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8. By I. De Marchi

 * New upstream release.
 * Change the Description field in debian/control file
   Thanks to Martin Eberhard Schauer and Justin B Rye
   (Closes: #620942).
 * Update to Standards-Version 3.9.6:
    +Update debian/copyright file to version 1.0
     Thanks to Andreas Moog.
 * Update debian/rules to dh $@ system.
 * Update debhelper to v. 9.
    +Change debian/compat to 9.
 * Add debian/libreoffice-dmaths.install file.
 * Remove build dependencies to zip and unzip
   from debian/control file.
   Are not necessary with the new debian/rules.
 * Repackage the upstream DmathsAddon.oxt file removing
   undistributable files from Fichiers/userguides/reglestypo/
   directory with licensing issues (see #609569).
   Also unnecessary files and an empty directory are eliminated.
   (see debian/README.source for more details).
 * Add debian/README.source file to explain repackage sources
    + Add remove line for DmathsAddon/Fichiers/license.txt.
    + Hence, update the debian/libreoffice-dmaths.lintian-overrides
      file (and add comments).
 * Remove the debian/docs file (now is unnecessary).
 * Remove the unnecessary overrides in overrides file,
   add new overrides and comments.
 * Corrected some typos in debian/copyright file.
 * Remove dmaths.patch (now is unnecessary).
 * Update years in debian/copyright file.
 * Closes the openoffice.org-dmaths bug: don't exist this
   package now (LP: #473422).
 * Delete coments into debian/rules file. Thanks to Andreas Moog.
 * Change control/Priority to optional.
 * Change dependecy from libreoffice-writer and libreoffice-draw
   to libreoffice-writer | libreoffice-draw.
 * Update debian/Copyright file:
   + Add Alain Hague copyright.
   - Remove duplicate files and removed files copyright.
 * It is not possible to run debian/wacht that works.
   See debian/wacht for more information.
 * Add Vcs-Browser and Vcs-Git fields in debian/control.

7. By I. De Marchi

* New upstream release.
* Update for LibreOffice (patch from Rene Engelhard) (Closes: #612333):
  - Changed the package name (openoffice.org-dmaths to
  - Changed the description field accordingly.
  - Changed the install directory accordingly.
  - Changed the packages dependencies (in debian/control).
  - Removed files preinst, postinst and prerm.
* Repackage upstream tarball removing undistributable files
  (in source root directory)
  with licensing issues (see #609569).
* Repackage the upstream DmathsAddon.oxt file removing
  undistributable files from Fichiers/userguides/reglestypo/
  directory with licensing issues (see #609569).
* Updated README.Debian file.
* Updated debian/docs accordingly.
* Updated to format 3.0 (add debian/source/format).
* Updated Standards-Version to 3.9.1.
* Changed debian/compat to 7.
* Changed dh_clean -k for dh_prep in debian/rules.
* Removed docbook-to-man to Build-Depend field.
* debian/copyright file formatted to dep5 and
  updated the data copyright.
* Add dversionmangle option to debian/watch file.
* Deleted dh_installman and dh_installmenu
  of debian/rules.
* Add libreoffice-dmaths.lintian-overrides file
  (warning messages by installing multiple image
  files in usr/lib/libreoffice/share/extensions/DmathsAddon).
* Removed DmInstall/DialogStrings_fr_FR.properties~ file
  (in rules file).

6. By I. De Marchi

* New mantainer (Closes: #595544).
* Repackage upstream tarball removing undistributable files with
  licensing issues (Closes: #609569).
* Add README.Debian about the removed files.
* Update debian/docs accordingly.

5. By Miguel Gea Milvaques

* New upstream release (Closes: #513386)
* Bumped standars version
* Updated dmaths.patch to remove the license prompt.
* Updated copyright file (Added Andy Lewis as upstream)

4. By Miguel Gea Milvaques

* Added zip and unzip build-depends (Closes: #483339)
* Removed obsolete manpage

3. By Miguel Gea Milvaques

* dmaths binary package renamed to openoffice.org-dmaths (Closes: #474374)
* Modified package description (Closes: #474772)
* Moved oxt file to /usr/lib/openoffice/share/extension/install/
(Closes: #474382)
* Removed GPL popup and registered globally. Removed install-dmaths script
  (Closes: #474375)

2. By Miguel Gea Milvaques

Initial release (Closes: #405988)

1. By Miguel Gea Milvaques

Import upstream version 3.1

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