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41. By Didier Raboud on 2015-04-12

* New upstream release
   - cups-browsed: Use g_source_remove() instead of g_source_destroy()
     for killing auto shutdown timers (LP: #1427344).

40. By Didier Raboud on 2015-03-11

* New 1.0.66 upstream release
  - cups-browsed: SECURITY FIX: Fixed a bug in the remove_bad_chars()
    failing to reliably filter out illegal characters if there are two
    or more subsequent illegal characters, allowing execution of
    arbitrary commands with the rights of the "lp" user, using forged
    print service announcements on DNS-SD servers (Bug #1265).
    (Closes: #780267, CVE-2015-2265)
  - Lots of bug fixes on legacy browsing/broadcasting. Thanks to Tim Waugh
    from Red Hat.
  - cups-browsed: Added PPD file generator for IPP Everywhere and other
    suitable IPP printers. So IPP printers set up automatically (using
    "CreateIPPPrinterQueues Yes" in cups-browsed.conf) get PPD files is
    possible and so printing options are sown in all print dialogs. The
    dialog does not need to request option information from the printer
    via IPP. Code taken from CUPS 2.1.x development branch.

[ Didier Raboud ]
* Update copyright years for Till's contributions

[ Till Kamppeter ]
* Added build dependency on libglib2.0-dev

39. By Didier Raboud on 2015-01-15

* New upstream bug fix release
  - cups-browsed: Added support for "BrowseAllow All" in the
    cups-browsed.conf file; drop the backported patch.

38. By Till Kamppeter on 2013-04-10

* New upstream bug fix release 1.0.33:
   - cups-browsed: Added NULL check (Upstream bug #1106).
* New upstream bug fix release 1.0.34:
   - pdftopdf: Fixed duplex printing logic. Before when printing
     duplex jobs with multiple copies and a odd number of pages,
     the first page of the second copy got onto the back side of
     the last page of the first copy, rendering printing more than
     one copy unusable.
   - cups-browsed: If a queue left over from the last session
     gets confirmed, fill in the data structure with the Bonjour
     parameters, also update the Bonjour parameters if a local
     queue is upgraded from IPP to IPPS.

37. By Till Kamppeter on 2013-04-04

* New upstream bug fix release
   - cups-browsed: Added NULL check (Upstream bug #1106).

36. By Didier Raboud on 2013-04-04

* New upstream bug fix release
   - cups-browsed: Shared algorithm to generate local queues based on
     browsed remote queue data between Bonjour and CUPS browsing, as the
     simpler method used for CUPS browsing could overwrite local print
     queues and had de-duplication problems, for example if the server
     appears on two IPs in the network (connected by both ethernet and
   - cups-browsed: CUPS broadcasting also broadcasted non-shared,
     especially cups-browsed-generated printers. Switched to detection
     of non-shared printers by the appropriate bit in the printer-type
     bit field IPP attribute.
   - cups-browsed: Made CUPS broadcasting work also without BrowseAllow
     lines in cups-browsed.conf. In this case we accept all remote
     printers (LP: #1163764).
   - README: Updated documentation for cups-browsed.
   - Added more comments and examples to /etc/cups/cups-browsed.conf.
   - cups-browsed: Added support for "...:<port>" extensions of
     BrowsePoll addresses. Thanks to Tim Waugh from Red Hat
     (LP: #1159213).

[ Till Kamppeter ]
* Let cups-browsed overtake browsing-related directives from
  /etc/cups/cupsd.conf into /etc/cups/cups-browsed.conf. Comment out
  directives which introduce CUPS broadcasting/browsing so that users
  use this deprecated method only if absolutely necessary. Add
  comments to tell the user about how to use the added lines.
  (LP: #1159213)

[ Didier Raboud ]
* Use the new fonts-freefont-ttf package name
* Add simple cups-browsed init script (Closes: #700929)

35. By Didier Raboud on 2013-04-03

* New upstream release
   - cups-browsed: cups-browsed removed valid local queues pointing to
     remote queues when cups-browsed did not shut down cleanly after
     the previous session, leaving the user with missing local accessor
     queues for some of the remote CUPS queues.
   - pdftopdf: Improved error output.
   - pdftopdf: getRotation now handles unusual cases more graceful
     (LP: #1154318).
   - cups-browsed: Do not remove a generated local print queue when
     it was made the system default printer.
   - texttopdf: Fixed corrupted pdf when a utf-8 title is given and
     corresponding crash with 'prettyprint' (LP: #1137438).
   - cups-browsed: Added CUPS Broadcasting for sharing local printers
     to remote CUPS clients with CUPS 1.5.x and older. Thanks to Tim
     Waugh from Red Hat.
   - cups-browsed: Added sample config-file and build-time default
     setting options. Thanks to Tim Waugh from Red Hat.
   - cups-browsed: Added CUPS browsing and BrowsePoll functionality, to
     be backwards compatible to CUPS 1.5.x and older servers. Thanks
     to Tim Waugh from Red Hat.
   - pdftopdf: Fixed incorrect evenDuplex page insertion (Upstream bug #1088).
   - pdftoopvp: Let it build with Poppler 0.22.x. Thanks to Koji Otani
     from BBR Inc. (Upstream bug #1089).

[ St├ęphane Graber ]
* In upstart, only start cups-browsed if avahi-daemon is started.

[ Till Kamppeter ]
* Added build dependency on libavahi-glib-dev.
* Build-depend on libqpdf-dev >= 4.0.1, to make printing filled PDF forms
  work via pdftopdf.
* Install /etc/cups/cups-browsed.conf.
* Set default "BrowseRemoteProtocols dnssd" in /etc/cups/cups-browsed.conf.

[ Didier Raboud ]
* Reduce Priority/Section redundancy in debian/control
* Fix minor debian/copyright caveats
* Make the libcupsfilters-dev description more verbose.
* Don't double-install NEWS as doc and changelog
* Make the libfontembed-dev description more verbose.
* Move under the Debian Printing Team umbrella.
* Add initial libfontembed1 symbols file.

34. By Till Kamppeter on 2013-01-04

* New upstream release
   - cups-browsed: Added daemon to browse the Bonjour broadcasts of
     shared remote CUPS printers and automatically add local raw queues
     pointing to them, to resemble the behavior of the former CUPS
     broadcasting/browsing which was dropped in CUPS 1.6. Now remote
     printers appear as local print queues as before, but with the
     standardized Bonjour broadcasting (LP: #1086019, LP: #1061063,
     LP: #1061069).
* debian/control: Added build dependencies on Avahi, needed for the new
  cups-browsed and also a new binary package named cups-browsed.
* debian/cups-browsed.install: New cups-browsed binary package.
* debian/local/cups-browsed.upstart: Upstart configuration file for
* debian/rules: Added everything needed so that the cups-browsed daemon gets
  started automatically.
* debian/cups-filters.install: Include files from /usr/bin.

33. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-11-28

* New upstream release
   - urftopdf: Newly added filter to convert the URF format which (at
     least some) iOS apps send when printing via AirPrint (Upstream bug
   - pdftopdf: pdfautorotate functionality has been patched directly
     into pdftopdf (LP: #1040037, Upstream bug #1080).
   - pdftopdf: "mirror" produced only empty pages (XObjects not there).
   - pdftopdf: Fixed segfault on "page-ranges=1-2147483647" (from cups).
   - pdftopdf: Fixed collate filler insertion.
   - texttopdf: Fixed deficient string escaping (Upstream bug #1071).
   - serial backend: Added check for sys/ioctl.h to configure.ac (Upstream bug
* debian/patches/texttopdf-fix-deficient-string-escaping.patch: Removed
  fix backported from upstream.
* debian/rules: Added "DEB_DH_FIXPERMS_ARGS := -Xusr/lib/cups/backend" to not
  correct the permissions of CUPS backends (LP: #1076786).

32. By Didier Raboud on 2012-10-18

Add bc to cups-filters' depends as pstopdf uses it.

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