparted0-dev's Depends field.

14. By Colin Watson

* New upstream release (closes: #646130, LP: #1046391; see #754582 for
  transition tracking):
  - Improve support of DASD devices on s390 (closes: #578097).
  - Remove old and unmaintainable file system creation, deletion, and
    copying code; please use other FS-specific tools instead (closes:
    #399046, #481435, #751406). Most resizing code is also gone, although
    HFS+ and FAT resizing is still available via libparted-fs-resize.
  - Fix snap radius to avoid miscalculation of partition size when the
    start or end is 1<unit> (closes: #706023).
* Update binary package names to libparted2 (etc.). We can safely drop
  the "debian1" suffix now, as the previous incarnation of libparted2 was
  about 14 years ago, and the Conflicts against it were made versioned
  four years ago in 2.2-4.
* Split off separate packages for libparted-fs-resize, which has a
  different SONAME.
* Remove largely-unhelpful version from libparted-i18n and libparted-dev
  package names.
* Add .symbols files and stop using the old "make check-abi" mechanism,
  which was cumbersome and appears to be unmaintained upstream. This is
  also more robust against differing build options (closes: #744313).
* Convert from the long-deprecated dh_movefiles to dh_install.
* Remove lots of parameterisation from the packaging which was intended to
  make it easier to handle SONAME changes. Enough things still have to be
  adjusted manually that it didn't really help, and it made the packaging
  harder to understand.
* Modernise and correct use of dpkg-architecture variables to work better
  when cross-building.
* Drop another vestige of the old parted-bf package.
* Stop shipping static libraries.
* Use dh_link to fix up .so links in libparted-dev rather than doing it by
  hand in debian/rules.
* Move development libraries into multiarch directories and mark
  libparted-dev as Multi-Arch: same.
* Drop -fgnu89-inline workaround, which is no longer needed (and was
  actually disabled by accident in 2.3-10).
* Drop the hardcoded minimum version passed to dh_makeshlibs, since this
  is now effectively superseded by the .symbols file.
* Update Vcs-* to current canonical URLs.
* Convert to dh(1).
* Make parted and parted-udeb have exact-version dependencies on
  libparted2 and libparted2-udeb respectively.
* Add a libparted0-dev transitional package. Most of the packages that
  build-depend on us have a versioned build-dependency on libparted0-dev
  right now, so this greatly simplifies the transition.
* Stop disabling pc98 support on powerpc; 3.1 tightened up pc98 probing so
  that it has many fewer false positives.
* Remove use of --disable-Werror on several architectures; as of 3.0,
  parted no longer supports this configure option and just builds without

13. By Colin Watson

* New upstream release.

[ Colin Watson ]
* Upstream now uses libtool's versioning system, so the SONAME has changed
  from "libparted-2.1.so.0" to "libparted.so.0". Change library package
  names to libparted0 etc. to match. This actually returns to a SONAME
  that was used for a few months in 2000, but it seems unlikely that that
  will cause any problems and I'd rather keep in sync with upstream.

12. By Colin Watson

Make libparted-2.1-dev depend on packages that deliver other libraries
listed in libparted.la (closes: #526896).

11. By Colin Watson

linux-exports.patch: Don't export linux_get_minimum_alignment or
linux_get_optimum_alignment functions.

10. By Colin Watson

Build-depend on libblkid-dev, since otherwise we don't get
minimum/optimum alignment handling on Linux.

9. By Otavio Salvador

* New upstream release

[ Otavio Salvador ]
* control.in: bump preferred soname for libreadline (closes: #553824).

[ Colin Watson ]
* control.in: Remove copy-and-paste error from libparted1.8-i18n
  description (closes: #497626).
* copyright: Document parted.info's licence, namely GFDL 1.1 with no
  invariant sections, front-cover texts, or back-cover texts (closes:
* rules: Cell partition tables are misdetected as pc98, so disable pc98
  support on powerpc (closes: #487833).
* control.in: Don't build-depend on libdevmapper-dev on hurd-i386.
* control.in: Build-depend on libdevmapper-dev (>= 1.02.33), for

[ Xavier Oswald ]
* debian/control.in:
  - Change my mail address
  - Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.3
  - Update Build-Depends on debhelper 7
* debian/compat: update version to 7
* Parted not informing the kernel of changes to the partition table
  (Closes: #557044), fixed upstream

[ Otavio Salvador ]
* debian/watch: fix URL to download
* Switch to quilt to manage patches
  - unpartitioned-disks.dpatch, drop (merged upstream)
  - unblacklist-md.dpatch, drop (merged upstream)
  - amiga-raid-lvm-fix.dpatch, drop (not used for ages)
  - devfs.dpatch, drop (devfs is not used)
  - reiserfs-libname.dpatch, drop (referenced library is unavailable)

[ Xavier Oswald, Colin Watson ]
* Refresh update-ext4-code.patch

[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Fix parted-doc info files installation
* Add lintian overrides for parted package
* Use soname in libparted udeb name

8. By Cyril Brulebois <email address hidden>

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Add -fgnu89-inline to CFLAGS to fix FTBFS (Closes: #442308).
* Make the packages binNMU-safe by using binary:Version and source:Version
  instead of Source-Version.

7. By Steinar H. Gunderson

* Non-maintainer upload.
* gpt.dpatch: Put the alternative GPT partition table one sector further
  out, to avoid having it overlap with the last sector of one partition.
  (Closes: #349718)

6. By Otavio Salvador

[ Bastian Blank ]
* Fix s390 patch to not intend to use ibm disklabels on FBA. (Closes: #369580)

[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Ack NMU. (Closes: #369491)
* Add Bastian Blank <email address hidden> as uploader.
* Add libparted changelog in libparted1.7-1 and libparted1.7-dev
  packages. (Closes: #369780)
* Apply patch from David Härdeman <david@2gen.com> to improve lvm
  support to include all kind of device-mapper devices. (Closes: #367965)
* Fix s390 patch to apply again after lvm support improvement.

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