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Recent revisions

90. By Daniel Holbach

fix oversight in debian/rules

89. By Daniel Holbach

* 01-scalable-icons.patch
  - Missing "/", fixes not all icons are installed (LP: #380474)
* 02-inherit-oxygen.patch
  - Add oxygen theme to inherts list for KDE icons (LP: #152167)
* debian/copyright:
  - change icon theme name from Human to Tangerine. (LP: #143995)
* New release.
* debian/control.in:
  - bump Standards-Version, no changes.
  - bump debhelper version to >= 5.0.51~.
  - drop 'XS' from XS-Vcs-Bzr.
  - don't duplicate Section.
  - drop autoconf, autotools-dev and automake Build-Depends.
* *Makefile.am, configure.ac, autogen.sh, Makefile: simplify build system a
  lot, based on Martin Pitt's great work with human-icon-theme.
  debian/patches/01-scalable-icons.patch is not necessary any more.
* debian/patches/02-inherit-oxygen.patch: directly applied.
* debian/clean-up.sh, debian/rules: clean-up.sh not necessary any more.
* debian/rules:
  - removed autogen stuff.
  - replaced gnome.mk with makefile.mk.
  - call dh_icons.
* debian/copyright: replaced (C) with ©.
* ChangeLog: removed, revision history in bzr.

88. By Daniel Holbach

merge changes from Debian

87. By Lapo Calamandrei <lapo@nrilx666>

Fixed version.

86. By Lapo Calamandrei <lapo@nrilx666>

* Various missing bits added.
* 'wallpaper' updates in icons involving a monitor.
* New symbolic link icon.

85. By Lapo Calamandrei <lapo@nrilx666>

Added config-date, gdm-setup, hwbrowser, software-properties and
synaptic icons.

84. By Lapo Calamandrei <lapo@nrilx666>

Hopefully fixed scalable/view-refresh rendeing quirks.
Edited README about icon licenses.

83. By Lapo Calamandrei <lapo@nrilx666>

Tweaked monitors in accordance of brownfluid wallpaper.

82. By Lapo Calamandrei <lapo@nrilx666>

Added new emblem-symbolic-link icons.
Added folder-visiting icons from t-i-t.
Added .icon files from g-i-t.
Set 48x48 as minimum size for scalable in index.theme.

81. By Lapo Calamandrei <lapo@nrilx666>

Blue save icons to make the theme less monotonous.
inkscape --vacuum-defs on all the svgs.

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