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Tuxonice Userui

Recent revisions

16. By Martin Schläffer

Fix debian patch to apply on latest upstream commit

15. By Martin Schläffer

Update debian/patches for new upstream version

14. By Julien Muchembled

* Update Standards-Version to 3.9.6 (no change needed).
* Move to contrib area since the kernel patch is not packaged anymore.
* debian/patches/0002-Fix-includes-for-recent-freetype-versions.patch:
  update to fix a compiler warning.
* Add patch to fix "ftbfs with GCC-5" (Closes: #778151).

13. By Julien Muchembled

Fix FTBS due to missing include of <stdio.h> (Closes: #760355).

12. By Logan Rosen

* Merge from Debian unstable. Remaining changes:
  - debian/patches/0005-Fix-libmng.patch: Add missing stdio includes,
    resolving FTBFS.

11. By Daniel T Chen

Add missing stdio includes, resolving FTBFS.

10. By Daniel T Chen

Fix paths to FreeType, resolving FTBFS.

9. By Matthias Klose

No-change rebuild for libmng soname bump.

8. By Andrey Rahmatullin

* New upstream version (Closes: #648125).
* Adopt the package (Closes: #647875).
* Update Standards-Version to 3.9.3 (no change needed).
* Add Vcs-* fields.
* Replace CDBS with dh(1), bump debian/compat to 9, update Build-Depends
* Drop obsolete shlibs.local.
* Drop lintian-overrides as the binary is now linked dynamically.
* Change Priority to optional.
* Replace libpng12-dev build dependency with libpng-dev (Closes: #662527).
* Initramfs hook: do not check whether the loaded kernel supports ToI and
  whether the kernel being processed has tuxonice_userui as a module; always
  install the binary into initramfs instead (Closes: #574604).
* Call update-initramfs in maintainer scripts only if it's available
  (Closes: #660332).
* Fix debian/watch.
* Convert debian/copyright to the machine-readable format.
* Fix "implicit declaration of printk" warning.
* Fix "symbol alignments of progress_text differ" warning.
* Build all code with -g to help with debugging.
* Fix mode switching which is broken in 1.1.

7. By Arnaud Fontaine <email address hidden>

* Disable usplash following usplash removal (#593702). Closes: #593708.
* Switch source format to 3.0 (quilt).
* debian/control:
  + Update Standards-Version to 3.9.2. No changes needed.
* debian/lintian-overrides:
  + Change overridden tag from embedded-zlib to embedded-library.

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