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211. By Ritesh Raj Sarraf

* [2177045] Imported Upstream version 2.6.2
* [8ebfca0] Add Breaks on python-apport.
  Thanks to Laurent Bigonville (Closes: #689922)
* [b9c9605] Drop patch crashdb-fix.path. Applied upstream
* [f6c0656] Fix man page typo.
  Thanks to Osamu Aoki (Closes: #692253)
* [2e97154] Only reject reports with useless stack traces if the report
  actually has a stack trace at all.
* [51f3919] Fix error in Package and PackageVersion detection in the
  Debian crashdb
* [74e3e02] Fix Python3 String buffer interface

210. By Ritesh Raj Sarraf

* [2809dc3] Add python-apport as Depends for apport-kde
* [268891c] Fix debian crashdb. Add patch crashdb-fix.patch

209. By Ritesh Raj Sarraf

* [40bb859] Imported Upstream version 2.6.1
  (Closes: #677980, #677630, #678393)
* [7b55ecb] drop patches, now we have a crashdb
* [98a657c] update README.Developer about how to blacklist packages
* [0dcfe45] build python3 support too
* [d05573b] Add packaging changes from Ubuntu

208. By Ritesh Raj Sarraf

* [7d9a488] Check harder for distribution string
* [b284128] Use subprocess instead of os.popen()
* [3ce6341] Drop non-existent Recommends of apport-symptoms package

207. By Ritesh Raj Sarraf

[e6ebc33] fix bts email address

206. By Ritesh Raj Sarraf

* [cd3d4e5] Switch package source format to 3.0 (quilt)
* [accce3a] Add Debian bug reporting support in Apport (Closes: #677629)
* [906855a] Add some READMEs documenting apport's purpose

205. By Ritesh Raj Sarraf

* [fc4f37c] add Vcs headers
* [12c1b4a] Imported Upstream version 2.2.3 (Closes: #676379, #677563)
* [755ad3d] add build-dep: pep8, pyflakes
* [d0ee9a9] add initscript LSB Description Header
* [84e90ae] add initscript LSB Command status

204. By Ritesh Raj Sarraf

* Initial release. (Closes: #383347)
* Initial release to get other dependent infrastructure to align with

203. By Martin Pitt

Import upstream version 1.94.1

202. By Martin Pitt

Import upstream version 1.94

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