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13. By Andreas Cadhalpun on 2015-07-09

[ Andreas Cadhalpun ]
* Build libavcodec-extra flavor.
* Add encdec-extra autopkgtest for the libavcodec-extra flavor.
* Add lib*-dev and libav-tools-links packages.
* Drop README.Debian.
* Remove bogus apng-ffm autopkg test.
* Explicitly build-depend on liblzma-dev used by the tiff decoder.
* Use the pkg-multimedia repository for the Vcs links.
* Use the plain lib*-dev packages for the test dependencies.
* Disable libssh on sparc due to #790067.
* Remove temporary gdb dependency on sparc64.
* Enable openal on sparc64.

[ Carl Eugen Hoyos ]
* Disable x265 on alpha due to #789807.

12. By Andreas Cadhalpun on 2014-09-18

* Cherrypick patches from upstream:
   - fix-build-when-AV_READ_TIME-is-unavailable.patch:
     This fixes building on armel, mipsel and s390x.
   - vf_deshake-rename-Transform.vector-to-Transform.vec.patch:
     This fixes building on powerpc and ppc64el.
   - avcodec-x86-vp9lpf_Always-include-x86util.asm.patch:
     This fixes the executable stack lintian warning for libavcodec on i386.
* Add lintian overrides for shlib-with-non-pic-code on i386, where non-PIC
  code is allowed.
* Don't enable opencl, because it is considered experimental.
* Bump policy to 3.9.6 (no changes required).
* Mark ffmpeg-doc as Multi-Arch: foreign.
* Install the headers in the triplet subdirectory of /usr/include.
  This is necessary, because some headers (e.g. libavutil/avconfig.h)
  are architecture-dependant.

11. By Andreas Cadhalpun on 2014-09-14

* Import new major upstream release 2.4. (Closes: #729203)
   - Fixes CVE-2014-5271: proresenc_ks: fix buffer overflow
   - Fixes CVE-2014-5272: iff: fix out of array access
   - The non-free image tests/lena.pnm is not shipped anymore.
* Switch Vcs-Browser to the cgit interface.
* In the development packages add symbolic links from the standard lib*.so
  library names to the suffixed ones.
  This makes it possible to use the normal linker flags, e.g. '-lavcodec',
  to link against the FFmpeg libraries with '-ffmpeg' suffix.
* Add missing copyright holders/years to debian/copyright.
* Fix wildcard-matches-nothing-in-dep5-copyright lintian warnings.
* Add qt-faststart to the Recommends: of the ffmpeg binary package.
* Configure with --enable-libshine, since libshine >= 3.0.0 is now available
  in Debian.
* Drop pkg-config_file_without_build_suffix.patch and instead create symlinks
  from the lib*.pc files to the suffixed lib*-ffmpeg.pc files.
* Install similar symlinks for the static libraries.
* Don't hardcode default.css as CSS filename in debian/ffmpeg-doc.install.
* Drop patches included upstream:
   - makeinfo.patch
   - Fix-spelling.patch
* Update Change-symbol-versioning.patch.
* Adapt the packaging to the changed library soversions.
* Generalize ffmpeg.lintian-overrides with wildcards.
* Add debian/missing-sources with the sources of the minified CSS files in
  the upstream tarball.
* Create the minified CSS files during package build instead of using the
  ones shipped in the tarball.
  For this add cleancss and node-less to Build-Depends-Indep.
* Update debian/copyright.

10. By Reinhard Tartler on 2010-11-19

[ Jonas Smedegaard ]
* Relax mplayer Breaks to permit backports and other early releases.

[ Reinhard Tartler ]
* Bump Standards-Version, no changes needed.

[ Matthias Klose ]
* Configure with --enable-pic on powerpc. LP: #654666.

9. By Reinhard Tartler on 2010-11-01

* Imported Upstream version 0.6.1
* prepare new upload
* remove patches merged upstream
* add gitignore file

8. By Reinhard Tartler on 2010-06-29

[ Fabian Greffrath ]
* Enable RTMP[E] support via librtmp.
* Disable aac encoder, see README.Debian.
* Fix obsolete-relation-form for the internal dependencies.
* Merge debian/README.Source into debian/README.source and add section
* Remove obsoleted support for the non-free libamr-nb/wb.

[ Reinhard Tartler ]
* enable runtime-cpudetect
* conditionally build against opencore-amr if installed in the build
* update upstream url in debian/copyright
* fix usage documentation in debian/get-orig-source.sh
* update dep3 headers for debian/patches/900_doxyfile
* add proper replaces for moving presets back to ffmpeg
* make debian/patches gbp-pq friendly
* Add VP80 fourcc to libavformat/riff.c
* Backport-AAC-HE-v2
* bump Standards-Version, no changes needed

7. By Reinhard Tartler on 2010-06-16

* new upstream release
  - adds VP8 support via libvpx, Closes: #582274
* depend on libavfilter-extra-1 instead of -0, Closes: #583728
* add conflicts to the ffprobe package, it has been merged upstream now

6. By Reinhard Tartler on 2010-01-24

* update to new upstream. Closes: #569727
  - fixes various segfaults and other minor feature improvements
    Closes: #374931, #522449, #501891, #559712, #420231, #369127, #538082,
            #298095, #294422, #561553, #525385, #495274, #420230
    LP: #305286, #457106, #529200, #301723, #305315, #336479, #420230,
        #412063, #428912, #432181, #440591, #453732, #453732, #453732,
    #514259, #515243, #521472, #530186, #530186, #197842, #483317,
   #483317, #539407, #280098, #331255, #566107, #569823, #570305,
* Fixup lintian overrides for new upstream snapshot
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.4
* Many upstream changes, see upstream Changelog for details

5. By Reinhard Tartler on 2010-01-15

[ Loïc Minier ]
* Use default toolchain setup on ARM flavors for noopt and only add FPU
  CFLAGS in the VFP and NEON flavors; this is ok since internally, cpu will
  be set to "generic" but -march=generic or -mcpu=generic will NOT be added
  to the build flags.
* Build all armel flavours with -marm since ffmpeg has a lot of hand crafted
  assembly which doesn't build in the new lucid default mode (Thumb 2);
  LP: #488267
* Build all armel flavours with -fPIC -DPIC instead of just the neon flavour
  as the new flags/toolchain require this in Ubuntu lucid.
* Build some assembly test code -- just like configure -- to decide whether
  the *default* toolchain uses vfp or neon to decided whether to build the
  vfp and neon flavors.
* Drop --disable/--enable opt flags such as --disable-neon or
  --enable-armvfp on ARM since the upstream configure script will do the
  right thing when the proper flags are set.

[ Reinhard Tartler ]
* build with PIC on powerpc (Closes: #561956)

4. By Reinhard Tartler on 2010-01-06

[ Loïc Minier ]
* Disable more autodetecter ARM arch features
* Enable neon flavour
* Update NEON confflags to assume v7 and VFP
* Add backported NEON patches from ffmpeg trunk
* Pass proper --cpu and --extra-flags on armel
* Pass -fPIC -DPIC to neon pass

[ Fabian Greffrath ]
* Initialize the FLAVORS variable to static instead of appending to
  it. Also, we do not support the internalencoders variable anymore.

[ Andres Mejia ]
* Remove unused patches from packaging.
* Update Vcs-* entries to new location.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.3.

[ Reinhard Tartler ]
* change shlibs file to make applications depend on the -extra- packages
* loosen dependencies further, so that the -dev packages remain
  installable even if ffmpeg-extra is 'out-of-date'
* add patch for issue1245: Make arguments of av_set_pts_info() unsigned.
* Support constant-quant encoding for libtheora, LP: #356322
* increase swscale compile time width (VOF/VOFW), LP: #443264
* Backports of various security patches, Closes: #550442, including:
   - backport fixes for vorbis_dec
   - backport oggparsevorbis fix
   - backport vp3 fixes
   - backport ffv1 fix
   - libavcodec/mpegaudiodec.c backports
   - h264 security backports
   - backported libavformat/mov.c security fixes
   - backported libavformat/oggdec.c security fixes
   - backport svn r18016 aka 'MOV-Support-stz2-Compact-Sample-Size-Box'
     to fix FTBFS
* enable symbol versioning
* bump shlibs version
* add README.source describing how this source package manages patches
* make sure the ${misc:Depends} substvar is used for each binary package

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