Code review comment for lp:~tsarev/percona-server/18205_03_wl47.patch

Lines 4293--4925: no need to change it.
Lines 4311--4315: likewise.
Lines 4351--4354: unmentioned functionality change?
Lines 4404--4407: no need to change it.
Lines 4374--4378: unmentioned functinality change?
Lines 4415--4440: likewise.
Lines 4448--4461: likewise.
Lines 4469--4470: no need to change it.
Lines 4478--4479: likewise.
Lines 4485--4486: I think the "before" code is actually correct. The
guidelines don't mention it, but there is an example there with it.
Lines 4587--4591: no need to change it.
Line 4617: one space after "=" (no need to align rvalues in this case)

review: Needs Fixing

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