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13. By Chow Loong Jin on 2011-09-09

* [233bb9c] Imported Upstream version 2.1.4
  + Enhancements since 2.1.3:
    - DuplicateSongDetector: Add toggling by activating row
    - DuplicateSongDetector: Add a refresh and close button to the toolbar
    - OpenVP: Add new "Spectrum Scan" and "Spectrum Rain" visualizations
    - OpenVP: Make "Scaled Voiceprint" visualization look nicer (bgo#658304)
  + Notable bugs fixed since 2.1.3:
    - ClutterFlow: Fix crash when searching (bgo#658334)
    - StreamRecorder: Fix files not being split by metadata
      (bgo#656339, LP: #824393)

12. By Chow Loong Jin on 2011-08-27

* [7f6490e] Enable lirc package
* [11e79bc] Imported Upstream version 2.1.3
  + New extensions:
    - AlbumArtWriter: Write album art to the folder containing the music files
    - DuplicateSongDetector: Detect and remove duplicate songs in your library
  + Enhancements:
    - Mirage: Re-enable rescan and reset methods (bgo#653826)
    - OpenVP: Add a new "Scaled Voiceprint" visualization
  + Notable bugs fixed:
    - RandomByLastfm: Do not query Last.fm when offline (bgo#634785)
    - LastfmFingerprint: Build only if enabled in the build (bgo#657013)
* [6cfc562] Add Album Art Writer and Duplicate Song Detection extensions
* [85d613c] Drop upstreamed patches
* [4c4630f] No change Standards-Version bump (3.9.1 → 3.9.1)
* [bc88cbf] Fix deletion of .la files

11. By Iain Lane on 2011-06-17

No-change rebuild vs. new zeitgeist-sharp ABI

10. By Chow Loong Jin on 2011-06-14

* [39d331d] Fix pushd usage inside Makefile
* [2b7eac6] Imported Upstream version 2.1.1:
  + Enhancements since 2.0.0:
    - Use dbus-sharp instead of ndesk-dbus. The Telepathy extension does not
      bundle the ndesk-dbus sources anymore.
    - ClutterFlow: Major refactoring and code cleanup, for better readability.
  + Notable bugs fixed since 2.0.0:
    - ClutterFlow: Fix NRE crash (bgo#647134)
    - Karaoke: add an gst_init() call to make sure gstreamer is working
    - Karaoke: fix NRE on dispose if audiokaraoke was not found
    - LastfmFingerprint: Don't strdup strings
    - LastfmFingerprint: Fix empty name exception (bgo#648168)
    - Lirc: Drop liblirc_client.so moduleref (LP: #773686)
    - LiveRadio: Re-enable ShoutCast with request structure from
    - Lyrics: Always update pane title when track changes (bgo#647108)
    - RadioStationFetcher: Updated the shoutcast plugin to fix the IP address
    - ZeitgeistDataprovider: Register dataprovider in DataSource Registry
      (LP: #691842)
    - ZeitgeistDataprovider: Differenciate between ScheduledActivity and
      UserActivity (LP: #748120)
* [b28fd78] Drop upstreamed patches
* Fix unresolved modulerefs with cli-common-dev 0.8 (Closes: #627384)
  + [0787020] Exclude libgdk-win32 moduleref
  + [597f885] Cherry-pick liblastfmfpbridge dllmap
  + [94a7827] Exclude glibsharpglue-2 moduleref
  + [f042731] Cherry-pick patch to fix gstreamer dllimport
* [b83b3e2] Use dh_gencontrol -- -V for substvars

9. By Chow Loong Jin on 2010-11-12

* New upstream release
  + New extensions
    - [Ampache] Browse and play your remote music with Ampache
    - [LastfmFingerprint] Identify your music automatically, using the Last.fm
      online service
    - [RandomByLastfm] Shuffle your library using information from the Last.fm
      online service
  + Bugs Fixed:
    - [SoundMenu] Fix removal of the preference checkbox (LP #668223)
* debian/copyright: Updated to include new extensions
* debian/banshee-extension-{ampache,lastfmfingerprint,randombylastfm}.install,
  + Add and enable the three new extensions
* debian/patches/fix-ampache-unicode.patch:
  + Fix FTBFS due to unicode character in source
* debian/patches/0001-Ampache-Fix-compilation-with-banshee-1.9.0.patch:
  + Fix FTBFS with 1.9.0
* debian/patches/fsck-intltool.patch: Workaround intltool stupidity with quilt
* debian/copyright: Update FSF address on LGPL-3+ clause

8. By Chow Loong Jin on 2010-10-01

* New upstream release
  + [AlarmClock] Rework synchronization to avoid an infinite loop
  + [AlarmClock] Fix a crash on exit
  + [SoundMenu] Add dependency on the MPRIS extension
* Bump banshee build-dep version to 1.8.0

7. By Chow Loong Jin on 2010-08-24

* New upstream release
  + New extensions:
    - [OpenVP] Add various visualizations to the Now Playing source
    - [SoundMenu] Control Banshee from the sound menu available in Ubuntu
  + Enhancements
    - User help is now available, automatically integrated into the Banshee
      help pages.
    - [AppIndicator] Avoid conflicts with NotificationArea by not being
      enabled at the same time
  + Bugs fixed:
    - [AppIndicator] Fix toggle state issue when the window was launched from
      its starter
    - [AppIndicator] Stop the notifications from lagging and stacking up
    - [AppIndicator] Use banshee-panel icon if it exists
    - [ClutterFlow] Fix crash when checking GL extensions
    - [ClutterFlow] Copy the clutter-sharp assemblies during installation
    - [LiveRadio] Fix ShoutCAST streams (lp#572819)
    - [LiveRadio] Fix crash when disabling last enabled plugin (bgo#623983)
    - [Lyrics] Follow the WriteMetadata preference
    - [Mirage] Remove the ineffective "Duplicate Search" menu entry
    - [Mirage] Explicitly link mirageaudiotest to GStreamer libs (bgo#624084)
    - [Mirage] Delay initialization to avoid slowing down Banshee's startup
    - [StreamRecorder] Use a filesink in the gstreamer pipeline (bgo#616167)
    - [Telepathy] Update Now Playing information when gapless is on
    - [UbuntuOneMusicStore] Delay initialization until actually needed
* debian/control:
  + Build-dep on banshee (>= 1.7.4)
  + Tighten binary dependency on banshee in anticipation of future ABI
  + No-change Standards-Version bump from 3.8.4 to 3.9.1
* debian/(control, banshee-extension-openvp.install,
  banshee-extension-alarm.install, rules):
  + Introduce banshee-extension-openvp package
  + Enable and install new OpenVP extension to new package
  + Disable SoundMenu (indicate-sharp not yet in Debian)
  + Enable user help
* debian/copyright:
  + Update to document the licensing of OpenVP and SoundMenu

6. By Chow Loong Jin on 2010-07-26

* Rebuild against new Banshee (1.7.3)
* debian/control: Build-dep on banshee (>= 1.7.3)

5. By Chow Loong Jin on 2010-06-08

* New upstream bugfix release:
  + [AppIndicator] Fix toggle state issue when the window was launched
    from its starter (LP: #584364)
  + [AppIndicator] Stop the notifications from lagging and stacking up
  + [AppIndicator] Use banshee-panel icon if it exists
  + [LiveRadio] Fix ShoutCAST streams (LP: #572819)
  + [Lyrics] Follow the WriteMetadata preference (LP: #586174)
  + [Mirage] Remove the ineffective "Duplicate Search" menu entry
  + [StreamRecorder] Use a filesink in the gstreamer pipeline (LP: #581832)
* debian/control:
  + Demote avant-window-navigator to suggests in banshee-extension-awn
  + Correct spelling error "Banshe" in short description of
    banshee-extension-coverwallpaper (Closes: #577797)
  + Shift banshee dependency to banshee-extensions-common. This fixes an
    issue where the metapackage was not removed even after Banshee's
  + Make banshee-community-extensions depend on banshee, so that the
    metapackage is also removed if Banshee is uninstalled.
  + Use Recommends instead of Depends for dependencies of the
    banshee-community-extensions metapackage so that individual extensions
    may be uninstalled.
* debian/source/format:
  + Update to 3.0 (quilt) format

4. By Chow Loong Jin on 2010-04-04

* New upstream release
* debian/(control, banshee-extension-appindicator.install):
  + Add Application Indicator package and build-depends (commented out
    because these dependencies are not present in Debian yet)
* debian/copyright:
  + Document more MIT/X11 files in Mirage's source
  + Document LGPL-3 files in Banshee.Telepathy
  + Document bundled NDesk.DBus in Banshee.Telepathy
  + Document Banshee.Lirc copyrights
* debian/rules:
  + --disable-appindicator
* debian/patches/*, debian/control, debian/rules:
  + Drop all patches, applied upstream and/or not needed any more
  + De-quiltify package

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