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68. By Michael Vogt

[ Julian Andres Klode ]
* Revert "Fix select timeout to be 50msec instead of 0.5msec" for acquire
* .travis.yml: Add pinned vivid for gettext and clean up a bit
* Allow -i and -u as aliases for installed and upgradable in list

67. By Michael Vogt

[ Michael Vogt ]
* Use xgettext --no-location in make update-pot
* Fix select timeout to be 50msec instead of 0.5msec (Closes: #799857)

[ David Kalnischkies ]
* M-A: allowed pkgs of unconfigured archs do not statisfy :any
* implement dpkgs vision of interpreting pkg:<arch> dependencies
* add Source-Version field for EDSP
* fix insecure use of /tmp in EDSP solver 'dump' (Closes: 795600)
* select kernels to protect from autoremove based on Debian version
  (Closes: 787827)
* implement autobit and pinning in EDSP solver 'apt'
* do not discard new manual-bits while applying EDSP solutions
* include debug information in the autoremove-kernels file
* avoid using global PendingError to avoid failing too often too soon
* implement apt-get source msg 'Please use: $vcs' for git
* do not ignore differently versioned self-provides
* do not generate bogus hashes if hash is disabled in apt-ftparchive
* use APT::FTPArchive hash settings as default for APT::FPArchive::$filetype
* add --sha512 option + documentation for apt-ftparchive
* deal with spaces in path, command and filepaths in apt-key
* add by-hash sources.list option and document all of by-hash
* fallback to well-known URI if by-hash fails (Closes: 798919)

66. By Michael Vogt

[ David Kalnischkies ]
* sources.list and indextargets option for pdiffs
* auto-prefix $(SITE) for indextargets Description field
* implement PDiff patching for compressed files
* implement indextargets option 'DefaultEnabled'
* try xz instead of bz2 first for compressed files
* implement $(NATIVE_ARCHITECTURE) substvar for indextargets
* detect and deal with indextarget duplicates
* ignore for _apt inaccessible TMPDIR in pkgAcqChangelog (Closes: 797270)
* if file is inaccessible for _apt, disable privilege drop in acquire
* remove Christian Perrier from Uploaders as requested.
  Thanks to Christian for all the l10n, code & social contributions!
  (Closes: #783337)
* use unusable-for-security hashes for integrity checks
* use clock() as source for SRV randomness

[ Miroslav Kure ]
* Czech program translation update (Closes: 797329)

[ Michael Vogt ]
* Consider md5sum no longer a usable hash
* Add support for writing by-hash dirs in apt-ftparchive

[ Julian Andres Klode ]
* apt-pkg/tagfile.h: Include stdint.h, fixes rdep build failures

65. By Julian Andres Klode

[ Julian Andres Klode ]
* pkgcachegen: Account for remapping when parsing depends from NewPackage.
  Thanks to Jakub Wilk for the bug report and the backtraces (Closes: #796999)
* debian/rules: Only do parallel build if specified in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.
  Thanks to Jakub Wilk for the suggestion
* cacheset: Prefer the depcache over the policy again
* install: Set a local deb as the candidate for that package
* Always close compressed files in FileFd
* Use compressor support from FileFd for ExtractTar instead of programs
* Do not parse Status fields from remote sources

[ David Kalnischkies ]
* just-in-time removal of broken essential packages (Closes: 796070)
* correct 'apt update' download summary line
* ignore AllowMem parameter in cache generation (Closes: 796459)
* add a libapt-pkg recommends apt
* fix various typos reported by codespell
* use always priv-dropping for changelog download as root
* allow explicit dis/enable of IndexTargets in sources options

[ Anders Jonsson ]
* Swedish program translation update (Closes: 796059)

64. By Michael Vogt

[ Michael Vogt ]
* add support for SRV record lookup before connect
* Provide "apt-get full-upgrade" to match "apt full-upgrade"
* Add support for "apt-cache showsrc --only-source srcpkgname"
  Thanks to Steve Slangasek for the suggestion (Closes: 695633)

[ Julian Andres Klode ]
* Support tabs in sources.list files (Closes: #796067)
* Re-indent GetCandidateVerNew() and make ConsiderFiles argument explicit
* postinst: Correctly pass --home instead of -home, and fixup old user.
  Thanks to Niels Thykier for reporting this on IRC

63. By Michael Vogt

[ Michael Vogt ]
* Add "ca-certificates" recommends to apt-transport-https
* test/integration/test-apt-download-progress:
  - fix test failure on fast hardware
* Rename "Size" in ServerState to TotalFileSize
* Make apt compile with clang++ again
* Cleanup includes (Thanks iwyu)

[ David Kalnischkies ]
* reenable patchsize limit option for pdiffs
* better non-virtual metaIndex.LocalFileName() implementation
* mark internal interfaces as hidden
* restore ABI of pkgTagSection
* streamline display of --help in all tools
* allow uninstalled packages to be put on hold
* use 'best' hash for source authentication (LP: #1098738)
* reenable support for -s (and co) in apt-get source (Closes: 742578)
* create directory for extended_states if needed
* create our cache and lib directory always with mode 755
* fix file ownership tests to work on kfreebsd
* use dpkg --merge-avail only if needed in apt-mark
* properly handle already reinstall pkgs in ordering (Closes: 770291)
* correct architecture detection for 'rc' packages for purge (Closes: 770898)
* derive more of https from http method
* properly implement pkgRecord::Parser for *.deb files
* improve https method queue progress reporting.
  Thanks to Robert Edmonds and Anders Kaseorg for initial patchs
  (Closes: 777565, 781509)
* calculate only expected hashes in methods
* calculate hashes while downloading in https
* ensure lists/ files have correct permissions after apt-cdrom add
* unsigned Release files can expire, too
* a hit on Release files means the indexes will be hits too
* remove "first package seen is native package" assumption.
  Thanks to Axel Beckert for testing (Closes: 782777)
* improve partial/ cleanup in abort and failure cases
* a pin of 1000 always means downgrade allowed
* remove unused and strange default-value for pins
* show non-matching m-a:same versions in debug message
* fix 'Source' to 'Package' rename in apt-ftparchive
* sync TFRewrite*Order arrays with dpkg and dak
* stop depending on copy-on-write for std::string
* implement a more c++-style TFRewrite alternative
* rewrite all TFRewrite instances to use the new pkgTagSection::Write
* detect 416 complete file in partial by expected hash
* implement VerifyFile as all-hashes check
* detect Releasefile IMS hits even if the server doesn't
* treat older Release files than we already have as an IMSHit
* don't try other compressions on hashsum mismatch
* rework hashsum verification in the acquire system
* check patch hashes in rred worker instead of in the handler
* add more parsing error checking for rred
* support hashes for compressed pdiff files
* do not request files if we expect an IMS hit
* configureable acquire targets to download additional files
* show URI.Path in all acquire item descriptions
* implement 'apt-get files' to access index targets
* store Release files data in the Cache
* implement default apt-get file --release-info mode (Closes: 752702)
* populate the Architecture field for PackageFiles (Closes: 687255)
* hide Translation-* in 'apt-cache policy' output
* provide a public interface for acquiring changelogs
  (Closes: 687147, 739854, 784027, 787190)
* ensure valid or remove destination file in file method
* deal better with acquiring the same URI multiple times
* call URIStart in cdrom and file method
* show item ID in Hit, Ign and Err lines as well
* condense parallel requests with the same hashes to one
* support lang= and target= sources.list options
* bring back deb822 sources.list entries as .sources
* detect and error out on conflicting Trusted settings
* merge indexRecords into metaIndex
* add sources.list Check-Valid-Until and Valid-Until-{Max,Min} options
* implement Signed-By option for sources.list
* remove the longtime deprecated vendor{,list} stuff
* allow individual targets to be kept compressed
* support gpg 2.1.x in apt-key (Closes: 781042)
* merge keyrings with cat instead of gpg in apt-key.
  Thanks to Daniel Kahn Gillmor for the suggestion
* handle site-changing redirects as mirror changes
* disable locking even for root in --simulate
* rename 'apt-get files' to 'apt-get indextargets'
* enforce GCC5 C++11 ABI and usage
* show or-groups in not-installed recommends and suggests lists
* hide implicit deps in apt-cache again by default
* just-in-time creation for (explicit) negative deps
* add volatile sources support in libapt-pkg
* parse packages from all architectures into the cache
* enhance "hit paywall" error message to mention the probable cause
* drop extra newline in 'Failed to fetch' and 'GPG error' message
* mark again deps of pkgs in APT::Never-MarkAuto-Sections as manual.
  Thanks to Raphaël Hertzog and Adam Conrad for detailed reports and
  initial patches (Closes: 793360) (LP: #1479207)
* change to libapt-pkg abi 5.0 with versioned symbols
* move APT::Never-MarkAuto-Sections handling to MarkDelete
* move manual-bit from 'oldlibs' pkg to its dependencies
* remove Dir:: scope limit of RootDir in the documentation (Closes: 659387)
* add {contrib,non-free}/{metapackages,oldlibs} to section specialhandling
  (Closes: 788320)

[ Frans Spiesschaert ]
* Dutch program translation update (Closes: 771039)

[ Julien Patriarca ]
* French program translation update (Closes: 766755)

[ Zhou Mo ]
* Chinese (simplified) program translation update (Closes: 766170)
* Chinese (simplified) program translation update (Closes: 771982)

[ Miroslav Kure ]
* Czech program translation update (Closes: 764055)

[ Mert Dirik ]
* Turkish program translation update (Closes: 763379)
* Turkish translation update for apt (Closes: #789491)

[ Kenshi Muto ]
* Japanese program translation update (Closes: 763033)
* Japanese program translation update (Closes: 772678)

[ James McCoy ]
* support long keyids in "apt-key del" instead of ignoring them
  (Closes: 754436)
* tighten filtering of kernel images in apt.auto-removal (Closes: 772732)
* Use terminfo's typical save_cursor/restore_cursor sequences
  (Closes: #772521)

[ Manuel "Venturi" Porras Peralta ]
* Spanish program translation update (Closes: 771815)

[ Jean-Pierre Giraud ]
* French manpages translation update (Closes: 771967)

[ Theppitak Karoonboonyanan ]
* Thai program translation update (Closes: 772913)

[ Tomasz Buchert ]
* Fix crash in the apt-transport-https when Owner is NULL (Closes: #778375)

[ Helmut Grohne ]
* parse arch-qualified Provides correctly (Closes: 777071)

[ Beatrice Torracca ]
* Italian manpage translation update (Closes: 776702)

[ Jérémy Bobbio ]
* stop displaying time of build in online help (Closes: 774342)

[ Robert Edmonds ]
* HttpsMethod::Fetch(): Zero the FetchResult object when leaving due to 404

[ Milo Casagrande ]
* Italian program translation update (Closes: 782122)

[ Julian Andres Klode ]
* pkgPolicy: Introduce storage and helpers for per-version pins
* versionmatch: Extract version match checking out of Find()
* policy: Assign per-version pins
* apt-cache: Change version pin output to use per-version pins
* fileutl_test.cc: Check for /etc/passwd instead of /bin/sh
* policy: Return highest file pin if version pin == 0 in GetPriority()
* Determine the candidate based on per-version pins, instead of old code
  (Closes: #770017, #622237, #620249, #685215)
* policy: Fix the new policy implementation to handle downgrades correctly
* Fix test case breakage from the new policy implementation
* policy: Fix the handling of config-files states
* Replace INT_MIN with std::numeric_limits<int>::min
* Simply ignore cruft in the status files, do not treat it as prio 0
* Fix an obscure warning from GCC
* apt-get: Do not include apt-pkg/indexrecords.h
* Drop C++11 elements from headers
* Re-introduce None as a deprecated alias for No
* Make QItem a subclass of DescItem
* ExecFork: Use /proc/self/fd to determine which files to close
  (Closes: #764204)
* Merge changelog entries from sid-gcc5
* Bump apt-inst SONAME to 2.0 to adjust for the ABI break in apt-pkg
* Annotate more methods with APT_OVERRIDE.
  Thanks to g++ -Wsuggest-override
* debian/gbp.conf: Set multimaint-merge = True
* debian/control: Rename libapt-pkg4.15 -> libapt-pkg5.0
* apt.cron.daily: Reference 10periodic instead of 02periodic (LP: #1332106)
* Makefile: Add a make fast command for development
* Add a parameter ConsiderFiles to GetPriority(VerIterator)
* apt-cache: Modify policy output to use per-version pins
* Only make Upgradable() return true for packages with a candidate
  (LP: #896689)
* apt-cache: Improve translateability of the "with priority" thing
* policy: Be more strict about parsing pin files, and document prio 0
  (Closes: #429912)
* apt_preferences(5): Re-document how priorities are calculated
  (Closes: #554773)
* Drop the Section field from pkgCache::Package again
* Fix integration tests for the removal of the Package pin output
* Remove an invalid fi from a testcase
* C++11: Switch from auto_ptr to unique_ptr
* Mark SPtr as deprecated, and convert users to std::unique_ptr
* Deprecate SPtrArray<T> and convert everyone to unique_ptr<T[]>
* Use setresuid() and setresgid() where available
* Accept --upgradeable as synonym for --upgradable (Closes: #787846)
* po/fr.po: Remove the unbreakable space before ! in the confirm string
  (Closes: #727680)
* Replace --force-yes by various options starting with --allow
* Add integration test for Pin-Priority range checks
* Replace UINT_MAX with std::numeric_limits<unsigned int>::max()
* Mention that source order only matter per version (Closes: #617445)
* Say "in combination with the other options" if an option is not understood
  (Closes: #762758)
* apt-cache: Show an error if stats gets any arguments (Closes: #153161)
* apt-cache(8): Mention that --names-only search provides (Closes: #618017)
* apt_preferences(5): Correct default pin assignment documentation
  (Closes: #623706)
* apt_preferences(5): Mention overlapping of pin matches
* Make auto-remove and auto-clean aliases for the versions without -
  (Closes: #274159)
* apt: Add autoremove and auto-remove commands
* changelog: Replace reenable by re-enable everywhere.
  Thanks to Lintian
* debian/control: Replace debian by Debian.
  Thanks to Lintian
* debian/control: Drop the versioned python-apt conflict.
  Thanks to Lintian
* debian/control: Remove XS- from Testsuite and bump Standards-Version.
  Thanks to Lintian
* Set Acquire::Changelogs::URI::Origin::Tanglu for Tanglu changelogs
* Also add 'in combination with the other options.' to another error
* apt-cache(8): Drop the #versions >= #package names comparison
  (Closes: #691281)
* apt-get: allow non-root --print-uris build-dep (Closes: #283400)
* doc/files.dbk: Improve documentation for {src,}pkgcache.bin
  (Closes: #465551)
* update: Check if the cache could be opened, don't just assume it
  (Closes: #756162)
* cachefile.cc: Do not ignore return value of pkgDepCache::Init()
* Add GetPriority(VerIterator) to pkgDepCache::Policy
* Document the general effect of the comma operator (Closes: #574939)
* When looking if Provides match, OR them with the normal patches
  (Closes: #760868)
* install: If package already is the newest version, display version
  (Closes: #315149)
* Make pkgCache::Priority() static, it does not need the instance
  (Closes: #448627)
* Replace "extra" in "the following extra packages [...]" by "additional"
  (Closes: #82430)
* Do not crash in 'apt show' for non-installed packages
* debian/NEWS: Mention new pinning algorithm added in 2.0~exp1

[ Yuri Kozlov ]
* Russian program translation update (Closes: 789709)

[ Guillem Jover ]
* po-fixups: fill Project-Id-Version and Encoding correctly (Closes: 612996)
* Do not set unhonored DPKG_NO_TSTP variable for dpkg (Closes: #765366)

[ Daniel Hartwig ]
* support setting a port for rsh:// in sources.list (Closes: 624727)
* replace direct calls to egrep with grep -E.
  Thanks to David Weinehall for initial patch (Closes: 255577)

[ Luca Bruno ]
* Replace all "press enter" occurrences with "press [Enter]"
  Thanks to Andre Felipe Machado for initial patch (Closes: 414848)

[ Jonathan Nieder ]
* document VERSION 2 (and 3) pre-install-pkgs hook interface (Closes: 627188)

[ Tomas Pospisek ]
* document APT::Periodic::RandomSleep.
  Thanks to Chris Bainbridge and Kees Cook for initial text (Closes: 776380)

[ Johannes Schauer ]
* use a=experimental instead n=experimental in pin documentation
  (Closes: 783343)

[ Kusanagi Kouichi ]
* Show full package records in apt-cache search -f (Closes: #660851)

62. By Michael Vogt

[ Michael Vogt ]
* merge unstable upload version
* Ensure /etc/apt/auth.conf has _apt:root owner
* Use sysconf(_SC_ARG_MAX) to find the size of Dpkg::MaxArgBytes
* Only support Translation-* that are listed in the {In,}Release file
* Call "Dequeue()" for items in AbortTransaction() to fix race
* prepare ABI for feature/socketpair
* Bump ABI to 4.15

[ David Kalnischkies ]
* reenable support for -s (and co) in apt-get source (Closes: 742578)
* run acquire transactions only once
* aborted reverify restores file owner and permission
* test if TMPDIR is accessible before using (Closes: 765951)
* chown finished partial files earlier
* promote filesize to a hashstring

61. By David Kalnischkies

[ David Kalnischkies ]
* don't cleanup cdrom files in apt-get update (Closes: 765458)
* ignore Acquire::GzipIndexes for cdrom sources

60. By Michael Vogt

[ josch ]
* implement the updated build profile spec

[ Michael Vogt ]
* methods/rsh.cc: replace strcat with std::string (Closes: #76442)
* Add new configallowinsecurerepositories to the test framework

[ Guillem Jover ]
* Update Status field values handling

[ David Kalnischkies ]
* don't drop privileges if _apt has not enough rights
* check for available space, excluding root reserved blocks

59. By Michael Vogt

[ Michael Vogt ]
* Only rename StatError files in AbortTransaction()
* Document Acquire{MaxReleaseFileSize,AllowInsecureRepositories,
  AllowDowngradeToInsecureRepositories} and
* Fix backward compatiblity of the new pkgAcquireMethod::DropPrivsOrDie()
* Change default of Acquire::AllowInsecureRepositories to "true"
  so that this change is less disruptive, this will be switched
  to "false" again after jessie

[ David Kalnischkies ]
* remove useless pdiff filename output (Closes: 764737)
* make --allow-insecure-repositories message an error
* display a warning for unsigned repos
* trusted=yes sources are secure, we just don't know why

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